1991 Ford Probe GL 2.2 liter non-turbo from North America


Mediocre car


New struts front and back.

New strut mounting plates and bearings on the front.

Lights won't go down (and drained the battery, cost me two brand new batteries in 6 months)

Seats worn.

Leak on the front passenger side that I cannot find.

Replaced antenna.

Radiator leaked for a little while, then just stopped.

Going to need new timing belt.

New half-shaft on the front drivers side.

General Comments:

Not very good looking, slow pickup, seems to cause me problems all the time, but I feel it is reliable enough to drive long distances and through very harsh winters. Handles well, the seats suck, rear is way too small.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2001

1991 Ford Probe GT 2.2 L turbo 4 cyl. from North America


A fast, reliable sports car!


Had to replace brake pads, new rotors. Needed a bulb for the fog light. That's it, (knock on wood).

General Comments:

Excellent car, very responsive and quick. I love to get into races, usually the 4cyl turbo can hang in with the best of em'.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2000

1991 Ford Probe GL? Don't remember from North America


The radiator failed, supposedly because the radiator is made of metal and the top is plastic and the two expand and contract differently...

The automatic seat belts sometimes failed to run their full track, and somehow kept the motor engaged thus drainig the battery beyond repair (they were eventually "recalled" or at least replaced)...

The car leaked somewhere around the dash and windshield though no amount of searching could ever determine excatly where from, the windows whistled...

I bought the car new, drove it almost exclusively on the freeway and was very disappointed in it... finally decided I should be madder at Mazda than Ford, since it was made by Mazda. The car had absolutely no resale value... everything that went wrong with it cost a minimum of $500, the cost of repairs definitely added up to more than the cost of the vehicle. My repair shop said they had nothing but complaints about this particular Ford. It did have a nice sound system.

General Comments:

* I did end up buying another Ford, a Windstar. The financing was the incentive and determining factor. Otherwise I would have demanded a Honda. Regardless, my response to the above question about whether or not I would buy another Ford is "No." I have absolutely no loyalty to Ford and the "Quality is job 1" slogan has become a joke to me. I assume the "out of 10" scale above means that 10 means it was very comfortable or reliable, 1 means it was not. I have since "sold" the vehicle... wish I'd never bought it... thanks for the chance to finally say something in a format that might make a difference.

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Review Date: 6th October, 1999

7th Dec 2000, 15:10

I just bought a 1991 Probe GL, and I have had to take it to the shop to have some transmission work done to it. But that is all, and I figure that is not bad considering it is a 91, and I got it for $2,700.

I actually have to say that beside the point of it breaking down once, I'm pretty damn happy with the way it performs. Also I would never slam Ford, because I believe they are still the best car company out there. I would just like to say thanks to the guys who built my Probe, nice job!

1991 Ford Probe LX 3.0L V-6 from North America


Windshield wipers are crap.

Front bumper cracks easily.

General Comments:

Nice performance, but lacks in the looks category.

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998

1991 Ford Probe LX from North America


Windshield wipers. Motor needs replacement. Seen same problem with similiar year Probes.

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Review Date: 21st June, 1998