1994 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 4.0L 6 cylinder. from North America


Love my ranger-don't want a new one


My dad died in January, but I know the front wheel bearing (s) went out, taking the rotor (s) with.

The key ignition was replaced probably around 100,000.

The driver's door electric window motor was replaced, but has since broken again.

Both electric windows rub when they go up and down causing the windows to look fogged up when in reality they are scratched.

Seat belts get caught in doors on a regular basis, though not all the time.

Seats 5 kids uncomfortably (including 2 flip down seats in extra cab) Good thing it's not a stick shift. Center front seat belt difficult to find and use. Roomy enough cab for a small adult, big guys think it's too cramped.

Headliner leaks during severe weather-you can see the stains on it.

Rear wheel drive makes muddy dirt roads difficult to drive on, sometimes impossible.

My dad had said two years ago that the transmission was going out. So far, just normal service for it-no rebuilds!

Gas mileage has been as good as 235 miles on a tank, but 20 miles to a gallon seems about right.

General Comments:

Since I've inherited this truck it's been 'my baby' and reminds me of my dad every day, and because of the way he cared for it, it's never let me down.

It has great "get up and go" and fits a full size quad ATVperfectly in the bed.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2005

1994 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3L from North America


Wow...my next vehicle will be another Ranger... no question!


I replaced the alternator at 90,000 miles.

I replaced the tires every 60,000 miles.

I replaced the battery twice in 11 years.

I installed brake pads at 100,000 miles.

New transmission needed at 171,000 miles.

General Comments:

I purchased this truck new in 1994 for less than $10,000. I have done very little to it, and it has been very dependable.

I had to replace the alternator at 90,000 miles after having on again, off again problems with it since day one.

I had to finally replace the front brake pads at 100,000 miles, but the rear pads are still good as new.

The latest (170,000 miles) is that my manual transmission started to whine in gears 1-3 and reverse, a bad bearing. A rebuilt transmission installed with a new clutch and pressure plate was about $1000 dollars.

Still a deal since it's been paid for for many years and most car payments would be at least $300 a month. So $1000 is a steal for me.

The engine runs like new, with no oil leaks or burning.

The speedometer does fluctuate at highway speeds and I have been told that is because of a "dry gear" in the speedometer, I am just too lazy to mess with it.

A/C has never been recharged and blows a cool 37 degrees.

The 2.3L is a little underpowered, but with gas at 2.05 a gallon, the 22 city and 25 highway mileage can't be beat.

I tow an 1,100 pound trailer on occasion, it accelerates well, but getting up to highway speeds is a bit of a challenge. Although, once on the road for a couple of hours, attaining highway speeds of 70-75 mph is no problem... not sure why this is. The mileage while towing is horrible...15 mpg if I'm lucky.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2005

1994 Ford Ranger XLT Short Bed 2.3L from North America


Ranger's 2.3L best 4 cylinder you can buy!


I have not experienced any major problems this jewel.

The 2.3L is one of the best engines ever (of course the 302ci. is the best engine ever).

General Comments:

Ford for life!

I am all about the 2.3L engine, best value all around!

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

It is a very tough and reliable truck that doesn't have a whole lot of power (what can you expect for a 4 cylinder), but will run forever.

Here is a little more for you about the 2.3L, I have a 1980 Ford Pinto, that still runs and I drive it today and it has the 2.3L engine in it.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2004

18th Dec 2004, 10:55

I have a 1994 2 wheel drive 5 speed Ranger with the 2.3L (140CID) engine. I bought the truck with 105,000 miles on it and I just turned over 240,000. Other than routine maintenance, such as oil changes every 2500 to 3000 miles, and things of that nature the only parts that I have replaced are the engine and transmission mounts and couple sets of U-joints. The engine does not leak any fluids or burn any oil. I am a firm believer in Valvoline and Quaker State's high mileage engine oils. There is not one day that I don't get in this truck and put the accelerator to the floor in all five gears on my way either to or from work. In other words I don't "baby" it. All I can say is if you take care of the routine maintenance on the vehicle, it will take care of you!


From Clinton Twp. Michigan.

5th Jun 2005, 22:18

I also have a 1994 ranger it's a great truck, but it definitely lacks power if anyone can give me any info on getting more power out of it please help me. As far as the 1980 Pinto I also had one of those and if it hadn't gotten T-boned I would still have it. I left Maryland and drove to Montana hauling every thing I owned in a 4x8 trailer when the car had 188,000 miles on it then I drove it back to Maryland and when it had about 220,000 on it someone hit it. It was an awesome little car!

John Myers

25th Jan 2007, 10:48

Ranger trucks are the best little truck ever built by Ford. That's why they keep going on with the same brand and model, don't you think? Example; Chevy discontinued the S-10 because it was a piece of crap. I had a '94 Ranger. I bought it used and put 15,000 miles on it in 6 months! Nothing more that oil changes were needed. I crashed it and the insurance gave it total loss, but, that was the end of the truck.. a crash, NEVER a failure. Will buy another Ranger.