22nd Dec 2007, 00:51

20;44 Well then, in my view you made a mistake. Because GM and Ford are the bottom of the barrel. Just about any import is way more reliable because they're a higher quality automobile. Toyota without a doubt is. Ford makes some fairly decent larger stuff, but their passenger stuff is still garbage, and GM makes NOTHING but scrap, top to bottom.

22nd Dec 2007, 02:10

And then some. The domestic people say Japanese cars suck. Well I laugh because I had one that was about to hit 300,000 miles before I traded it on a new Honda, and it was running on almost everything original.

24th Dec 2007, 23:13

I'd like to see commenter 21:24 explain why, in spite of the fact that the 2003-2006 Taurus reviews are much more favorable than the 2003-2006 Camry reviews, just HOW is that evidence that domestics are WORSE? I'll keep asking this question until I get an answer. If you are going to use this survey as a source to cite for Camry's superiority over the Fusion, please explain why it can't even stand up to the old Taurus.

28th Jan 2008, 22:10

I am the original reviewer. I did have one problem about a month ago with my car. The heat Blend Door? or something went out and I lost my heat in the middle of a Michigan winter, not too pleasant. Only took a day to repair and the dealership gave me a free rental, no complaints. However since then my Aunt purchased a fusion too so that brings our family total to 3! I still believe they are great cars.

In regards to this foreign domestic fight, people need to grow up. Look at the new Malibu and Saturn Aura, both great looking solid vehicles. The fusion will be redesigned for 09 to make it even better. Arguably the only bad domestic mid-sized cars out are Chrysler's cheaply designed avenger and sebring. Toyota Honda and Nissan all build great family cars. I believe the only real debate anymore is which styling one prefers over the other. statistics clearly show that domestics have caught up (or foreigns have slipped) in quality. So stop bickering and enjoy your vehicles!

29th Jan 2008, 21:17

I DO enjoy enjoy my vehicles. They are all domestic and all flawless.

16th Jul 2008, 21:24

Hear, hear. Well said.

12th May 2009, 10:00

For the price of domestics you get a better deal =)

13th May 2009, 17:24

We bought a 2006 Fusion SE 4-cylinder for our dog and it is absolutely awesome. Very smooth, plenty of power and solid as a rock. The build quality is unsurpassed. My mom was so impressed she bought a Lincoln MKZ (which is a Fusion with a higher price tag). We've been the import route and regretted it. From now on any car we own will be Ford or GM. The Fusion has a higher reliability rating than either Camry or Accord and is a far better built car. Our one experience with Honda was a real eye-opener. I'm a mechanic and I can honestly say it was one of the flimsiest cars I ever worked on. Under-engineered is an understatement for it.

13th May 2009, 19:19

"In regards to this foreign domestic fight, people need to grow up"

I'd beg to differ. Buying from American companies versus shipping our money to Japan, Germany or Korea is far more important than ever and to say so is hardly "bickering". Only 9 out of every 100 jobs in the automotive industry in the U.S. involves Japanese car companies. That means when you buy a Japanese car, you are putting the lives and livelihoods of the other 91% in jeopardy. Not only that, but both GM and Ford long ago matched or surpassed the build quality of vehicles made by Japanese or German companies.

My family makes it a point to buy only items made by U.S. based companies, whether it is a can opener, microwave or TV set. With a few rare exceptions there are virtually NO foreign products in our home and certainly not in our garage. If everyone did this, we'd have no recession and extremely low unemployment.

I have no issue with those who want to buy a USED Japanese car, however ad hype and myth keep the prices out of reason. In January we bought a used Fusion with 18,000 miles. We got it for $7000 less than a comparable Accord, and it is rated HIGHER in projected reliability, as well as being fully equipped with leather, upgraded sound system and full power. It is one of the most solidly built, best performing vehicles we have ever owned. We prefer to support our own country, not someone else's. We'd buy from American companies even if the quality was NOT as good. The good news is: The quality is actually BETTER.

23rd May 2009, 09:37

"ad hype and myth"

...you mean like "quality is job 1"? It's no myth. The Japanese EARNED their reputation.

Now that the American vehicles are greatly improving, they will eventually benefit from their own "ad hype and myth". Just give it time. Hope they survive.

23rd May 2009, 09:46

"Not only that, but both GM and Ford long ago matched or surpassed the build quality of vehicles made by Japanese or German companies."

There isn't ONE reputable source to back up that claim.

24th May 2009, 11:37

"There isn't ONE reputable source to back up that claim."

There are NUMEROUS reputable sources to back up that claim.

J.D. Powers rates a Ford product (Jaguar) and a GM product (Buick) as tied for Best Overall Quality (ahead of Lexus).

GM has had 33% of the "10 Best Cars" ratings for several years.

Consumer Reports rates the Ford Fusion as two full levels ABOVE Camry in projected reliability and one level above Accord.

In 2007 the Pontiac Grand Prix was J.D. Powers "Best in class" in large sedans (beating out the Toyota Avalon). Mustang has for years been their top pick in "Best Sporty Coupe" (beating out the Toyota Solara and Honda coupe).

An October 2007 article on long-lasting vehicles featured vehicles that had survived long use with no major problems. The highest mileage vehicle featured was a Ford with 488,000 miles.

The Cadillac CTS-V is the fastest production sedan in the world and the CTS was chosen "Car of the Year" in 2008 ahead of many foreign competitors.

Corvette sales in Europe soared by 300% when it entered international racing due to its superiority over foreign brands such as Ferrari.

GM produces more 30mpg+ vehicles than Toyota and Honda COMBINED.

The 2010 Fusion hybrid is acclaimed by USA Today as the best Hybrid on the planet.

On the practical, hands-on side, my family has had personal experience with Japanese and German vehicles. None of them were any more reliable than any of our Ford, GM or Chrysler vehicles, and the build quality of the Japanese cars was no better. The body build quality of the German cars was better, but mechanically they were less reliable than our domestics. We put 325,000+ miles on one Ford with less than $500 in total repairs. We put 240,000+ miles on a Dodge with only two timing belts replaced and one hose replaced. Our family's 1977 Buick LeSabre made 277,000 miles with NO repairs.

I don't make statements lightly or without facts. I'm a mechanic, car enthusiast and certified therapist. I study and drive vehicles of all sizes, shapes and descriptions. As a mechanic I know the superior engineering and build quality of domestic vehicles, and as a therapist I know the effect of Japanese ad hype on consumers who casually throw out such statements as "There isn't one reputable source to back up that claim". That is ad hype talking, not FACTS.