11th Jan 2011, 09:34

Okay, really you gotta stop. It is obvious you've never driven any Mustang, and you are just posting based purely on speculation! Why posts that are so obviously biased with no basis of fact are allowed on here really gets me. And who considers a car that is at least $30K very little money?

First of all, you are comparing a Vette to the Mustang. The Vette is about twice the price. It had better outperform the Mustang, or GM would have some serious explaining to do. Also, the 1986 Corvette of 25 years ago was .91g for handling. The Mustang that year was .84g. The current Vette is .95g AND the Mustang is the same now. Which car has improved more over 25 years? Yeah, thought so! Really overall the Vette only outperforms the Mustang off the line. The rest of the race would be down to the better driver.

Now on to the "bouncy" suspension of the GT. You really need to go out and drive one. The Mustang is really tight and crisp in corners, and is super sharp in all aspect of handling. It is also very smooth and comfortable in normal driving, and not at all harsh. You quickly forget there is a live axle under the car when you push it towards its limits. I've actually done over 50 on a freeway loop with broken expansion joints in the concrete, and the rear end did not even quiver in the least. That car was planted totally, whereas an older Mustang would have been hopping around like crazy.

Actual experience is what makes a good post on here, and is more informative. Going on about how cheaply a car is built and how poorly it handles, when you've never looked at the car or driven it, is just a waste of everyone's time. Really, if you want to talk about cheap, talk about the seats in the Corvette. ALL of the car mags have been griping about the cheap flimsy seats you get in your $50K plus car. The seats in the new Mustang are awesome!

I have a ton of experience with Mustangs, and the newest are surely the best ever, and will give any Vette a good run for the money, especially when the money is only half of what you'll spend on a Vette!! The experts all peg the Mustang GT as the best bang for the buck for good reason. I drove the 2011 Mustang and Camaro SS back to back, and the Mustang was miles ahead in nearly every category.

So why don't you actually go out and drive the newest Mustang GT, and then you can post back later about your actual experience about it. Being a Ford hater doesn't automatically mean their cars are cheap and crappy. Sorry.

11th Jan 2011, 15:35

Your level of expertise may be strong in Mustangs, but not the newest generation Corvettes. If you are into comparing them, you are into exotic or supercar comparisons. They are all great on the track, but not all are the same. But I agree on Civic with Mustang comparisons; why?

11th Jan 2011, 20:16

The V-8 Mustangs are definitely the best Bang-for-the-Buck car on Earth. Even the savagely-attacked 4.0 V-6 is a very respectable car for less than the cost of a base Civic. The new V-6 is even better (though a tad bit over-rated in my opinion). The new Boss 302 has taken on BMW's M-3 at Laguna Seca road course, and literally left it in the dust. The Boss is setting its sights on the likes of Corvette, Ferrari and Cadillac (which, lest you laugh, is the world's fastest production sedan). I DEFINITELY call that a "sports car" by ANY definition.

12th Jan 2011, 11:35

The newest Corvette is fine if you want to spend over $50K for a two seater that is basically a weekend toy. It will be a much harder riding car than the Mustang, and it really doesn't pull any better handling numbers than the Mustang unless you opt for the Grand Sport, Z06 or ZR1 packages. Then we won't even talk about costs anymore, because you are in BMW M5 and Viper territory.

For the money it costs, there is no comparison to the Mustang. I'd rather buy a Mustang GT and have money left over for a really nice winter SUV, myself. You get more than enough performance for any street driving, and you can still take it to the track for some really fun times. Will it outpace a Vette? Who cares?

12th Jan 2011, 11:40

The new V6 Mustang is awesome. With 305 HP, it is more than an adequate street machine these days. It also has the handling ability to match, so it is a very well rounded car. Not sure where you can buy any Mustang that starts at around $22K for less than the price of a base Civic, which starts at well under $20K, but whatever... I'm also not quite sure why anyone would ever even think about the Civic and Mustang at the same time. They are two totally different cars. The Focus would be my Ford product if I was going up against the Civic. The Accord Coupe V6 is the Mustang's only rival from Honda, and even that is a stretch.

12th Jan 2011, 13:31

I think the above poster saying the new GT would be outpaced by a Civic must be a Camaro guy or something.

I drove a 1989 Mustang LX with the old "5.0" for 20 years before getting a new 2011 GT with the performance package this past fall. The comparison from the 89 to the 2011 is like night and day. The new GT is a true sports car in every sense... no more bouncing on the solid rear axle like my 89 did at every bump and sliding around corners.

The 2011 GT is a dream to drive, and I quite literally look for reasons to take it out. The Ohio winter has slowed my driving considerably and I can't wait for spring. The electric assist steering is amazing and it handles corners as if on rails. The stop light launch is awesome, but nothing compared to the power that just keeps coming up through the RPMs as you accelerate. The interior styling is way beyond what has been seen in Mustang's past.

Overall, it's a total homerun for Ford that has everyone saying "no way" if they haven't driven one themselves.

12th Jan 2011, 14:24

I can only assume you had many many miles on your '89. I had an '88 and a '90, and they weren't really "bouncing" too much. I guess when they get older they tend to get soft. In their day they were very fun cars to drive, and I had a lot of fun with both of mine. I am not saying the transition from the '89 to the '11 wasn't phenomenal, because I have driven the '11, but any time you dump a 20 year old car for a brand new one, it is going to be an amazing feeling.

You do realize that your 2011 still has that live rear axle though right?

12th Jan 2011, 16:05

Again, you know Mustangs not new gen Vettes. Since the new redesign, late 97, they are nice riding and more room than someone with his 87 on here. The Z06 a bit stiffer, followed by the Grand Sport to the smoothest stock Vettes. You can pick up a 2003 for new Mustang money and have a blast. Who says they are weekend only? They are great daily drivers long distances. I have friends that drive daily and do some spirited driving. My trunk in my convertible carries a lot. A lot of us have 2 of them; his and hers! My one son has had Mustang GTs since high school; great bang per buck. He's had convertibles and coupes; all GTs. Good luck.