1999 Ford Mustang LX 3.8L from North America


Bang for the buck


General vehicle upkeep (tires, oil + filter, wipers + fluid, k&n air filter)

General Comments:

This car is quicker off the line then the v6 camero's.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2002

1999 Ford Mustang Cobra 4.6L 4v from North America


A $15k engine with a $5k body, I love it for the price


The rear end made a "pop" when driving out of steep driveways at an angle. Dealer fixed it, no questions asked. Windshield cleaner fluid pump doesn't work, never has. I don't use it so I haven't asked to have it fixed yet. Wouldn't go into 3rd gear when I bought it. Dealer replaced the transmission and didn't bother to try and fix the one I had.

General Comments:

The car is beautiful inside and out. Ford really likes to jack mustangs up in the air for the 4X4 look so it needs to be lowered a little. For 20k it's a great car so far. The SVT people are much better to deal with than some of the normal Ford people (others were pretty cool).

Handling is great with the independent rear suspension, but at high speeds it feels tippy. I really have no reason to be taking corners over 80 (mph) but when I do its obvious it needs to be lowered a little for a little less overall travel in the suspension.

Its just fun to sit in the driveway an rev the engine too.

For a daily driver the ride is almost perfect. Speed bumps aren't harsh, but are noticeable.

It's a decent body with a great engine (it even looks good). Engine needs a little more grunt at the lower end. There are tons and tons of after-market parts for this car. I have my eye on some shinney new wheels and a TDC turbo kit.

In short I would buy it again.

Its exactly what I thought I was buying.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2002

20th Oct 2004, 07:06

I have a '99 Cobra also. I also experienced the rear end "pop". Turns out the ring and pinion were destroyed. It seems to be a fairly common problem with the IRS 8.8" rear end. Cost me over $600 to replace the rear end (over 3/4 of it was labor). 3rd gear syncro also was going bad. I replaced the transmission with one from an '01 GT and have had ZERO problems with it since then.

1999 Ford Mustang from North America


Overrated piece of junk


The transmission went twice, once at 23,000 miles and once at 37,000 miles. The dealer has replaced it both times.

I have replaced the brakes on it 4 times already.

When parking on a hill it tends to jump at first, think the parking pawl is going bad.

General Comments:

Good looking car, but terrible engine and transmission.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2001

10th Sep 2004, 22:37

WARNING lower intake made of plastic bolted to metal heads. metal is more dense than plastic so they expand and contract at different rates causing a very common problem of cracking the thermostat housing or coolant port behind alternator. Dealer wants close to 600 dollars for the revised half metal intake. My friends at NAPA sells the same one for 300. big difference.

1999 Ford Mustang GT Convertible from North America


Very over priced for the problems you will have


Received two recalls in less than 18 months after buying the car.

Broken stabilizer in rear end.

Loud noise coming from rear end, was told that it has major rear end differential problems.

Car has just died on me while slowing down approaching a red light.

The car refused to start on two separate occasions, but after 2 or 3 minutes of trying eventually started.

General Comments:

At 50,000 miles the stabilizer in the rear end is broken and the Ford mechanic says that he has never seen a stabilizer break before. There is no other damage to indicate that something was hit to break it. It appears to have just broken due to poor workmanship.

Ford tells me that the rear end has serious differential problems and won't know to what extent until I pay them 250.00 to take the rear end apart.

I love the car but bought it new so not to have car problems. I was deceived thinking I would get a nice looking car with great performance.

My estimated cost for repairs $1500.00 to $2000.00 for a two year old car that has high mileage because of out of state family visits and other than that it goes to the supermarket and back.

I would not recommend owning one no matter how nice you think it looks.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2001

25th Jul 2002, 11:46

I must say, I have had the same problem of the engine just quitting while I was driving as well. Mostly during the slow-down to a turn or a stop. I wish that I could get this fixed.

30th Jul 2003, 07:01

I have a 99 GT convertible. I bought it off lease with 37000 Kms on it. I looked for about 9 months to find the color combo I wanted, blue and white. All rear wheel and differential bearings had to be replaced buy my local dealer (under warranty).The selling dealer would not aknowledge the problem. The dealer admited that some cars had bad metal that year. The car began to stall immediately after start in cold weather. I found this was due to the idle air valve sticking because it dries out. At about 50000 Kms I have had to replace the front rotors and pads since they were in very bad condition (bad metal?). The back are still OK. Still love the car; it brings back memories of my 67TR4A.

Paul, Ontario, CAN. July/2003.

26th Nov 2004, 20:26

We also have problems with our 1999 Ford Mustang which is a rental car. The engine died on us ever since we rented it in California 5 and a half years ago. It's been a piece of garbage ever since also. It's a silver convertible. We also pumped the gas pedal before we get it to start, but it still never started. Can you help us? Thanks.

15th Mar 2005, 20:06

Pump the gas pedal? You do know that this accomplishes ZERO on a fuel injected car. If you suspect the engine is flooded, hold the pedal to the floor and crank it for 5 seconds or so, then try to start again.

22nd Jun 2006, 09:13

I always hated that 1999 Convertible. It's a piece of junk according to those who owned a convertible. So please don't buy it ever again.

11th Aug 2009, 15:37

I just got my 1999 Mustang GT Convertible. I put new plugs in it, took it on a road trip and it started missing at low speed. When I got home, I pulled the plugs back out and found water on #8 plug, just on top, not in the cylinder??? Oh and just had to purchase an idle air valve. So far I still like it; I'm just hoping it doesn't try to break the bank.

Larry. Va.

19th Feb 2010, 08:33

It's me again. Can anyone tell me why my 1999 Mustang GT has such a rough ride??

Larry. Va.