1998 Ford Mondeo ST24 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


Well worth the 8000ukp I paid for it, a top car!


Not much, the car was pulling to one side when braking, got it checked and the cause was the brake discs had worn, fitted new Min Tex performance brakes and now it stops on a sixpence...

General Comments:

The car is quick and can get you out of trouble if you need a little bit of extra power. Nice to drive and handles very well?

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Review Date: 10th February, 2002

1998 Ford Mondeo ST24 2.5 V6 5-door RSA from UK and Ireland


If you can't afford a sports car AND a sensible car, buy this and get the best of both worlds


Loose speaker cable connections. I cure this with a thump to the central console with my knee while driving.

Boot open, button stopped working - now need to turn off the engine and get out and use the key.

Engine developed a power drop at the most inconvenient of times (ie while overtaking!)

Heater fan now only operates in off mode, or full blast - nothing in-between.

Rear view mirror snapped off while adjusting it. A friend with a Ghia 2.5 had the same problem! Then the replacement wouldn't stay stuck in place. we both have our rear view mirrors in the glove compartment. Really useful!

General Comments:

The engine power drop is quite disturbing. On my way home from work, I do 15 minutes motorway driving then 5-10 minutes in a slow traffic jam, then onto a fast country road. At this point, flooring it to overtake, the engine suddenly loses 20-30% of its power! Most noticable during warm and humid weather. Anyone else had this problem?

Apart from the niggly faults, the car drives like a dream - handling is superb, especially at speed. I think the aerodynamics of the RSA body kit help wonderfully there.

Acceleration and brakes are equally effective. I couldn't live without traction control and ABS from now on.

Ford service is almost as bad as NTL these days! (NTL are the cable TV people, for those fortunate enough not to know who they are!). I think it was £180 for an oil and filter change, which they call a full service. Dimwits as they are, I came out on top, as they changed my disks and pads and forgot to charge me! However, I won't be going back to them with any of my faults. How much is that Ford dealer stamp in the logbook really worth compared to how much it costs?!

The price to pay for all this is hefty. Certainly I got a bargain, paying £10K for a 15000 mile 18 month old wolf in sheep's clothing, but it goes through tyres and petrol (and, alarmingly, oil and coolant) like there's no tomorrow.

The ST24 was not designed from the bottom up as a sports saloon, it is a runaround car all sported up. Hence the improbable front heavy weight distribution, the understeer and the tyre wear. Although the recommended pressure for casual driving is 30/30 (psi, front/rear), who drives an ST24 casually? Pump them up to load/speed pressure - 36/42, and see the handling and wear of your tyres improve dramatically.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002

6th Feb 2002, 18:22

What in the world is a Ford Mondeo?? Evidently, these are only available in other countries than the US, because I have never heard of any of the cars on this particular survey page. I'd like to see a picture of some of these!

31st Oct 2002, 15:45

I think you should try getting your car serviced at the correct intervals, then maybe you would not experience some of the silly little faults you seem to be having. I own a mondeo ST24 and it is a dream for pennies, I also think you may need to change you local dealer as my local dealer charges £104 for a 20,000 mile interval service.

1998 Ford Mondeo GhiaX 2.5 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A second-hand bargain NOT to be missed


Nothing major - It was bought second-hand, but has been looked-after with a great deal of care; every little detail has been added to the service history.

CD player tends to skip a bit once you pass 130mph, but maybe that's just British roads for you...

General Comments:

Bought second-hand, this car cost me the princely sum of £5000... I was definitely impressed!

With nearly 180 well-disciplined horses beneath the bonnet, it accelerates smoothly through the manual box, serenely coursing past the moribund masses on their morning commutes.

Opening the bonnet, you find yourself greeted by a mass of moulded aluminium and the boldly-written word "DURATEC" prominent in the centre. It is not, however, a beast to be tinkered-with; find a reliable local dealer for ANY repairs.

The interior is spacious and suitably comfortable; the design has evolved with long hours of driving in mind - the seats are almost infinitely adjustable, moulding to fit even the most curvaceous of spines whilst the displays are easy on the eye at all times and in all light conditions.

The major downfall of this car is manoeuvrability. The relatively large engine and broad tyres leave the driver despairing of compact car-parks and tightly twisting roads. Five-point turns and three-point parking are often the order of the day...

On the whole, this car is a magnificent second-hand bargain, no car at that price matches it for performance, reliability, comfort AND practicality (feel free to correct me). The model is unobtrusive and does not draw attention where thieves are concerned.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2001

9th Mar 2003, 17:50

I don't blame the CD player - I think I'd "skip" if you drove ME at 130mph on any road!