1st Sep 2004, 06:13

Interesting reading here. I am about to order a new company car. Luckily I have had the chance to live with some demonstrators for a week each. I've tried a Saab 9-3 Aero, Vectra 3.2 GSI, Volvo S40 T5, and the ST220. The ST220 is IMO the best out of all of them. The ride, handling, performance are superb, although it could do with a bit more 0-60 speed :-)..boy racer eh? Once your going the pick up, and sound are great. I don't think it's quite as fast as the T5 but it's much better: lookig, inside, handling etc. The Vectra is quick too. The Saab is a typical turbo, point, squirt, wait and hurtle, but becomes breathless at top revs. The T5 does go well, but is low fuss about it. Anyway, my wife is not so happy as she is a marque chaser. She doesn't want me to have a ford. I can't see why you'd pay similar money for a basic bimmer, or low end xtype etc when you can have an ST220 for the price. Guess I'm going to have to disappoint her :-)

13th Sep 2004, 08:44

Currently own a ST200 which is nice and quick and makes a great noise. Collect my 52 reg black st220 on wednesday and I am as excited as an excited thing! Paid £12,000 for it with 16k on the clock (barely run in!) a £10,000 depreciation in two years would be hard to stomach if I had bought it brand new though. Test drive the other day was a complete joy, they have uprated the ride and handling, managing to make it a more comfortable and thrilling experience. Roll on Wednesday!

21st Sep 2004, 11:13

Having had my 03 ST220 Performance Blue 4 Door for a fortnight now, had to wait for over a month, due to an industrial dispute at Ford Direct.

And I can only say 'Brilliant' Drives like a dream, comfortable. but I have had to name it Jekyll & Hyde, because you can be cruising along one minute, quick down shift using the smooth 6 six speed box, nail it and the beast awakens, local dealer gives excellent service, fuel computer showing 28mpg, my son believes I will only keep my license for a month or so after nailing it down a bypass and reaching 135mph with no effort whatsoever.

If you are thinking of buying one, do so you won't regret it.

I have park assist option very useful, and Sony stereo can't get much better.

21st Nov 2004, 07:38

Hello fellow st220 owners.

I have mine for over 6 months now and it is driving like a dream. No problems what so ever. No squeaking noises, nothing... still happy with my car as the day I picked it up from my dealer.

Happy motoring.

3rd Dec 2004, 02:41

Hi everyone.

I am thinking of buying an ST220 estate, does anyone have any comments about the estate?

The extras are tech pack, heavy duty battery, park assist, and alum roof rails. We have an ST170 at the moment but, we have a kid on the way and I don't think it is going to be big enough!!

Any comments would be appreciated.



12th Jan 2005, 05:56

Picked up my performance blue 5 door on 1st October 04, having drove my 2.5 V6 Ghia X Estate from Aberdeen to Reading to change over. A Dream 600mile return journey. Sadly work away 2wks in every four, missing the wife, kids and my toy. As previously commented a good "family" car with bite above 4000 revs. Fuel consumption a little down on my estate, but more than made up for in performance.

As a Ford loving driver for 23yrs without doubt there best so far.

A final note For the marquee driver, good looks, performance, refinement, handling, safety and change in your pocket. What more do you need.

11th Feb 2005, 18:10

I drove my st 220 on the autobahn today, it was Great.

In the wet I managed to do 260 km/h... and than one of the rubbers that are on the A style detached, had to pull over to fix that, but for the rest the st 220 drives like on rails, even at high speed. Fuel consumption on the autobahn at an average speed of 160 km/h was 11.3 liter/ 100km. Need to change my front tires soon, only did 12.000 km with a pair... but grip has it's price...

I am loving my st 220 more and more day by day...

Happy motoring.

1st Mar 2005, 10:06

01 March 05 - upto 17,000 miles on my 53 plate performance blue ST220, 6 speed. Love the car to bits!! Shame today started misfiring at low speed. In at the dealers presently for diagnostics. Got to use the wife's punto - most miserable - until the ST is back...

3rd Apr 2005, 12:44

I currently own a 2yr old focus TDCI and want to get rid of it this year. Comer to think of it I've always ever owned a focus.. Anyway, I saw the ST220 and thought it looked quite good, however, it is a fair size bigger than the focus and the MPG doesn't look good either.. so my question is has anyone else upgrade from a focus and just how horrendous are the fuel bills... Any other areas I should be aware of... really am stuck between a 1 yr old focus or ST220..any advice gratefully received...

11th Apr 2005, 10:35

It s not that tough a decision, I am currently on my second st220 and will only change it next year if they bring out an st220 focus very happy motoring.

25th Jun 2005, 03:16

Getting my long overdue new style st220 on Thursday, went to see it a few days ago, I have to say, it was worth the wait, the car looks more upmarket, simply from adding chrome trim. ford have taken a few ideas from the ghia mondeo, and a few from the forthcoming focus st. my dealer seems to be as surprised as me how good it looks, I think I will be the only person in surrey with a new mondeo on Thur, look out for me.

3rd Jul 2005, 14:56

I have had my ST220 for 10 months, it was registered 16/12/2003 and I have just re-newed two tyres at 20000 miles. My older car was a ST 200 and I had to replace the tyres every 10000 miles. The ST I drive now is so smooth with 6 gears. By the engine noise or the smoothness of the gearbox you cannot tell the difference if your are in 4th gear or 6th gear. 2nd and 3rd gear are licence losers.

I'm pleased I bought my ST220 because the kids love it "and it frightens the wife".

23rd Aug 2005, 13:27

Have got the chance of a 04 plate st220 estate in black with red seats and 7000miles. price £15775. can anyone advice if this is OK.

14th Dec 2005, 19:24

Will be picking up my 5-month-old ST220 5 door 2005.5 facelift model in the next couple of days. Magnum grey & fully loaded, after reading all the great comments I can’t wait.

19th Dec 2005, 18:32

Having owned a six speed faclift 220 for six months. and previously own'd all kinds of (nice) cars all I can say is fantastic! fantastic! fantastic!

7th Apr 2006, 12:22

St 220 does 0-60 in 7.8 not 6.5. is very slow for a 3.0 v6.