1997 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nice to drive, but far too many faults for me to consider buy the same marque again


Transmission noise which in spite of new drive shafts, clutch and gearbox strip under warranty still persisted.

Two new thermostats and temperature sender.

Coolant leak unable to bottom out.

Faulty remote petrol filler cap.

Erratic temperature gauge.

Could sometimes be difficult to start from cold if engine was run for a short space of time.

General Comments:

Plenty of power.

Good motorway car and comfortable.

Handles well. Good solid feel.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2006

6th Jun 2006, 15:13

Sounds like you just got a bad one. Every Mondeo I've had or heard of from friends has been reliable.

12th Jun 2006, 05:55

I agree with the comment above. My father has a 1994 2.0 model that he bought direct from a leasing company with 91,000 miles on it back in 1997. It's now almost on 200,000 miles, uses about half a litre of oil between services, still goes well and still does 32 mpg. He's had only two things go wrong with it in 9 years and 100,000 miles - a split vacuum pipe (£3 and 20 mins work), and a duff alarm sensor (the standard Ford alarm is crap, so we disabled it permanently). It's even still on its original clutch believe it or not.

On the strength of this, I bought a 2000 1.8TD this time last year. 101k on it then, 115k on it now, and it's had one service and a set of front brake pads. Will need a pair of CV joints soon, but you expect this stuff at this mileage.

Mondeos are good for 200,000 miles easily if looked after.

28th Jun 2006, 04:34

Agree about the long term reliability of Mondeos. I bought mine over five years ago with over 100K on the clock. It's now covered over 180K and has given me very few problems. If they are properly maintained, you should be fine.

1997 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheap and cheerful


A headlight bulb failed. This turned into a surprisingly long winded task to replace as you have to remove the grille and other items. The engine rattles a lot when cold and is not very smooth above about 3000 rpm. A front door speaker requires replacement which is awkward because the door cards are difficult to remove. The oil filter is in an awkward position to replace.

General Comments:

It's a cheap (less than £2k for an estate) family load lugger. Plenty of rear leg room and I can carry a fullsize tandem bicycle inside. The clutch does not have a very progressive action (unlike my old Citroen), the gearchange is rather slow and the front seats are uncomfortable. It is economical on the motorway and rides / handles reasonably well. The detail design is not very good (see comments on servicing above) and some interior parts are cheap and flimsy, such as centre console and arm rest.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2006

1997 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 from UK and Ireland


I have never been so happy with a car, this is exactly what every family man needs


My Brake Fluid pipe had split.

My back window seal has started to split.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable and it gives you that extra speed when you need it.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2005

1997 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Good looking and sensible. Will play if asked!


The passenger side central locking unit seized and had to be replaced. Cost: £109.76. (Solenoid and labour)

The original remote key fob wasn't working when I purchased the car privately. Now I use a 2004 Mondeo remote key fob (3 buttons), and now I can open the boot with it too! (Only had 2 buttons on the 1997 key fob!)

General Comments:

I owned a 1990 Ford Orion 1.6 8 valve beforehand, which because of its engine type; had, or felt like it had more torque than the Mondeo. You have to really let the revs rise on the Mondeo to get it anywhere fast. That's the trade off between an 8 valve and a 16 valve I suppose. The Mondeo's ace card though is its smoothness and refinement. It's silky smooth, especially on my low mileage Verona model. The brakes are more than up to the job too, offering plenty of feel and feedback for normal road use. The boot space is phenomenal and the interior in general is very well put together. My only gripe is that my car never came with the P6000 CD system!...Hardly a gripe is it??

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Review Date: 21st January, 2005

25th Jan 2005, 17:19

Your Mondeo has 16 valves too. Higher pull comes from that Orion lower weight.

26th Jan 2005, 16:51

Hello, I said the Orion had "8" Valves! Not "16" The power in the CVH lump came in earlier than the Mondeo giving it the feeling it was pulling harder/quicker. The downside was that the Orion ran out of steam at about 4000rpm, where as the zetec is still making power above 4500rpm!

Remember, the Orion CVH (Dual carb model) didn't come with a restrictive catalytic exhaust system (Which as we know restricts most engines by 10-15%) So the engine pretty much 'breathed' easier through low revs. With Mondeo's you can actually 'hear' the engine struggle until it starts singing higher up the rev range! (It would be interesting to see the dips and troughs on a Dynograph actually, to prove this)

Maybe Ford should take a tip fom Honda's V-tec engines, where as 8 valve are used in the lower revs, and then all 16 kick in afterwards (Usually from about 3000rpm)

Anyway, all this is relative! My Orion cracked 125mph down the M6/M1 last spring! (On the clock!!) Unfortunately when I slowed down the engine was pinging like mad. Orions aren't meant to rev at nearly 5000rpm in top for 40 miles!!!) It was never the same again, hence me buying the Mondeo. Funnily enough I only ever got 115mph out of the Mondeo! Maybe that's the weight, you were on about mate!

If your thinking that I have waffled on about my Orion, on a Mondeo review, then I apologise. Its just that the old girl gave me so much driving pleasure, that its hard not to sing her praises.

To everyone who knew her in the quaint village of Frodsham, she was known as the "H reg Minta!" RIP.