28th Nov 2010, 10:41

Funny, I have never had to have the tranny reprogrammed, and I have never had to disassemble the stereo in any of my import cars.

Guess I am doing the right thing sticking with imports, huh?

28th Nov 2010, 19:04

I guess others were right. Now that the Fusion has been out for a few years, serious issues are arising.

2nd Dec 2010, 19:01

After 5 years our Fusion is absolutely flawless in every respect. Not one repair. In the same amount of time all three of our previous imports (2 Japanese, 1 German) had each cost us a small fortune in repairs. Last month Camry sales DROPPED by 25% while Ford ROSE by 24.3%. The public is wising up to the myth of "superior" imports. We certainly have.

3rd Dec 2010, 14:57

For me there is no myth about import superiority. The thousands I have spent on repairs to my domestic vehicles over the years compared to NOTHING I have spent in repairs on my imports would lead me to believe the FACT that imports are superior. Buy what works for you. For me it is import cars all the way and until they fail me... and I will continue to buy them. GM? Never again!

4th Dec 2010, 09:37

I just got the Fusion SE 4 cyl 5 speed manual, and I have had it for just about a month. I got a great deal, 9900.00, and I love it. It is a little loud, but all in all, it has good pick up, and has great looks and space. Have had one snow fall, and wasn't all that bad in that weather.

Although I have only had it for 5 weeks, I love it so far; great on gas, and good and cheap. Good review from me...

4th Dec 2010, 13:58

To 09:37

WOW!! You DID get a good deal on your Fusion!! I know it's less in demand than the automatic, but around here finding ANY Fusion for under $12,000 is a real steal even with 100,000 miles on it. We love our 2006, and it has been perfect thus far. Now that our finances are in better shape, I am able to go back to using premium gas in it. It gives the I-4 a very noticeable boost in power (obviously), and it gives me 1-2 mpg better fuel mileage in addition to keeping the engine cleaner and healthier. Even if you can't use higher octane fuel all the time, I highly recommend a tank at least every 5th fill up. It makes more difference in our Fusion than in any car we've owned.

5th Dec 2010, 20:06

The myth that using premium fuel in a car that only calls for regular just won't die.

Running premium fuel in a car that requires regular really provides no benefits. I hardly see getting an extra 1-2 MPG as being a good incentive for paying an extra 12 cents a gallon on gas. The power increase is also far too negligible to warrant the extra cost as well.

As for the keeping the engine cleaner, while it may prevent some carbon deposits, it ultimately can do more harm than good. Premium fuel burns at a higher temperature than regular. Therefore, putting it into an engine that requires only regular causes engine temperatures to increase. Increased engine temperatures over time can lead to far more serious problems, such as burnt valves. Increased engine temperatures also cause the engine oil to break down faster, and broken down engine oil doesn't provide the lubrication and protection the engine needs. Using a quality brand regular gasoline is more than enough to keep your engine clean.

6th Dec 2010, 10:09

WOW, I am opening a dealership in your area if I can rip people off that badly. KBB lists the 2006 Fusion SEL, which is the top of the line, with a V6 for just over $11K with 100K miles on it. This is suggested retail value, and even they say it is the starting point for negotiations. You'd likely pay around $9K for that car if you were a good negotiator.

I also did an Autotrader search, and found pages of them at well under $12K. They were between 2006 and 2008, with the best deal being a 75K mile V6 car for $9,450. I guess you live in a really high priced area for car buying. I live near NYC. Plus there are literally 100's of used ones around here (620 within 100 miles), so not too hard to find exactly what you want and make a great deal on it!

10th Dec 2010, 21:37

"The myth that using premium fuel in a car that only calls for regular just won't die."

MOST cars "call for regular" because it is a strong selling point to be able to advertise that a car can run on cheaper fuel. And it may be true that the savings is minimal as for as the improved mpg. However, many manufacturers are now stating that although the car WILL run on regular, the performance will be far better with premium. Just today I read a review on a new 4-cylinder mid-sized sedan that stated that "although the car is designed to run on regular, a significant improvement in performance will result from using premium." The Hyundai Genesis V-8 is actually rated 15 horsepower higher with premium than with regular (375 HP versus 360 HP).

Why do drag racers run special high-octane fuel? Simply because the laws of physics shows that more powerful combustion results in more power to the driving wheels. Our cars actually get more of a power increase from using premium than from adding a cold-air intake system (and I know because I've done both to my last 4 cars).

You can use the same analogy with many things that relate to cars. Synthetic oil is much more expensive, but provides far greater engine protection, and helps the engine run cooler and more efficiently. I refuse to buy tires with lower than an "A" traction rating. Of course my car will "run" with "C" traction-rated tires, but the performance will not be nearly as good (or safe, for that matter).

I realize that to most people a few extra horses is not all that important, and that 1.5-2 mpg increase in mileage is not that much (actually I can increase my mileage by three times that amount just by obeying the speed limits). If you don't need or want optimum performance (and most people don't), then buy the cheapest gas, oil, and tires you can find. Most folks do. But to say that better performance using premium fuel is a "myth" is simply not true.

23rd Dec 2010, 17:14

I wish to extend a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!! This site has, once again provided me with a year's worth of belly laughs.

Again we have seen "Fusion won't last", even though it has been on top since introduced in 2005 and gets better every year. I can just see import owners saying "Fusion won't last, you'll see!!" in 2100.

Again we have seen the "Toyota is better" theme echoed far and wide, in spite of it dropping like a rock in sales (Camry sits longer on the dealers lots than almost any other vehicle on Earth, and Toyota ranks TWENTY FIRST out of 33 car makers in quality)

Again we have seen the "regular fuel is just as good as premium" myth (in defiance of the laws of physics)

Again we have seen the argument that small, tinny little cars can survive collisions with Hummers (again, in defiance of the laws of physics).

Again we have seen the Honda Ridgeline confused with a TRUCK.

Again we have witnessed the near-maniacal fits V-8 Mustang owners go into when they see "V-6" in a comment.

Again we have witnessed the patience with which Steven deals with all us loonies.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season!!