13th Mar 2004, 17:05

I had a 2002 Mustang GT, it was in the shop over 18 times. I called Ford and after many calls they finally started paperwork to get me into a new car. (Ford did not offer this program, I told them that this is what I wanted done.) At first they gave me the run around, stick to your guns.

They charged me a fee for the miles I used on the car and then traded me for a new one. I am very please with the deal. I now have a new 2004 GT. The best part is that I have less of a payment!

1st Apr 2004, 06:50

FORD stands for free of repulsive defects. My GT is fine, maybe I just got a good one I don't know. I am surprised at all the bad things people are complaining about. Was the Camaro/Firebird ever that bad?

22nd Sep 2004, 14:10

I have a Ford Mustang GT. The worst thing I ever did. It has 44,000 miles on it and the water pump seal blew. Of course causing the heads to warp. I will never buy another Ford in my life again.

Oh, they wouldn't take it under warranty and I bought it in 2003. 3 Year, 36,000 miles is all its worth. I'm suing Ford, please feel free to contact me if you have had similar problems. justwana@aol.com.



1st Oct 2013, 10:33

To tell you the truth, they're all like that these days. Meaning no matter if it's Dodge, Chevy, etc.

I got rid of a 2008 Dodge Avenger I bought new and bought an old 2002 V6 Mustang. I had a 89 Dodge Daytona that you couldn't kill. Then the Avenger was a different story. Two fires and numerous problems.

I ditched the Avenger after 5 years for a 02 Mustang, and I'm happy I did it. Easy to work on and a lot of parts available.