2004 Ford Mondeo Ghia TDCi 2.0 130hp turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Good all-rounder!


When I first bought the car, it would cut out without warning; an AA man fixed it by securing the high pressure bar sensor.

Power steering pump failed at 110k miles.

Water leak in driver's footwell, split door card seal.

All wheel bearings replaced.

Lower front ball joints replaced.

Starter motor replaced at 150k (failed to start at a petrol station).

Rear shock absorber RH replaced at 155k.

Rear coil spring LH replaced at 160k.

Windscreen washer pump replaced at 165k.

General Comments:

This car is a big comfortable family car. I liked the 6-CD player, reversing sensors, comfy seats, 50+ MPG & big boot.

The break downs at the start were pretty scary at times when it cut-out at 50mph on dark country lanes; the lights dim & power steering goes!

The car took us all over the UK & Europe going over the Alps; it was powerful even when fully laden.

The beauty of Ford is the parts are still reasonably cheap. Although this car came with FSH, it still didn't give me confidence; oil & filter changed every 7-8k miles.

When the 6-speed gearbox started whining at 160k miles, it was time for it to go. Luckily no expensive parts failed, so overall it wasn't a bad motor!

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Review Date: 5th June, 2014

2004 Ford Mondeo TDCi Ghia 130 5-dr 2.0 Duratec turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A better drive than some modern equivalents


Rear wheel bearing needed replacing.

Leak through offside rear door seal.

General Comments:

A very comfortable, cheap way to get around. Bought for £875 as a second car.

Mine was a 2004 facelifted Ghia model, so had all the toys you could want, like 6-disc Sony stereo, electric folding mirrors, cruise etc and had had Xenon headlamps and Bluetooth fitted, so didn't really feel too hard done by compared to modern cars (except no aux port for an iPod, and, surprisingly, no ESP!).

These MK3 Mondeos are very well balanced driver's cars, with a very good compromise between ride quality and handling. Whenever I drive one I always enjoy the accurate, well weighted steering. I've owned and driven tons of cars, and few seem to be quite as well balanced!

The old 130hp Duratec engine still had plenty of go, tons of low down torque, and did 40 MPG all day long with my fairly heavy right foot. To be fair, compared to a modern diesel, it was a clattery old thing and suffers from more turbo lag than probably a modern diesel does, but, still not a bad old diesel. Smoked A LOT under acceleration, but then, looking around, most of these old diesel Mondeos do.

One main dislike... or two... the gear change was quite stiff (specially from cold), and the handbrake was rubbish. Both things are pretty common old Mondy faults!

The other thing I like about Mondeos is their very big boot, perfect for my Great Dane!

This was never bought as a main car, just a run around to go out with the dog in and not mess my pride and joy (in the garage) up. But, I thoroughly enjoyed driving it (overall, more than my wife's 2 year old Hyundai i40!).

All round, a great old smoker!!

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Review Date: 10th May, 2014

18th Jan 2015, 10:11

Hi. I also have a Great Dane, who has just turned 2 and am looking for an estate car to get him around in, but also to use for the 100 mile round trip for work. The Mondeo has a perfect size boot, but unfortunately the Mondeo will not fit on my drive, but the Hyundai i40 will just about fit. If it's the i40 estate your wife has, does your Dane fit in the boot with the seats up?

Many thanks. Nolan

2004 Ford Mondeo TDDi 2.0 turbo diesel from Slovenia


Workhorse (mule)


The mechanism for lifting the driver's seat is broken. Motor works though...

The shader on the driver's side snapped; had to be replaced.

Rear brake calipers had to be replaced at 180k KM.

Rear suspension had to be replaced at 190k KM.

Plastic things are falling off everywhere; the air shafts are, especially in the back of the car, in the luggage compartment.

Wear and tear is quite a problem.

Spare parts are expensive like hell...

General Comments:

Upon buying the car, I did not comprehend that 90HP is not enough power for this car, so I had it chip tuned up to 110, and now it's bearable.

The engine is without the plastic cover, so the noise outside and inside is very loud, but you get used to that. I compete with my neighbour's tractor.

Generally the car fits my needs, since it's very big, and the engine has not let me down, so I'm keeping it for some time still. It does require regular service intervals, or things will get out of hand.

Otherwise, the driving experience is satisfying.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2012