1994 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3 from North America


Stay away from the 2.3!


Rear spring hangers and shackles needed replaced.

Constant brake problems.

Blew a power steering line.

Had to change all the little lights behind the dash. Not a fun job.

Leaked fuel if you filled up.

Had to change spark plugs - the 2.3 is a 4cyl with eight plugs that are a pain to change - took all day.

A/C never worked right, compressor clutch made all sorts of noise.

General Comments:

2.3 was sorely lacking in power in any gear. But, to its credit, it had 278k on it and didn't smoke.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2008

26th Oct 2008, 06:01

Doesn't it just stink when a 14 year old truck does not perform like new. Maybe the showroom floor would have been a better place to buy your truck.

8th Nov 2008, 21:36

I've owned 3 of the 2.3 litre 4 cylinder Rangers, as well as 3 Ford cars that were powered by the 2.3 engine. True, the older ones weren't the fastest 4's around, but I never had a second's trouble with any of my 2.3 engines. The most miles I put on any of them was about 190,000, but it still ran very well. My last Ranger had the 8-plug setup and I changed the plugs in half an hour. All it requires is a universal swivel socket and long wrench.

17th Feb 2009, 01:43

Dude, you bought a truck with 276K miles, I think that pretty much says it all about the truck. Perhaps it was a gift, in which case you should not really complain.

15th Feb 2010, 00:25

This guy drove the already over miled truck for 2000 miles and found all that stuff wrong with it? Would you not have noticed how bad the vehicle was before you bought it? Seems to me like this is a false report of the truck. I love my Ranger. Just like 99% of the other reviewers on this site. Sorry about your luck buddy.

1994 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab 2.3 from North America


I am buying another ext cab next month to do a vw diesel conversion on


Transmission at 202320,starter at 260250,front brake rotors,

General Comments:

I have a construction business and this little truck has been a true worker.

I can haul twice as much weight-wise as my brother's standard bed ranger.

It could use a bit more power but the LIMA engine is still running strong.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2008

1994 Ford Ranger LX 4.0 HO from North America


Best compact truck ever


Awesome truck.

OK on gas; 20 city, 35 highway.

Bought at auction for $3200. Had almost new everything. 4x4 worked great.

General Comments:

Only ever had one problem. That was a front wheel bearing and it only cost $28.

Great truck; with high gas prices it is a combination of good gas mileage and truck qualities.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2008

1994 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0 liter (183) V6 from North America


I love my Baby!!!


The transmission went out, but that was at 160,000 miles LOL, so I forgave it, if you know what I mean.

General Comments:

I have a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab, I got it two years ago, a completely stock 3.0 (183) V6 with the A4LD automatic tranny.

Since then I have modified the throttle body, put in a new heater core, put in a cold air intake, put in a Borg-Warner distributor, rotor button and spark plug wires on it, NGK spark plugs.

I run 93 octane gas, I have rebuilt the tranny and put a shift kit in it, as well as installing an upgraded tranny cooler.

I cut off the muffler and one of the catalytic converters, and ran straight pipe dual exhaust. I bull-dogged the rear end, but reinforced the suspension with small helper springs so I can still pull and haul stuff with it, and put Monroe gas-matic shocks all the way around.

I run Mobil 1 pure synthetic 5w-30. I changed the rear gear oil to Lucas pure synthetic, because I liked the stock 3.55 gears in the rear-end; they suit the truck quite well.

I installed carbon fiber tail-lights, put in diamond cut clear-corners and head-lights, installed a billet grille, tinted the truck all the way around with 5% tint with the eye-brow on the front. I installed vent shades.

I put some 15x10" Eagle bullet hole rims on it, with Mastercraft Avenger G/T tires. I also have a Ford Racing steering wheel cover, and a chrome Ford Racing license plate cover. It has new floor mats in the front, it has a diamond plated toolbox, red interior lights, as well as red tag lights and red blinker lights to match the truck (it's burgundy red).

I also have 2 Sony Xplod 12's in the extended cab portion, with a 4000 watt Lanzar amp pushing them to boot.

All in all, it has been a good truck to me, not much breaks on it LOL, it is pretty quick for the small motor, and the larger than stock rims and tires I have on it; it will run 117-120 mph top speed, and it gets anywhere from 18-22.5 miles to the gallon, depending on how heavy your foot is that week LOL.

But my next project is doing a V8 swap to it. I think that will make it SWEET!!! And as soon as the V8 swap is finished, I am repainting it factory color, but with a bit of metal-flake.

I love my Ranger though. I hope I keep it forever.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2007