1993 Ford Probe GT 2.5 V6 from North America


Overall good car, but Ford should back their very poor distributor design


Distributor is very poor.. replaced it 4 times in one year at $230 a pop...

Interior looks nice.. but is cheap and falls apart..

Stock radio is horrible..

Retracting headlights were problematic..

Manual shifter very sloppy..

Very little room in the back seat.

General Comments:

Snappy little car with the 5 speed manual and 2.5 V6... lots of power in any traffic..

Handles great, fun to drive.. decent gas mileage.. averages about 28-30 highway.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2009

31st Dec 2009, 13:34

"Distributor is very poor.. replaced it 4 times in one year at $230 a pop..."

You had no warranty? Or your distributors broke on day 91? Maybe you lost your receipts?

3rd Feb 2010, 00:49

The Probe distributor is not a Ford design, it's a Mitsubishi item. The shifter on my 1996 GT is as smooth as silk (at 172000) still with original clutch! And is very precise, smooth changing is what it's all about. I have not yet had problems with the headlights jamming or motor problems, all I did to improve the radio, was wire in an Alpine controller, stacker and sub, and now it sounds great.

1993 Ford Probe GT 2.5 liter from North America


Always wanted a Probe GT!


36,000 - changed coolant hoses, drive belts, thermostat and timing belt (fear of dry rot as car was 13 years old at this point)

New ICM/Distributor around 40,000 (overheating ICM causing engine cut-out)... very scary first time it happened (on interstate)

New valve cover gaskets at 42,000...noticed a sharp decline in fuel economy (120-140 miles a tank with city driving). Expensive fix considering intake manifold had to come off. Changed plugs and wires while I was at it.

48,000 - ICM/distributor failed again... glad it had a lifetime warranty (didn't cover tow though!)

50,000 - knock sensor failed... rats! Just had the intake manifold off to replace valve cover gaskets... will change both together next time. $150 for sensor, $200 for labor.

52,000 - TPS sensor failed, just bought a new one and stuck it on (expensive little buggers these sensors are)...another $150ish for a new one.

54,000 - flushed transmission fluid and added transmission oil cooler (mainly out of fear as the automatics have terrible reputations for the reliability)

- Was trouble free for a while there -

69,000 - CV joints were failing, replaced... changed front wheel bearings too (recommend doing together).

70,000 - EGR trouble code, boy was that a tough little guy to get off. It was stuck open, cleaned it and put back on.

General Comments:

Great design and surely ahead of its time.

Seats are comfortable and I like the steering wheel. Rest of interior is a little on the cheap side (lots of plastic is breaking now)

Handles great! And a pleasure to drive.

If not for the low mileage on the car when I acquired it, I would have bought a manual... more fun!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2009

1993 Ford Probe SE 2.0 from North America


Great car!


The exhaust fell off.

General Comments:

Very sporty looking, and handling. My 0-60 (with the 4 banger!!) is about 8 seconds. I can take tight turns like they're nothing!

The only problem I've had, is when I got it, it had a lot of worn out parts. The previous owner never changed anything, as far as wiper blades and such. The first thing I replaced was the exhaust. Everything from the catalytic converter back is new. I changed the PCV valve, wiper blades, and front tires as well.

Very reliable (at least these last 2000 miles), and sporty, even without the v-6!

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Review Date: 17th April, 2008

1993 Ford Probe GT from North America


Expensive to fix


I bought this Probe for my daughter about 7 months ago. She had driven it approximately 200 miles. It has been being worked on since the day that I bought it. I stopped to buy gas on the way home and it immediately broke down on the interstate. So far I have spent $500 at the Ford place, (no help), put a new throttle position sensor, new seal, and various other work. Now am told it needs both oxygen sensors. Problem is it misses like crazy. Can't figure it out.

General Comments:

If we could get the miss fixed, it has lots of power. Apparently these Probes are very hard to repair because no one so far can figure out the problem.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2008

2nd Mar 2008, 12:33

I would assume repairs to be expensive for this car- it is 15 years old and out of production.