12th Jun 2009, 08:26

"In other words Ford should build only V-8 Mustangs and lose 66% of their customers??"

Now that you've been proven wrong time and time again about the fuel mileage on the Mustang GT, you've switched to attacking the drivers themselves.

And this 66% you speak of, how many of these end up being rent-a-cars? If Ford got rid of that useless 4.0 V6 and built a modern, refined V6 to put in the Mustang, I might have a little more respect for a V6 Mustang.

A V6 Mustang is a nice looking car for people who are only concerned with looks and not performance.

A V8 Mustang is for people who appreciate the heritage of the Muscle Car, and want a car's bite to be able to back up its bark.

And contrary to what you've been telling people, the V6 Camaro will be slower than the V8 Mustang, as always. The 2010 Mustang puts out 315 HP and about 330 LB/FT of torque. The V6 Camaro is heavier and is rated at less HP and less torque than the V8 Mustang. Now why do you think the V8 Mustang will be slower than the new V6 Camaro again?

As far as V8 Owners driving like maniacs, I see people in all types of cars doing this. I usually set my cruise at about 75 MPH on the interstate, achieving well over 23 MPG, and have countless Full size pickups trucks, minivans and SUVs fly by me like I'm up on jacks. Yesterday I had a couple of kids in an Cutlass Ciera cut me off, and they continued to weave in and out of traffic (at well over 90 MPH by my guess). Thankfully there was a state trooper hiding in the bushes just up the road, and justice was served.

I have more people trying to mess with me at stoplights and on the highway though, young kids mostly. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone. I know what my car will do and what it won't. I paid good money for my car, and don't need to pound on it at every stoplight trying to prove my manhood.

12th Jun 2009, 08:28

"In other words Ford should build only V-8 Mustangs and lose 66% of their customers??"

Absolutely not. I never said the V-6 wasn't a good seller. I just said it isn't what I would choose. It is good for any line of car to have a base drivetrain that more people can afford to boost sales. Mustangs are a car for the masses so they do need to have a base product. I still think the true strength over the years has been the high performance models associated with the line. Who doesn't think "Boss", "Mach 1", "Shelby" when talking about Mustangs. Even if you like the V-6 model and bought one just to have the cool retro looks you are buying the Mustang because of it's history as a high performance muscle car that has transcended 5 decades.

12th Jun 2009, 09:33

I do not own a Mustang, but from an impartial observer's point of view -it appears that a V8 is for those who have a need to prove something, and are not very concerned about the environment.

When did this site cease to be about reviewing one's vehicle anyway?

12th Jun 2009, 14:43

Truthfully, the V-6 Mustang isn't really an environmentalist car either. Everyone should drive a Prius if they are concerned solely with the environment. Unfortunately, that probably won't ever be the case. I drive the GT over the base Mustang for the driving experience, not to prove something. I don't race on the streets or beat on my cars so what am I proving? I just like the feel and the sound of a true muscle car and the V-6 falls short. I'd rather drive a V-6 Fusion then a V-6 Mustang as it is more powerful and available with AWD for year round use and it isn't pretending to be something it isn't. The mileage difference is pretty minuscule between the V-6 and V-8 as well and I won't be driving it in the winter so I would be using less gas anyhow. I use the Prius in the snow ;)

12th Jun 2009, 18:05

Well I take that back about you not being concerned about the environment - unless of course you trade in the Prius for a Hummer.

13th Jun 2009, 06:40

My son took a 6 and heavily modified his to a V8 with 100 shot nitrous. He wanted a sleeper without the GT trim. Many did the same years ago with the Cougar instead of the big block high insurance with Mustangs.

14th Jun 2009, 20:35

Trouble is you'll waste the engine a lot faster, as no way is that V-6 equipped to handle that kind of boost, so the cost of replacement will be probably more than the difference in insurance over the years you have the car. Also, you are putting a lot of hp into a car that handles like an everyday sedan which isn't real safe. You're better off buying a car that is meant to be driven like a sports car, if that is your intention, rather than taking the cheap way out, cutting corners and doing it in an unsafe and unreliable way.

15th Jun 2009, 14:20

"When did this site cease to be about reviewing one's vehicle anyway?"

I think it primarily started with people who reviewed their cars or commented going BEYOND comments to insulting other owners and their vehicles. A few V-8 Mustang owners seem to have taken it upon themselves to attack and insult anyone who exercises their free choice to own anything else. The natural reaction to an attack is to respond in defense.

15th Jun 2009, 15:52

Was changed to V8 if you read. He also has modified 2 1995 GT models; one coupe and 1 convertible.

15th Jun 2009, 22:05

You CAN'T prove personal experience wrong. I got 11-15mpg with both my 5.0's, as did my brother with his '86 GT. Those are FACTS. I get nearly twice that mileage driving my V-6 EXACTLY the same way... PERIOD. You CAN'T prove that wrong. They were (and are) MY cars, I should know. I bought/buy the gas for them.

As for me "attacking" anyone, that was NOT my intention. I was first attacked and called a liar because I simply (and FACTUALLY) stated MY OWN gas mileage and numerous sources that totally agreed with my figures. I defended myself and will continue to do so. If you have a highly modified V-8 with 4:11 rear gearing that gets 27mpg then you are very fortunate. My brother and I both drove factory stock 5.0's and got 11-15mpg. It's as simple as that. There may be someone out there who gets 50mpg out of a V-10 Viper. That's great for THEM. I have not the slightest reason to make up fuel mileage figures, especially when mine are in TOTAL AGREEMENT with virtually every magazine test of the V-8 Mustang.

16th Jun 2009, 11:41

And you CAN'T prove my personal experience wrong either. I consistently got 27 mpg highway with 2 different 5.0 Mustangs with the 3.08 traction lok rear end. They weren't modified and they did not have 4.11 gears PERIOD. Get over it and move on.

Obviously you drive too hard and have a lead foot, otherwise you would be doing much better on gas. You yourself said you are only getting 27 mpg with a 4 cylinder didn't you? You should be well into the 30's with that engine. Of course, you once again go by magazine mileage figures so I guess you drive like they do running hard 0-60 times and slamming on the brakes and you are only interested in how well your car performs (like they are!!) and not how efficient it is. Again, magazines ONLY are interested in performance so they will never get good mpg figures (of course, even hammering the car they did better than you did). The Mustang V-6 was rated at 19 mpg (observed) by C&D, however you say you are getting twice the mileage of your old 5.0 with the same engine. That would be close to 30 mpg right? So, why can you get so much higher than a magazine quoted mpg in your car but no one else can? You are contradicting everything you say at this point. You want to conveniently quote magazine figures to prove everyone else wrong but then when they get lousy mileage on your V-6 you don't seem to want to mention it. Hmmmmm. Go do some research on C&D and MT test of the Mustang V-6 and then come back and tell me they get real world mileage figures... c'mon! enough is enough with the magazines already.

I just don't know why you are having such a hard time with this. I am sorry you blew through so much cash on gas while owning your Mustangs, but learn to show restraint when hammering the gas and you may get the best out of something besides a Prius. Like I also said, I was a poor college kid when I had both of mine and if they chewed up that much gas I would have sold them immediately!