23rd Aug 2009, 10:51

I found the Porsche comment being too expensive used not necessary true. Sure new I tested a 930 Turbo Carrera a while back for 25K and it had 16k in engine mods and lowered. I passed because of oil leaks and high maintenance. It was not a forgiving car in corners; you could wrap it up if you lowered your guard. You won't race it off a line more a 30 MPH rolling start to spare the drivetrain. I would rather have a C5 6 or 7 Corvette or this Mustang for driving with less breakage and issues.

23rd Aug 2009, 16:22

Obviously the commenter is so used to more powerful cars that anything else seems "underpowered". This is an ailment that magazine reviewers seem to be afflicted with as well. If a vehicle won't do sub-5 second 0-60 times it is written off as "underpowered".

Any car sold in the U.S. today provides more than ample power for hill climbing, passing and merging. Even the lowly Chevy Aveo will merge onto a typical freeway ramp at nearly 75mph. I test drive a ton of cars, and I can tell you they really differ little in terms of practical, every day use needs. One or two seconds difference in 0-60 times is virtually unnoticeable to the average driver.

The arguments pertaining to V-6 Mustangs is especially irrelevant. The new 4.0 is for all purposes and intents near identical to the performance of the last generation V-8's. Hill climbing and passing is certainly NOT an issue for a 4.0 V-6 Mustang, and merging onto a freeway at 100mph is easily accomplished on most fairly straight ramps. That's 40 mph over the legal limit in most places.

It's sad that owners of V-6 Mustangs are not welcome in Mustang clubs or organizations. All Mustangs are great cars with a noble heritage. It's too bad that such an attitude of exclusivity and arrogance tends to pervade the overall Mustang community. I used to enjoy attending Mustang shows. After seeing the attitude expressed by owners on this site I think I'll stick to classic shows. They seem to have a more supportive and congenial attitude toward other car enthusiasts.

24th Aug 2009, 09:09

Ever notice that every Porsche sold is two to five times the cost of any Mustang? Put another $30K into the design of the Mustang and it will stay right with your Porsche. You are talking apples and oranges here, and the two cars are from totally different worlds. The Mustang also is pretty amazing in the handling department considering the live axle it rides on (especially the new 2010).

As far as spinning out of control... were you on ice or really rain soaked pavement when you spun out at 50? I used to take my old 5.0's around freeway entrance loops faster than that without even moving out of the seat. They stayed nice and flat and were very easy to handle at speed. Yes you can kick the rear end out easily on them if you really wanted to, but that was part of the fun. The 2010 is simply the best Mustang ever and handles amazingly well, even on less than smooth pavement in sharp corners.

On the power thing... The Mustang GT is only 315 HP and it gets the car to 60 in under 5 seconds. That isn't a lot of power these days, but it is a ton of performance. Plus, what does your Porsche get for mileage? My Mustang easily gets into the mid 20's on the highway. Porsches usually are in the 15-18 mpg range. Talk about poor engineering!! You stated the engine is smaller so why can't they make one that gets even close to the mileage that a Mustang V-8 gets?

25th Aug 2009, 08:24

"If I am in a real hurry to get somewhere that requires weaving in and out of traffic or taking fast corners, I leave my Mustang at home and drive my front-drive compact"

Okay, this line made me laugh! I have never been on the way out of the house thinking "Geez I better take this car over that one so I can slide around corners better without crashing it!" If you are weaving in and out of traffic and taking corners too fast for a Mustang to handle just to get somewhere, that in itself is a problem and maybe you should just stay home with your Mustang so the rest of us can be safer!!

On a serious note... why do people have this illusion that Mustangs handle so poorly? They have always been more than exceptional in that department at least back to the 5.0 era. Yes, there are cars that are much better, like Porsches or Vipers, but for the price range, the all around performance of a Mustang is very impressive.

As far as "spinning out"; learn how to control your right foot a little more and you can easily avoid having the rear end kick out and still keep up with the best of them. I never lost the rear end on any of my Mustangs when cornering or taking off hard (unless I wanted to of course).

The 2010 is now in the .9 g range on the skidpad, which is amazing for a live axle car, and it feels it when you drive it.

25th Aug 2009, 09:14

How did a rear engine Porsche arrive in a Mustang review. I even question the validity of the comment or ownership. Now you need to be comparing to 100K and up exotics as well as the Viper and Corvette. The added amount invested in domestic technology can be clearly seen in the new Corvettes 0-60 under 4 seconds and Vipers.

I would not be comparing new Porsche to Mustang. I think driving a Porsche is too much work and especially the Boxster is not a real guys car.

To each his own as far as driving opinion. If I were a young driver I would immediate buy a nice used Mustang V8 (no six) and begin modifying it. A great great buy.

25th Aug 2009, 10:35

"I would rather have a C5 6 or 7 Corvette or this Mustang for driving with less breakage and issues."

Did you come from the future? Last time I looked we were only up to the C-6 Corvette. The C7 isn't due for three or four more years.

25th Aug 2009, 16:16

Is that true that V-6 owners are shunned by clubs? You're right. That is sad. I wouldn't ever own a V-6 Mustang as I do like the complete GT package, but would I care if you came by with your V-6 to celebrate the history of the Mustang. Heck no!! The more the merrier. I just can't see all clubs behaving that way. There are many modded out V-6's that are as fast or faster than a stock GT, and one car can be as cool as the next even if it isn't your perfect car.

I hope you find a better club to hang out with soon! And don't go buy a car rating site as to rate people's attitude. Everyone gets a little crazy when they type on here, but in reality things aren't as hostile. Mustang lovers are Mustang lovers!

25th Aug 2009, 21:20

Back in the 70's I once had to get my wife to the hospital very quickly. At the time we had a 1970 Chevelle SS and a 1972 Plymouth Duster slant 6. Without a second's hesitation I grabbed the keys to the Duster. We negotiated 15 miles of mostly freeway, but some city streets at an average speed of 108mph. There was no way the poorer handling SS could have handled the weaving around cars (sometimes requiring use of the median or service lanes) as well as the far better balanced Duster 6 did and I knew that when the emergency arose. The Chevy would have ended up in a ditch or wrapped around a pole. Handling has far more to do with balance and weight distribution than horsepower. Big engines weigh a lot and result in cars that have too much weight in front and too little in the rear. I've owned 3 Mustangs V-8's and I wouldn't even drive them in the rain. Good handling they are NOT. I do hear that the 2010 is better, just as the 2005-2009 are a big improvement over the horribly unstable old 5.0 Foxes.