2000 Ford Focus SE zetec from North America


Not a bad car at all


Tires consistently wear out and need replacing. I have had to replace two since I have owned the car, due to the car's excessive shaking at highway speeds, but I suspect they were the original tires anyway. Car rides fine now.

The windshield had a stone chip and had to be replaced.

The stereo very curiously turns on and off at its own will.

There was a clunking from inside the dash that has since mysteriously vanished.

There is some rust starting under the hood, invisible from the exterior of the car.

Brakes squeak, although they are in fine condition, and I was told this was typical.

No major or expensive mechanical problems.

I am disappointed with value depreciation, though.

General Comments:

My Focus has been a pleasant car. It has had some minor wear-related issues, but overall it's a decent car. It's a Ford after all..

I don't understand some of the reviews claiming the Focus to be a lemon. It has been very reliable. It is comfortable, economical, and fun to drive. Like most cars, though, it needs to be maintained.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2004

2000 Ford Focus Zetec estate 1.8 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Practical, reliable and good to drive


Rear wheel bearing at 105,000 miles.

Other than that, consumables only.

General Comments:

Despite all this "new edge" stuff, and handling that belongs in the 21st century, the Focus is still an old school Ford workhorse. Namely tough, reliable, cheap to service and fix, and good to drive.

Used for carrying a mad border collie from A to B, lugging junk to the tip etc etc so the load area is a bit tatty and chewed, but the rest of the interior still cleans up pretty much like new. Everything still works, and the car drives beautifully.

Bad points are uncomfortable front seats, poor tank range (usually less than 300 miles) and hopeless dealers. The good thing is, most small independent garages won't hesitate to work on a Focus, and parts are cheap. I have it serviced every 10k as per the manufacturer's recommendations and she just keeps going. Out of curiosity I had the garage do compression and oil pressure tests at the last service and both are comfortably within spec.

Solid, well made and reliable all rounder that's pin sharp to drive.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2004

2000 Ford Focus ZTS 2.0 DOHC from North America


The quality is just not there


Firestone Fire Hawk tires had to be replaced at 44,000 kilometres because they were not suitable for Canadian winters and very noisy.

Rear brakes noisy at 43,000 kilometres, replaced under warranty.

Steering rack and pinion assembly had to be replaced at 50,000 kilometres because of noise and fluid leaks, $900.00.

Ignition key jammed at 67,000 kilometres, leaving us stranded, car had to be towed and lock cylinder had to drilled out and replaced, $430.00.

Front rotors had to be replace at 62,000 kilometres.

Interior trim parts fall off.

Paint is flaking off.

Alloy wheels are rusting and discolored.

General Comments:

I would never buy another Ford or any other car from our local Ford dealer.

I would recommend finding an independent mechanic to service the car and staying away from the Ford dealer.

My 1987 Cavalier was more reliable when I traded it in for this Focus in 2002.

Handles well, nice leather interior, but reliability and rapid depreciation are a problem.

This is the most unreliable and disappointing car I have ever owned, and I can hardly wait to replace it.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2004

29th Aug 2004, 00:37

I had the same issue with the ignition. The first time, the dealer said it was an "electrical problem" but when it happened the next time, not even six months later, I was told that the cylinder had to drilled out and replaced. Both times I was left without a car for three days after it was towed to the dealership. I would not purchase this car again either!!

4th Jan 2007, 17:52

I had the same problems.. had to replace ignition thing, trim started falling off in interior.. the rotors rusted. struts went out, processing board.. radiator (plastic) had to be replaced.. I absolutely will never buy another ford.