1993 Ford Probe GT 2.5 24 Valve DOHC V6 from North America


Performance, modern styling, A+ engine, but too much plastic


Distributor went bad. Not the cap, the embedded electronics that you cannot see even if you take the distributor apart. This is a common problem with 1993 Ford Probes. But there are so many used parts out there, that is was super cheap to fix, and easy to do.

Use of the hand brake will cease up the rear brake to the point of you not being able to move. The part was faulty when Ford/Mazda made the car.

The automatic serpentine belt tensioner has worn out to the point that the belt is loose, and it causes a slight whirling noise at high RPM.

The rear seat, blind spot glass is known to be flawed, and mine is, it leaks water in rain storms. I get water spots on the inside of my windshield.

The sunroof motor is weak and I need to give it a push when it's trying to make the final two inches.

General Comments:

Besides the repairs mentioned, it runs extremely quiet and has great power and compression.

The car looks and smells like a new car, thanks to the boldly futuristic styling of the outside.

The paint is good, although it's starting to show some signs of the clear coat wearing off.

The engine bay is very cramped, so it's tricky to work on anything without getting dirty.

The interior is very small and plastic feeling. It feels like I'm going to break something if I move in the wrong way.

The cup holder not only does not hold any cup securely because it's much to shallow, it's also seriously in the way of driving.

Because of the car's low center of gravity, it corners extremely well, but it's hard to get out of if you park next to a curb. Cars this low should have Lamborghini flip up doors.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004

8th Oct 2004, 17:51

Small note: I thought my sun roof motor was weak and needed replacement, but my work around is give the rails a good cleaning then WD-40. the thin oil needs replacing every couple of weeks, but the top always closes.

28th Mar 2008, 02:02

Wow how can you complain when your car has 406,000 miles? You state it made it to 413,000 miles? I think that is a record for any probe ;-)

1993 Ford Probe GT 24 valve 2.5L DOHC V6 from North America


Performance, handling, looks and a stereo to boot. What more could you ask for?


When I bought the Probe the paint was fading and now in some places the clear coat is coming off.

I got caught in a tornado storm and received hail damage and because of low visibility, ran over an utility pole which only broke a skirt piece and knocked the timing belt shield.

I do think one of the valve cover gaskets have a slow leak, but that can be expected on an eleven-year-old car.

Last, I melted the locking bands in the transmission which means I have to manually have to shift gears to get them to lock in.

General Comments:

Comfort: Not really a four person car. It's very comfortable for two tall people under 6'2" but that leave no leg room for the back until your under 5'6".

Engine noise: I have a "ricer" exhaust system in my car so it is louder that usual, but the noise level is at a bit more than comfortable at road speeds, but not too bad. At high revs, it gives a very nice vroom and rumble to please any car lover.

Body styling: This car was Ford's first car to shy away from the box type car of the 80's and bring it into swooping curves that give it a moving while parked look. If you also look closly at newer cars, they try and imitate the curves, but in my opinion unsuccessfully. After extensive research, I found many sites devoted to Probe lovers and many body modification guides.

Power: The stock Probe Gt has 165 HP and red lines at 7000 RPM's. In my case with a new air intake and exhaust, I bumped it up to 200 to 220 at about $500. It gets up to 60 in less than 9 sec. and gets up to 90 in a 1/4 mile. That's with my mods anyways.

Handling: The car has a 3 full spin turning wheel. (1.5 fully to the left and same for the right) The car is very touchy and has no give, great if you want to feel the road. With an extremely low center of gravity and each tire having 9.5" of tread on the pavement, you get great cornering ability.

Clearance: Watch where you go because it only has a 4" clearance at the lowest point.

Sound system: If your as lucky as me and get one with the premium sound, you don't really need an after market head unit. The prem. sound never came with a tape unit, only a CD player with a seven band equalized in the dash below the climate control and a very nicely power ext. amp in the passenger door that power the four speakers and a factory sub in back. The amp does have enough power to run two 12" 300 watt max speakers, but the down side is that it cuts out because of the inability for the the amp to keep juice.

Climate: I've always had a saying that the last thing to go out on a ford is the heater and boy does the Probe heat up quickly on those 0 Degree days. Same for the A/C which will help beat the heat on those 100 Degree days.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004

12th Jul 2005, 17:52

Not to be mean, but open exhaust and a nice air filter donst give you from 165hp to 200 or 220! maybe it gave you 5-10hp.