26th Sep 2009, 22:50

I have a 2006 Ford Five Hundred.

Just lately I have experienced engine surging when coming to a stop. I have to release the brakes momentarily and re-brake. This fixes the problem.

I read the post about resetting the computer so I will try this fix.

I am in the military overseas and have a hard time trying to find someone capable of tracking down this problem. Just wondered if anyone had a fix?

6th Oct 2009, 18:39

I had the issue with water collecting in the rear passenger side door on my 2007 Ford Five Hundred Limited. It must have been leaking through the window rubber seal instead of shedding the water. I got down on my back underneath the door and noticed that the weep holes were plugged with dirt. I took a toothpick and poked it up into the dirt and water started to drain out. Then, to make the process more productive, I moved up in size to a wood trim nail and pulled the rest of the clogging dirt out of the weep hole. It completely drained within seconds. I still left the door open for about and hour and the water puddle had dried up. I have not had the water in the door again. It was surprising how much dirt was in the door bottom! A shop vac might also work to clear the clogged weep holes.

2nd Jan 2010, 14:43

I have driven Mercedes Benz for 34 years. When I turned the business over to "the kids", part of the deal was a new car for me.

I didn't want to stick them with a big monthly payment. But I needed a large sedan and settled on the Ford Five hundred.

It has proven to be comfortable with a large cabin and adequate performance.

The rear brakes, discs and all, were replaced twice due to a metallurgical problem.

Door seals have worn out twice on the front left and the steering wheel that is supposed to be leather wrapped, isn't.

OEM tires (Pirelli) are wearing well with 48,000 miles on them.

I have no thoughts of getting out of it at least for another two years.

6th Apr 2010, 16:51

I have a 2007 Ford Five Hundred with 44,000, and have discovered that the rear brakes are what was making the grinding noise that I thought was loose gravel that had gotten up in there. Anyway... my husband doesn't think that the rear brakes and rotors should have to be replaced this quickly, considering it's the front brakes that do most of the stopping. This is to let you know that it is not only the 2005 and 2006 models that have the issue. I have tried to get more info, but with no luck. Any info that you may have would be greatly helpful. Thanks.

14th Apr 2010, 19:04

I have a 06 Five Hundred. I also had the noise while turning in the winter time. The dealer showed me that there is a small piece of iron on the front strut called a steering stop, and he put some grease on them and the noise was gone. Sounds crazy, but it work for a little while.

I am having a problem with mine starting. It won't sometimes start in the morning, then I let it sit for about half an hour to four hours, and it starts and runs like a champ. It has 130,000 miles, but all highway; everything else is great.

Love the car, not a single problem other than that.

5th Aug 2010, 15:03

Purchased a 2006 Ford 500 brand new. The problems are as follows:

Dashboard cover has bubble; I didn't take it back, and now the warranty is out. My fault, however it's defective; there should be a recall.

The shifter (PD>L) covering peeled off, and I did take this back, and they fixed it under warranty.

When you turn left/right, there is a noise that sounds like what is power steering issues. However after looking on the Internet, it appears this is some type of motor mount issue???

At 15,000 miles, rear brakes and rotors had to be replaced, and I was told by the dealer that it was not warranty work.

Transmission is really weird, with a jerking; not sure what is up with that.

When I bought the car, the salesman couldn't have been nicer. However at this time, all he can say is sorry, it is not covered under the warranty!

22nd Nov 2011, 14:00

I have the exact same issue with my 2006 500 - every time it rains, my rear driver's side door collects water, and I have to leave it sitting open for several hours to drain. Any suggestions?

5th Feb 2012, 23:32

I ripped the rubber door guards off the bottom of the rear doors. Rain no longer collects in them. This has yet to cause any problems for me, and it's been about two years since I took them off.

8th Apr 2012, 18:04

I own a 2006 Ford 500 AWD, and I am having the same problems with hard start, when it sits overnight. Starts, and then begins to miss and cuts off. Sometimes I have to try to start it 4 or 5 times; after it cranks, it runs fine. Tuned up to the tune of $400 - new battery and fuel line/tank pressure test $160. Same problem. NEED HELP. I'm a poor person, and can't keep spending $$ with finding the REAL problem.

9th Apr 2012, 21:03

I would check the throttle body. I just replaced one for a customer, and have heard about a few other 500 models with the same problem.

14th Aug 2012, 16:33

Don't trade for a Chevy, that would be the greater of the two evils. I've had great luck with Ford autos, but if you feel the need to change, go with Honda or Toyota.

30th Aug 2012, 15:04

I understand that the fuel pump can cause this problem, as when they get old, the fuel line pressure drops overnight, and causes hard or delayed starting, as well as pulsing once the engine starts (as you begin to drive away, the car hesitates, then runs fine after 20 or 30 seconds). The replacement of the fuel pump is expensive... around $600 or $700.

31st Aug 2012, 14:17

I've owned one Ford in my 40 years of driving, and that was enough for me. I've owned several GM products, and have been pleased with all of them. I have also had very good luck with Chrysler products, despite some very bad reviews. While any manufacturer can put out a bad product as well as good products, Ford is NOT the end-all be all, and personally based on my own experience, I would never consider another Ford product, period.

As far as the Five-Hundred goes, my best friend owns the Mercury version of this - the Montego (AWD), and it has given her nothing but problem after problem from day one.

She had been a very loyal Mercury customer until she bought the Montego; now she is trying to get out of it to buy a Toyota. That's what happens when you bring a vehicle to market before all the bugs have been worked out; you end up driving away loyal customers - who scramble to get out of your products and then buy from your competitors.

16th Aug 2013, 07:38

Yes, I have had the same problem with a 2005. I was told by the service manager that that an aftermarket bulbs may do that. I would like to know "why".