1996 Ford Mustang GT 4.6 Liter from North America


Fast muscle that can hang with most, but unstable at times


Replaced rear tires. Tires were nearly skinned to the rim.

Changed all four brakes. Rear right brake caliper and rotor were so rusted they didn't even engage.

And either the starter or the clutch safety switch is messing up, because some days it will start like a new car, others it takes 4 to 5 key turns to ignite the engine. Going to get it checked out when I get some more money in my hands.

General Comments:

My first American Muscle car! It took me 4 years, but I finally got some muscle.

I bought the car from an "As Is" dealer that obviously didn't even take a look at the car. The interior was trashed. You want to know what dirty and messy looks like? I should have taken pictures. Fast Food wrappers, razor blades, plastic baggies, sand, dirt, etc. The tires nearly were stripped to the rims. It was bad. The previous owner even felt the need to TWO TONE the paint job. Yes, top half = black, bottom half = silver. The travesty to this car was borderline illegal.

But...it only had 71,000 miles on it. For an eleven year old car, I'll take it.

This car is quick! This car uses all 285 ft/lbs. of torque it has, and then some! I have to admit I was looking for a Camaro or a Firebird, and still am actually, but this will definitely do. The acceleration is excellent. The straight line performance is top notch, it almost amazes me that there is only a 4.6 liter engine underneath the hood.

The ride is very bumpy. That's to be expected though because the suspension is ridiculously tight on this car. Any bumps or cracks in the road, and you are going to be jolting up and down.

The interior is modest, a bit too cramped for my tastes (I'm 6-1), but very Ford-ish. Lots of curves and single color schemes. The back seat is a complete joke for any person over the age of 10. But when kept clean, it looks very nice from an aesthetic point of view. It compliments the front seats.

As for some minor gripes, this gear box is ridiculous. I have never seen such long throws in a car. Perhaps since I'm coming from a Celica it seems extra heavy and long, but come on. The second to third gear gate is dangerous, and I have grinded gears one too many times because of the awkward "angle" the shift knob is located at. The clutch is also very honest, and doesn't grab until it is nearly not depressed at all. Unless you time it perfect, the car will buckle.

Also, cornering in this car is at your own risk! The rear end will get away from you if you do not take turns smart. I have spun out a few times with the bad tires it had on before, but after replacing the rear tires, I can take corners with a lot more confidence now.

I also mentioned the paint job, which really takes away from the beauty of this car. I am debating whether I should go ahead and just fork out the ridiculous amount of money it will cost just to get it one color again, or if I should just save the money and buy a GM Muscle Car. We'll see...

Other than that, this car is a blast to drive and I will never go back to foreign "rice" ever again. As an American, I feel I am finally experiencing what every red-blooded American needs to before they die. And that is driving American Muscle!

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Review Date: 5th May, 2007

6th May 2007, 12:17

Interesting point of view. Trashed out car. Mechanical problems. Bad Paint. Bad handling. Difficult to shift. But you like it. I hope you got a good deal. It sounds like the previous owner did not maintain it, so you will pay the price of deferred maintenance later. Perhaps, it would have been better if you had spent a little more and got a clearner example.

1996 Ford Mustang GT COUPE 4.6L. from North America


A wolf in sheep's guise


Since I got it, just had the brake pads changed.

This car was well maintained since last owner took a really good care of it.

Recently took had it's oil change service and the history showed everything in the car was in a perfect maintenance routine.

General Comments:

I was looking for a fox body one since my "92 gt hatchback were stolen. found this one at the ads, telling it was suppose to have about 350 hp.

I know this models came with less hp than a fox body, so my curiosity took me to the seller who immediately showed me a list of things done to it such as bolt-ons, then took me for a ride..wow!!! he was not lying about it, it pulled really hard and burnt the tires even on third gear.

The guy said he has done his best 1/4 mile at 103.3 @ 13.something seconds. gotta take it to the tracks..

Fortunately not long ago, my old fox body was found, with no stripping signs, now I've got 2 babies to take care of.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2006