28th Dec 2008, 06:15

Hi, I've got a Ka 1999. I'm 99% sure the clutch slave cylinder has gone. Has anyone done one? What are they like to do? Comments would be good.

Thanks, Tony.

7th Jan 2009, 03:33


Could anyone help me!! I have had my 1997 KA for less than a year... everything has gone wrong.., exhaust, brakes you name it. And has cost me a bloody fortune!!

Now when I am lifting my clutch in first gear to move, the left side of my engine is rattling and I was wondering if anyone has experience similar problems? I am hoping the clutch is OK as they cost a fortune!! Please could anyone help!!!

8th Jul 2009, 01:45

In answer to all those people who have the problem of stalling or cutting out of the engine at junctions and roundabouts, I have been to a garage as my idle control valve has been changed before, and I was told there is a modification you can do to the old Ka's to bring it up to the standard as the new ones, as this is a common fault, and if I were you I would get it done at Ford!!!

Good luck.

8th Jul 2009, 15:52

I have had a Ka (1999) for 8 years and had one new clutch and one new exhaust in that time. I used to have a problem with stalling as I slowed, which seem like under revving. this is rare now. I do have a problem with the speedo/milometer, which only works after the engine has warmed up; I

.e. after between 3 and 8 miles. I can't be bothered going to garage as they will no doubt find something expensive to fix. The only complaint I have is that every time it is serviced it costs me £250. Weird how it is always the the same amount. still, great car, and I would have bought a new one, except it is ugly, boring, and basically a Fiat 500, with a smaller engine that mine!!Q!

17th Jul 2009, 08:17

Hi. I have a 2001 Ka. The heater pipes going into the body from the engine have broken off, so I now have no heater in the car. They look like plastic fittings. Does anyone know how to replace or what they are called? Will I have to replace the whole unit or just the pipe connectors?

24th Jul 2009, 11:08


I have 1998 Ka, and like a lot of people am having problems with it stalling when the clutch is down. It is currently under warranty and has been back three times to the dealers I bought it from.

So far they have replaced the idle control valve, turned up the base idle speed and remapped the engine. None of this has worked.

Does anyone know if this could be clutch sensor related, as the clutch is depressed each time it happens?

Also I now have a sixth sense as to when it will stall, it doesn't quite run right, almost like it's being choked, underpowered and running rough.

Anyone got any suggestions as I'm sure the garage think I'm making the whole stalling thing up.

And please no one suggest the idle control valve, as it has a nice shiny new one, which hasn't made a difference.


31st Aug 2009, 03:53

Hi I've got a 55 reg Ford KA. When driving at night, the headlights are flickering intermittently. There are no warning lights on and the engine is running fine. Any ideas please before I take it to a garage?

Thank you.

7th Oct 2009, 04:10

I have a 97 (R reg) Ford Ka. I've owned it for 3 months, it's done 80k and had a large number of problems, luckily on warranty, which has now unfortunately ran out. So far the problems I have had:

- Heater only blowing out hot air

- Locks not working at all, had to climb through the boot

- Handbrake light always flashing

- Brake fluid leak

- Water tank leak

- Spongy clutch

- Clutch cable snapped

- Large engine noise

- Speaker on passengers side not working

- Heater only blowing out cold air

- Clunking of steering wheel.

The following I haven't fixed due to lack of funds and warranty running out!!

- Heater only blowing out hot air, again.

- Rear windscreen wiper decides when it wants to work

- Large ticking noise of engine.

Fortunately I haven't had my car stalling with the clutch or brake, but I should imagine it will do that soon.

The car is rusty on the rear windows and makes a squeaking noise when going over speed bumps. It's great at fuel consumption as the car does 300 miles on a full tank, which I don't think is too bad for its age. Not looking forward to the MOT is all I can say!

15th Jan 2010, 14:37

I own a 55 plate Ford Ka. Since buying it in April 08, I have had 4 new tyres, the alternator replaced, fans only blowing out hot air, my hand break light flashes as I'm driving. Squeaking clutch and now my back wheel squeaks at any slow speed. When driving at any speed over 30mph, it takes forever for the car to stop, even with my foot fully on the brake! Hassle!!!

1st Feb 2010, 12:35

Hi, My 1999 Ka squeaks when I turn corners or go over speed bumps, probably the same as some comments made before this, and I have been told it is because of the suspension being old. This can go at any time, but may last for ages. When it goes, you'll notice your car driving lower on one side, then you need to take it to get the coils replaced, which are about £50 each fitted from Kwik fit.

8th Feb 2010, 14:14

Hi, I have just bought a Ka2 1999. It's running fine. Just had it serviced, my question is fuel consumption; I put in £20 and have done 90 miles. Does this sound right? Only I thought they are supposed to run on air. Any answer would be great. At that price for petrol, I'll be skint.

13th Feb 2010, 04:10


I have Ford Ka R reg, mine had the infamous stalling issue and was also doing low mpg. Mine was under warranty and they tried everything on it to fix the stalling problem. It wasn't the idle control valve, first thing they changed, they then remapped the engine, it ran better but still stalled and had low mpg. After doing a lot of reading on the Internet, I asked them to change the lambda sensor; with a bit of persuasion they did, and bingo!!! No more stalling and the mpg went from 25 to 40.

For those of you who are not car buffs, the lambda sensor controls controls the fuel mix into the engine, mine was running too rich, causing the shocking mpg and the stalling as the engine was flooding when the clutch was depressed. They cost about £50 and are quite easy to change. The garage I got the car from were very embarrassed, as they spent nearly £1k sending the car back to Ford for three weeks.

10th May 2010, 16:00

I have a Ford Ka, which is draining my bank account. It kept overheating, & took 3 attempts to fix the problem.

1) Thermostat & housing replaced.

2) Hoses to heater fell off as melted.

3) Water tank replaced.

NOW the engine light has gone on & off a couple of times, white smoke when I start it & now won't start. Recovery stated sparks OK, but very weak distribution.

Now at garage & they state headgasket is blowing back & needs replacing? What do I do, ask them to check, don't want 3 attempts to fix this issue.