1986 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9L V6 from North America


Great truck, besides the lifters making noise


Exhaust is factory and rusted out bad. Ticking from valve covers (probably lifters or rocker arms).

Occasionally the windshield wipers will stay on when I try to turn them off. Temp gauge stays on hot even if the engine is normal.

General Comments:

I love this truck. It is very dependable. Not great on the interstate, but perfect for work or city driving. I would definitely buy another one.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2010

28th Oct 2010, 22:00

Mine ticks all the time too. Lifters or rocker arms. Apparently they are notorious for this. I just use some Motor Honey and it helps to quiet it down.

12th Feb 2014, 10:34

I have a 86 Ranger with the 2.9 lt 5 speed manual. It runs really good. I have not had any problems with it. I love it, and would buy another one.

1986 Ford Ranger LX 2.9 from North America


It's been an excellent truck


When the truck gets hot on a very warm day (90 degrees or higher), it starts missing as though it isn't getting gas. This is with or without the A/C running. I now have it in the dealership service department from where I purchased the Ranger in July of 1986. Unfortunately, the mechanic can't find the problem. It's too expensive to just start replacing parts in the hopes something will work. HELP!!

General Comments:

The truck, overall, has been exceptionally good to me. But, after 24 years, I'd hoped someone would have had the same problem. So far, no good.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2010

29th Jun 2010, 21:42

Have you given it new plugs and wires?

The heat coming from the engine (and environment) may be causing a miss due to the plug and wires age, or lack of it. I would also consider whether the wires may be touching something that they shouldn't after you shift into drive.

Hope this helps...

3rd Sep 2011, 21:48

Its your ICM module (ignition control module) that's located behind the distributor. Trust me, I had the same experience. About 42.00 at Auto Zone.

11th Jul 2023, 15:20

I had an 84 Ranger 4 cylinder. With about 40,000-50,000 miles on the truck, it would cut out like it was starving for gas or misfire. Turns out after trying many repair options that it had a 2nd inline fuel filter under the cab on the driver's side. After replacing it seemed to work fine. I would change it every time I did a tune up thereafter.

1986 Ford Ranger STX 2.9L from North America


Generally a reliable vehicle excepting the two problems above


Throttle position sensor.

Throttle freezes at -40 C (which is -40 F too)

General Comments:

This was a reliable truck. However, it had two ongoing nuisance problems.

First, at about 80000 km the engine began to lope at idle and misfired throughout the range of acceleration. I took it to numerous shops, and they all failed to diagnose the problem. A chance meeting with a Bronco II owner revealed that the problem was the throttle position sensor. Problem solved 70000 km and over a thousand dollars later. Cost of part: $40.

Second, the throttle always stuck when the temperature reached the -40 range. This was extremely dangerous, and Ford was unable to fix it. I drove to work with friends during cold weather.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2008

1986 Ford Ranger XL 2.0L from North America


An amazing vehicle overall


Well, my dad owned the truck before I did (1995-2004), from what I know he really didn't do much except do a complete body makeover (panels, primed, painted).

He also had the gas tank replaced at 295000kms.

Since I have had it (2004 - Present)

Replaced the clutch assembly ($600) at 340000kms.

Replaced Clutch Master Cylinder ($200) at 340000kms.

Replaced both tie rod ends ($150) at 320000kms.

Replaced Carburetor ($400) at 360000kms.

General Comments:

Only at the current 385000kms is it now starting to burn the slightest bit of oil.

It also leaks oil from the oil pan, but it's the original one so...

Oh did I mention, it's the original Transmission!

Overall it is an amazing little truck.

I am currently restoring the truck (all new panels, box, and paint job) I'm also looking for a 5.0L to slam into it...

I highly recommend finding an old 83'-89' Ranger.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2007