1998 Ford Mondeo GhiaX 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent all round car which is very user friendly


Biggest and most expensive fault was at 90,600 miles - Auto Gearbox packed up. Took to main Ford dealer, who repaired it in 8 days, at a cost of £1250.

Engine seems to misfire regularly around 2000-3000 rpm, but this is not constant. Took it to Ford dealer to investigate, they said it was the HT leads and plugs, which they then replaced (£37 total), and the car started the same misfire immediately! Have not bothered to get it sorted out since - it has gone 20,000 miles like it without breaking down, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

It has recently started to develop a flat spot when pulling away while the engine is cold. This is very annoying and quite dangerous in today's traffic. I will get it looked at soon.

General Comments:

Driving - A real pleasure. Responsive and flexible engine, very little road noise even at 70 mph, power steering crisp, suspension smooth, all in all very practical for a range of road surfaces and very good over long distances. Auto 'box gear changes can be a little harsh at times. A few squeaks and rattles inside the cabin. It doesn't handle like it's on rails though - smaller drivers might find it wallows around a bit.

Comfort - Very good. Leather trim gives a feel of luxury, all instruments and controls within comfortable reach. Remote stereo control is great.

Equipment - Fully loaded. All you could possibly want. Cruise control feature is a god-send.

Running costs - Major repairs aside, I reckon I have spent less than £50 on this car in servicing and parts (I service it myself) so I would say it's extremely cheap to keep on the road. Fuel costs are quite high though - I get an average 29 mpg. This only extends to around 35 mpg on a run.

I have heard a number of reports about the auto gearboxes failing in these cars - anyone else who has had this or know about it, please comment.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003

4th Feb 2003, 18:51

Had my '98 Ghia X for 11 months now, and was about to write a review of it, but you've pretty much covered it there!

Was about to buy a '98 LX model, but as I slept on it my car appeared on Autotrader for the same price only 10 miles away, was love at first site. Not had a problem with it at all, and very cheap to get parts for as well. It's a luxury motorway cruiser, if you see a good one get it! Thank god I never bought that LX that day!

8th Nov 2007, 09:41

If I can suggest, did you replace the coil pack as well? Replacing the HT leads and spark plugs makes sense, but it sounds like your coil pack may be malfunctioning if you're getting misfires and flat spots.

I had a similar problem on mine. It was a combination of all of the above. New plugs (after 88,000 miles) and new ignition leads as well as a new coil pack solved the problem and meant the engine was running smoothly.

24th Nov 2007, 13:58

Hi, re the auto failing on your Mondeo Ghia-x.

I have a Y reg Mondeo Ghia-X Auto, the box progressively failed in the forward gears so that it will now only drive in reverse, its only done 86k.

Other than that it's been a great car and I'd certainly buy another one, but it would be a manual.


1st Apr 2009, 16:48

Have just bought a 1998 2.0 Ghia X and am very impressed, has all the extras like air con heated front seats, cruise control, antilock brakes, electric everything.

It is very roomy inside and comfortable, and has a big boot.

It is very good on the road and is great for long distance runs. I have to watch my speed because I'm used to small engine cars, and in this 80 mph feels like 60mph in my old car.

I got mine for £500, it had a bit of rust round the rear wheel arches, which I have painted up, but it seems solid overall, and looks really good in panther black.

1998 Ford Mondeo Aspen 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


An obvious yet inspired choice


Screen washer bottle failed at 25,000 miles. Fixed by private garage.

Drivers seat a little tired getting after 50,000 miles.

General Comments:

The car is great. It is low on spec - but who cares? I smile every time I drive it anywhere.

It sips fuel - on long journeys returns up to 45mpg, but the engines buzzes away quietly to pull you along nicely.

Handling is superb, second hand these cars bought well are a real bargain. It costs the same to run as a smaller car, but with big car benefits.

The only drawback is the girls are not impressed maybe, but usually change their minds if they get to travel in it. And that is what cars are for.

This Mondeo gallops along motorways and A roads with aplomb, but zips around B roads as if it were a sports car.

At the present mileage, it feels as if it would complete 200,000 miles no trouble - but beware - in order to do this I think you need to run your Mondeo on synthetic oil and change it and the filter every 6000 miles.

Then your Mondeo, if mine is anything to go by, should last many happy years of motoring.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2003