2000 Ford Mondeo ST24 2.5 Duratec V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic handling, well rounded car to drive and own


When first got it, engine loss power at 3500rpm for an instant. Ford Dealer had no idea, stopped after a while and never done it again.

LHS Window slow to close. Bad seal.

Boot leaked. Fixed with silastic.

Drivers side seat frame snapped twice. Each time pulled out the seat and welded it up. Good now (Needs reinforcement).

Gearbox synchros worn a little bit.

CV seal clamps broke.

General Comments:

My first European car, and certainly not my last. I was expecting expensive repairs, and problems galore. But nearly done 20,000kms and nothing major. Not a Ford man either, but its such a great car.

Great engine, fantastic handling for a car of its size.

The little V6 isn't one of the most powerful, but can be very fuel efficient if not driven to hard, or can be a whole lot of fun keeping it up in the high revs. Pulls well to well over 100kmh. Great sleeper.

Handling is what took me. Firm, precise and fun. Happy to be punted along winding roads all day long. Spent 6 hours driving non stop one day trying every road I found.

Great car to get lost in, such comfortable seats. Lovely driver orientated interior. Comfortable driving position and I'm 6'4".

Not the cheapest car I have had to run, nor the most reliable (My old Corolla wins both those hands down), but is the best handling, funnest car I have ever driven. And I tried a fair few before I stumbled upon this sitting at my local used Ford dealer.

Ford dealer to is rather hopeless, overpriced, and after sales service and support not all that good.

If you don't mind getting your hands dirty fixing problems that arise, especially small ones, you will have trouble free motoring with no major problems. Keep up the servicing and check it over from time to time and it will last you well.

Overall, fantastic car! Great handling, lovely engine (Oh that intake note!), cheap to maintain for the car that it is. Also cheap insurance, considered a family sedan, but very sporty, fun car. (I'm 22 and costs me a quarter what it would for a 306GTi for example)

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Review Date: 18th December, 2006

2000 Ford Mondeo trend 1.8 duratec 125 ps from Greece


Good for money


Only the plastic covers on the front doors are poor

General Comments:

Reliable, good consumption, good acceleration concerning the weight of the car. The feeling of suspension is little "sporty". The feeling of the steering is "excellent". It's a big car and in Greece is cheaper than a VW Passat, the Mondeo's rival.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2006

2000 Ford Mondeo Zetec S 2.0 16v zetec from UK and Ireland


Great looks, great performance, Fix Or Repair Daily


For the first couple of months of owning the car, nothing went wrong, however...

Since then...

It needed:

2 new front lower wishbones.

2 track rod ends.

2 front drop links.

4 headlight bulbs (pain in the ass to fit).

2 new complete drive shafts.

2 rear wheel bearings.

New driver's seat as part of the frame was sticking out (opted to upgrade to the Mondeo ST200 Recaros).

2 new side skirt caps.

New metal water pipe.

4 new coil springs.

New remote key (£165 at the main dealer).

2 sets of brake discs and pads, because the discs keeping warping.

New clutch kit.

New gear linkage.

General Comments:

This is a really nice car to drive; the Zetec engine pulls well throughout the rev range.

It's comfortable and ergonomic, the standard Zetec seats tend to wear easily, but the Recaros really do make some difference, they give a lot more support.

The RSAP factory fitted body kit and pearlescent paint really set the car off.

Overall, I think it's a great car after you forget about the work I've had to do to it.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2006

30th Apr 2006, 18:19

Great Review!!! A++++++++