3rd Oct 2008, 22:49

No, you DON'T have to "gradually break them in". I'm a mechanic, car enthusiast and racing fan. Some years ago a racing mechanic friend of mine told me to drive a new car the way I wanted it to run from day one. I took his advice and he was 100% correct. Newer domestics (or imports) no longer have a "break-in" period. That went out with the 50's. When I test drive a car it is red-lined on take offs, driven to 100+ mph if conditions permit, and generally flogged half to death. New cars (especially domestics) can take it. If they couldn't I wouldn't buy them. After I purchase a new car it is accelerated flat out every chance I get for the first 500-1000 miles. I've put over 200,000 miles on a number of cars with virtually no repairs and zero oil consumption. All of them have been very fast compared to other examples of the exact same car.

I currently own a 2007 Mustang 4.0 V-6 and it has been absolutely flawless. I NEVER, EVER buy the FIRST YEAR of ANY new design. The first year of a new model is prone to mistakes that are not corrected for a year or two. All new designs have bugs that show up, and the buyers end up being the ones to discover them, so I wouldn't be too hard on this young reviewer. (And I am NOT a "young person". I'm a senior citizen who has been driving for 48 years).

The only thing I really suspect may be the reviewer's fault is the blown speaker. Young people DO tend to enjoy destroying their hearing by listening to music at dangerous decibel levels. My Mustang has the really awesome Shaker sound system and if the bass is turned up and the volume is too high, it literally will shake the whole car AND destroy the speakers, along with the car occupant's eardrums.

29th Oct 2008, 15:23

Sounds like the first poster is a bit heavy handed on the interior of the car. I've had one for a year and haven't had anything break off. Plastic is plastic. It breaks if you're too hard on it.

6th Sep 2010, 11:53

It may be that the original poster is allowing other people (teenagers in the house?) to borrow the car and they are mistreating the car. Any time I've found damage on my vehicles, I later found out that somebody else caused it.

6th Sep 2010, 17:51

Based on personal experience, I'd highly recommend any Mustang (4, 6 or 8) made since the late 80's. I've owned 7 and all have been flawless. My current 2007 is perfect, and the interiors in all my Mustangs have held up far better than the interiors in our imports.

7th Sep 2010, 08:53

Okay, I love Mustangs but the Foxbody interiors were nowhere near as good as anything imported in those years. If you sneezed on the pitiful ashtray cover it would break and hang loose. I never even smoked, and I had to fix the ashtray cover in my '88 and '90 LXs. The rest of the console was very thin hard plastic and would shake.

11th Sep 2010, 13:33

We had a Fox Mustang and a Honda Civic at the same time. The Civic interior was very poorly made compared to the Mustang and in 105,000 miles nothing in the Mustang's interior warped, tore cracked or broke.

On the other hand, the Civic never even made it to 100,000 miles. It was junked after numerous expensive repairs and finally a blown engine. The Mustang was sold to a friend who drove it several more years and many more miles.