2002 Ford Focus zetec 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland





General Comments:

Superb handling, bites into corners well, fell very much part of the car. Only changed because I wanted a new focus!

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Review Date: 12th January, 2006

2002 Ford Focus Zetec Estate 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Maintenance is expensive, but very reliable car


Tyres and Brake pads/discs wear quickly

Faulty rear brake drum (manufacturing fault)

Faulty clutch (manufacturing fault)

General Comments:

Very good petrol consumption

1.6 engine is not quite large enough for an estate, 1.8 or higher recommended, still a very nippy car though

Car is very reliable never had a breakdown

Can be costly at service times though, a lot of wear and tear.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2005

2002 Ford Focus Chic 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland




No issues.

General Comments:

Extremely comfortable to drive with the heated leather seats.

Loads of toys on the car for not much money, a fantastic buy.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2005

2002 Ford Focus ZX5 2.0 DOHC from North America


This ZX5 has great room for being such a little car. Manual transmission is the way to go with this1



I just bought this car 3 days ago. Currently I have one problem with the car. The AC is low on R134A. The compressor cycles, but it's quick to disengage leading me to believe it's low, very low.

I will make it a point to place an update at least once a year for this vehicle to keep you updated on the quality. Keep in mind I am a mechanic and am very good about keeping the maintenance up on my vehicles.

General Comments:

Generally the handling and ride of the vehicle I am very pleased with. I bought the vehicle due to the gas prices in the last year here in the US. They have more than doubled. My last vehicle a Ranger got about 15mpg at best due to the lift and larger tires on it. I will miss my truck, it served me well. I hope to average about 30mpg with the Focus. I will keep you informed on how I do.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2005

29th Jul 2006, 14:47

OK, it's been almost a year with my 2002 ZX5. It turns out I had to refill the AC on it this summer too. I have a leak somewhere, but will not bother to find it at this point since it's a slow leak. It gets me by the summers.

I switched to Mobil1 Synthetic motor oil because I will be doing a lot of driving. I bought a Lentz Franchise auto shop in Coldwater Michigan. I am from Detroit and have my family and friends there.

The Focus has not had any major issues with it so far. The minor issues have been the radio system. It ate 2 Cd's and the FM stations quit working. I worked at Ford for 8 years and it's a common problem for the system to go bad. I will buy an after market radio system before winter of 06 and let you know what system I purchased to see it's dependability.

I have 66,000 miles on the Focus already. Suspension is good, exhaust is good, I get about 33mpg during the summer and 28mpg during the winter combined. Highway and city. Mostly Highway.

If you have any questions for me about this car I will gladly answer them. My email is mircea@datedpictures.com Later yall.

2002 Ford Focus LX 1.8 turbo diesel (DI) from UK and Ireland


A real mixed bag - I doubt I'd have another


Auxiliary belt and tensioner at 32,000 miles (known fault and replaced with modified parts)

Makes its rear tyres go "stepped" on their inner edges which causes an irritating vibration and drone approximately every 20,000 miles. Happened three times now and dealer cannot find fault with geometry or suspension itself. Car has never been crashed.

Other than that, it's been faultless despite hard use.

General Comments:

I have never had such mixed feelings about a car. On one hand, it's been incredibly reliable, very well put together and is still a lot of fun on a good winding B-road. On the other its coarse, noisy engine, awful seats and general lack of refinement (road din seems to have got worse in the last 20k) make me dislike it strongly at times.

To drive, the Focus is a mixed bag. The journos rave about the chassis, and it is good, although I still think my old 306 was slightly better. It managed to be just as sharp in the handling department, but rode better, and felt far better insulated from dodgy road surfaces. The Focus's steering is fabulous though and I haven't driven anything else with as much feel, or such perfect weighting and gearing.

The TDDi engine is awful. Crude, clattery, rumbly and smoky, it's all the bad stuff you've heard about diesels and more. When you start it up, it jolts into life with an undignified "clunk", which rattles coins in the tray or loose items in the doorbin. The clattering and rumbling under the bonnet subsides slightly as it warms, but never quite enough. In its defence however, it has been utterly reliable, and I've never even needed to top up the oil between services.

Performance is actually reasonable, with a decent spread of shove and an very well set up turbocharger installation with little lag, and good throttle response (for a diesel). There's none of the "nothing, wallop, nothing" delivery of a lot of turbodiesels, just a steady surge from 1500 RPM upwards, which is quelled only by the limiter at about 4,750 RPM. However, you find yourself turning up the CD player to drown out the din. Economy is good at about 45-50 mpg in day to day driving depending on driving conditions. I have never been below 40 mpg even thrashing it mercilessly.

I actually like the interior of the car. Yes the dash plastics could be of better quality, but at least it's not another bland German coal-hole design like the Golf's and even the new Focus's. Instead you have light colours, well co-ordinated trim, and a dash which achieves a striking design with clever use of geometric shapes. Build quality is actually superb. Nothing creaks or squeaks after 71k, it all works properly, and even things like the column stalks still operate crisply and without any slack.

The seats however are a joke, and should not have made it into a modern production car. Flat, hard, and bench-like, they provide no lateral support when cornering, and no upper back or thigh support whatsoever, meaning that aches and pains are part and parcel of any journey that exceeds around two hours. Oh, and Ford's idea of lumbar support is akin to sticking a slightly padded scaffold bar into your lower back. It's a shame because the basic driving position is first class. The seats in my wife's 2000 Mondeo are by comparison like my favourite armchair.

Dealers are what I expected really. Competent enough, but indifferent. Spending my own money, I wouldn't give them my business, especially on a car which is relatively easy to work on. It's not like a modern BMW with a dozen ECU's that need specialist attention. Ford ECU reading tools are readily available, and the mechanical bits are simple (read ancient).

So, the car goes back in a couple of weeks, and what have I chosen to replace it? A new Megane. Not as fun to drive hard, but the new dCi engines are a revelation, and the comfort and refinement of the car is beyond criticism at this price point. The new Focus was up there, but to me it felt dulled, heavy, bloated and still not as refined as the Renault. It's also terminally boring to look at. Time will tell if I regret my choice.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2005

29th Nov 2005, 16:28

Update on above. Car now gone and replaced with a 106PS 1.5dCi Megane.

On a twisty road, I still wish I was in the Focus. On any other road you can mention I wouldn't swap back for anything.