19th Apr 2004, 07:42

I have a 1993 Mondeo with the full body kit (2.0 litre), and of the new shape Mondeo only the ST220 really looks the part. (Even the Zetec S looks a little tame).

Great though the 3.0 V6 must be, I am concerned about the fuel consumption. What is the real world average?

Also I read in a magazine about a hot diesel version

(STTDCi) coming out! Has anybody heard of this?

19th Apr 2004, 15:31

To the guy who ordered his ST on 6th of Feb. That's not very good news, I popped into the dealer on Saturday afternoon and I was told that my ST had left the factory in Belgium, but he could not tell me exactly where the car is now. He also told me that he would be making some phone calls to locate the car, first thing on Monday morning, and that he would phone at some stage in the day. Well it is now Monday evening, and I have not heard from him. So I will be on the phone to him first thing in the morning.

21st Apr 2004, 11:39

Hi to the lucky guy in Swansea who has actually got his car!

The provisional date I was given has now been put back to the last week in May... well they say patience is a virtue.

Do the tinted windows look tacky or do they suit the car?

I have also requested the technology pack (as well as rear parking sensors and navigation system). With the tech pack is it only the rear windows that are tinted?

Also I'm interested in what price people have paid for this car. All the above cost me £17,200 with the privilege discount. The salesman tells me without the discount I should have paid £24K - has anyone paid this price for their car or is this the salesman's pitch?

25th Apr 2004, 00:18

I've had my st estate for about 13 months now. The privacy glass looks good on my model. I was afraid that it would look like a pimp-mobile, however it is quite subtle, not too dark. The car has been an absolute delight since day one.

28th Apr 2004, 11:04

Hi All.

I ordered my ST220 (5dr, Machine Silver) with Tech Pack and full size spare wheel on 19th February. Ordered of the INTERNET for £18k which was close to the bottom price quoted at the time. With reference to the earlier comment 24k is main dealer full price with the options.

Was given a delivery date of end April, but this has just been put back to end May, due to "production line" problems!!. Any one experiencing this too?

Still from reading the comments it should be worth the wait.

Re Sat Navigation. I bought an Ipaq along with Tom Tom Navigator and blue-tooth receiver. The result? A fantastic navigation system, easily upgradeable /transferable, multi use palm PC and all for around £1200 less than the ford fitted option. I'm well happy. Now just need the car!!

30th Apr 2004, 12:09

YIPPEEEEEEEE, I've been told that my ST is very close and I might be able to pick it up either Monday or Tuesday. About time, I can't wait. Good luck to you other guy's still waiting. Happy waiting.

8th May 2004, 09:05

I have ordered a ST220 from Virgin cars on the 15th April, they told me delivery would be in July, but it's come forward to June. cannot wait, extras are: Performance Blue, hdty battery, satnav, full size spare wheel, sun roof, parking sensors and rear electric seats. Price quoted around 22k, not bad since dealer quoted around 25500k. I hope it's on time, plenty of sleepless nights thinking about it.

They go like a rocket.

21st May 2004, 13:25

I try and give fellow ST220 owners a little wave or a flash of the lights. I tend to get a few thumbs up from Focus RS owners as well. If you see an ST220, give a friendly wave!

Happy motoring!

22nd May 2004, 18:18

I am the proud owner of a st220 machine silver, full option sat nav included, since two weeks now. I am very pleased with it so far, but you have to rev it up to enjoy it to the fullest. Watch out for the speed tickets.

Could do with a bit more power between 2500 and 4000 rpm.

But hell bursts loose above 4000 rpm. Turn of the volume of the stereo to listen to the great sound of the double exhaust. Fabulous car, feels like running on rails,fuel consumption with aggressive accelerations up to 15 liter/100km and going with the flow 9 liter/100km, best value for money I think, and more exlusive than a BMW, certainly here in Belgium...

9th Jun 2004, 09:39

How do you get these privilege discounts? Where are people getting there cars from? Whats the cheapest internet site to order from? Are they classed as imports or uk cars?

Thanks in advance.


16th Jun 2004, 06:06


I currently own a Ford Mondeo Zetec, however, I am considering changing it for an ST220. Can anyone provide me with details on the servicing costs for the ST220 - are they much higher than a standard mondeo service?


18th Jun 2004, 20:06

People who work at Ford Genk get a 22% discount.

19th Jun 2004, 04:49

Just joined Ford and decided to order a panther black ST220 4 door with Tech Pack and Parking Sensors all for just £16150 on the road! - Thank you Privilege!

Got a build date of 18th July... after originally claiming it would take up to 12 weeks from order!

Question is should I wait till September for the new plate or pick it up when ready for some serious fun...


22nd Jun 2004, 15:45

Genk Employees - UNLUCKY!!! 30% Discount with privilege.

Ordered performance blue with xenons a week ago and expecting to take delivery this weekend. Like everyone else, can't wait, can't sleep and can't stop reading these delicious reviews.

Driven the 5-speed, v. impressed. Hope the 6-speed lives up to expectations.

Please note : Pass the ST220 courtesy to all new Morgan Roadster drivers as it's powered by the same V6 brute!

(Note from the missus : What do I do with him? He now goes to sleep with the dealer brochure under his pillow. Sweet dreams.)

24th Jun 2004, 11:36

I am thinking of buying a ST220 Estate on an 03 plate. I know that ford have made changes to the spec on the 53 plate (6 speed box) etc. Give or take £1500 between the two, I would like to know if there is any difference in performance or refinement between the 'old' and new model and whether it's worth paying the extra for the new model. I would appreciate any views anyone has on the ST220 Estate.

6th Aug 2004, 16:51

Anyone heard of any major mechanical problems?

My 2 year, 20k miler, FFSH, sent a piston out through the block (@ 190km/h)! Needed a new motor fitted.

Otherwise, a fab machine.

11th Aug 2004, 05:37

I have had my 03 ST220 for a month now and I am blown away with how much fun it is to drive. I bought it on a whim, much to my other half's disapproval. Though she now loves the car as much as I do.

The only down side is that I have an annoying squeak coming from behind the dash board when ever I take my foot off the power. Has anybody else had a similar experience. I am thinking of booking it in at the local dealer to get them to sort it. On the other hand I could just keep my foot flat to the floor.

Happy Motoring.