7th Mar 2011, 15:59

The Camaro is going to be a really limited car that mostly will go to collectors. The Shelby puts out over 500 HP, but at the price of $50K plus, it really isn't worth going for over the regular GT. How much performance do you really need on a street car? Are you really going to put all 500+ horsepower to the pavement racing someone on the street anyway? I surely hope not!

27th Mar 2011, 12:56

As long as the Civic has cheap skinny tires, that is. Front wheel drive cars with wide tires are just as bad in the snow as the Mustang.

28th Mar 2011, 09:29

Not true... again. A front driver will always have the advantage, as the powered wheels not only have the weight of the engine over them, they also steer. Yes, skinny tires will work better, but then again most Civics aren't running the same width tires as a Mustang!

28th Mar 2011, 17:24

Very true. We have a mid-size front-drive sedan with 60-series tires. It is absolutely horrible on snow. It has ZERO steering control and is very dangerous. It just spins and plows straight ahead, no matter how the steering wheel is turned. The first (and ONLY) time I got caught in a major snow with it, I had to use the emergency brake to make corners, and got it home as quickly as I could. Both our rear-drive vehicles are much much better on snow. Our rear-drive SUV plows through deep snow as if it were on dry pavement.

28th Mar 2011, 19:14

And the front wheel drive is terrible at high speeds, and hairy handling in curves. I had an Acura that was terrible at speed. Honda's best was not a good handler for us

29th Mar 2011, 14:28

Yes, front-drive cars have no advantage over rear-drive cars, plus they have a lot of drawbacks. In fast cornering, front-drive cars just plow straight ahead, especially on wet streets. Of course, poor handling cars such as the Mustang tend to break the rear wheels loose and spin out on corners. Neither would be my choice for high-speed driving. I have both a front-drive car and a Mustang. Frankly, my wife's big truck-based SUV will out-corner either of them!!

30th Mar 2011, 08:39

Yeah right! Tell you what, I'll race you on ANY road course. You take your wife's SUV and I'll take my Mustang. Winner gets the losers pink slip. I need a nice SUV for winter anyhow, so why not a free one?

14th May 2011, 12:05

I very much enjoyed reading all the opinions stated, and just wanted to add one more. After owning several Mustangs, all the way from a 1969 Mach1 through a 1998 V-6 convertible and a 2006 Mustang GT, we just picked up our 2012 Boss 302. Every one has been an improvement over the previous generation, and I just wanted to say that this is the best Mustang I have ever driven (including GT500s and a GT500 Supersnake). I would put this car against just about anything out there (short of a McLaren or a flat out race car) on a road course, and believe the thing would hold its own very well. Well done Ford!

6th Jul 2011, 08:53

11 MPG in a Fox Mustang? What was under the hood, a supercharged V-16? With 4.11 rears? 11 MPG in a 1980s Mustang, That was the most outrageous fuel mileage claim I have ever heard.

If I drove civilized and normal, my 1990 5.0 was easily capable of 26 MPG or more on the highway, and around 16-18 in town. It had tall highway gears.

7th Jul 2011, 13:19

Actually, my Fox 5.0 never achieved over 20 mpg on the highway with the cruise set on 60mph and a tail wind. In town, my worst was 9.5 mpg, and the absolute best under ideal conditions was 14. It was a factory stock automatic with standard rear gearing. No V-8 Ford product we have ever owned has gotten over 20 mpg in any circumstances.

8th Jul 2011, 11:19

Are you sure the parking brake was off?

8th Jul 2011, 13:44

I'm not sure where all these miraculous V-8 Mustangs that get 26 mpg are being hidden. I've asked all my Mustang owning friends, and none of them claim over 20 mpg on the highway. Even the guys with V-6's are only getting 25-26 tops most of the time. Is there some area of the country where all the roads run downhill?? I bet 4 cylinder compacts there must be getting close to 100 mpg!!

10th Jul 2011, 04:32

Gee that's funny, because my 2008 GT is rated 23 MPG highway, and achieves well above that. Even my 4 wheel drive 1998 Chevy Suburban achieves well over 11 MPG Highway. 11 MPG highway in any Mustang newer than 1978 is like getting below 20 MPG in a Prius.

30th Jul 2011, 02:11

That's right, I bought a 2012 5.0 3 weeks ago, and all I'm going to say is thank you Ford. I test drove one, a 6 speed 5.0, and I couldn't go back home in my 2008 California Package Mustang, which was also a very nice looking and powerful car. So I have to trade that in for it.

Tell you what though, I was the biggest fan of 350Zs and 370Zs, but these cars are just grandma's wagon, and the Camaro SS and Challenger SRT and Charger SRT are nothing but a fat chick with fake muscles in front of my 5.0 Mustang. I think that's why those GTOs, SRTs, SS were discontinued for years, just because they couldn't beat the stallions then, and once again they are going to stop production on some, and some of them are already stopped. ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU FORD.

18th Oct 2011, 16:48

It is now official... The has been Government Money, GM, have released for 2012 the most powerful convertible ever built, the Camaro ZL1 with 580 ponies under the hood.

I'm no claustrophobic and love my 2010 orange SS, and also respect Mustang and Challenger lovers.. Who hates us, Camaro lovers! I have been through 3 wonderful summers with no issues at all with my SS, as I bought it on June 16th 2009, and I can say that the Mustang owners are the more "aggressive" owners of the bunch.. You really love your Mustangs! And most of you wants to show it! But my heart was and still hooked on the SS, because a sports car, claustrophobic or not, is a sports car, not a Lincoln or a Caddy, but the look and the LS3 engine of the SS got me, and many of us didn't customize its look like so many Mustangs owners do with their already beautiful Mustangs from the FACTORY..

No, I'm not going to buy the new ZL1 as I already broke my wallet in June 2009!! 426 ponies is already more than enough for me, and I prefer hard tops even with the Mustangs, which I found uglier and less "aggressive" if convertible. I can't wait to see how Ford will react to compete with the ZL1!

21st Aug 2013, 17:27

Guess you haven't driven a 2011 yet. Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised. Far superior to the Camaro and Challenger.

22nd Aug 2013, 15:44

When it is all said and done, it's still a Mustang. Buy a used C5 Vette or a Hemi Challenger.

24th Aug 2013, 23:33

One of my family members just traded their 2011 Hemi Challenger for a 2014 Mustang GT. The Challenger is more of a luxury car than a sports car. It weighs nearly as much as a mid-sized SUV. I could live with a Challenger myself, although I drive a Mustang. I drove a Camaro and personally can't deal with the claustrophobic feel caused by the low roof. Frankly all three of these cars are absolutely awesome. The choice is really a matter of taste.