1994 Ford Ranger XL 4.0 from North America


A great little reliable truck


The manual transmission had to be replaced at 90,000 miles.

Replaced various belts.

General Comments:

I have had this Ford Ranger since 1996. I bought it used when it had 20,000 miles. I was apprehensive about buying a Ford. I had owned previous Fords and had problems. The Ford Ranger, however, has proven to be, (other than the manual transmission) a really great truck. It has taken me back and forth to Las Vegas, and all around California. I have the oil changed every 3000 miles faithfully.

I expected to have problems with the air conditioner, but after almost 8 years, and having the air on every Summer, still going strong.

I would not recommend a Ford Ranger for someone with a big family. It seats two pretty well, but three people and forget about it, just too tight.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2003

1994 Ford Ranger Splash 2.3 liter from North America


Maybe it's something about your first, but I LOVE my truck


The only problem I ever had of my truck was one dead battery and a broken seat-adjustment lever, but that was my fault.

General Comments:

At the age of 16, I had been looking for an affordable vehicle that I would actually like to drive. I was about to buy a GMC Sonoma when I saw my lil red baby sitting on the lot and fell in love with it.

Much to my dismay, it was a 5 speed manual and I had no idea how to drive a stick, but I bought it anyway. My dad drove it home that day and I drove home his truck.

Flash forward to July 2002: I still have my truck and I am still loving it. I've ridden her hard a couple of times and even though her 2.3 liter four-cylinder isn't the most powerful, I have never had any major mechanical problems out of her.

The only thing I have ever done to her is remove the factory cassette/radio and replace it with a CD player and lowered the truck an inch or so for aesthetics and handling purposes.

Sadly, July 17, 2002, a woman talking on her cell-phone and driving erratically crossed the centerline and hit me head-on as we rounded a curve in opposite directions. My truck was totaled just nine months before I was going to retire it from everyday use. I was so devastated that I couldn't get out of bed for a week. Seriously.

"Lil Red" is currently sitting in the garage in the process of restoration. I just couldn't bear to part with it. Hopefully it will return to the road soon and all the voodoo curses I have placed on that woman will come true.

In summation of my rambling, the Ford Ranger Splash makes an excellent first vehicle. If there is any boy (or girl) out there that has ever dreamed of being a a pick-up man (or woman), then this is the place to start.

It's stylish, reliable, relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain, and if you become attached to one I'm pretty sure you won't want to let go of it.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2003

19th Sep 2005, 20:03


I have a 94 ranger XLT super cab. with a 3.0L engine. I have done many things to the truck "reg maintenence". I also have been in a few accidents, and the truck has handled it all in stride. it is my third vehicle. I have read a lot of reviews and the story is the same; we all love our trucks. I want to get the looks back. but am working on mechanicals right now. I am curious what exact upgrades would get the long term durability and the performance that I have become accustomed to. I am considering disc brakes on the rear if possible. if there is anyone out there who has tried this please comment.

Thank you.

20th Sep 2005, 04:31

It makes no sense to retrofit discs to the rear of a vehicle produced with drum brakes.

The front brakes do 80% of the stopping on a vehicle and therefore the rear brakes last a very long time.

Also, you will encounter soft pedal syndrome as a slight lateral movement of the rear discs under cornering pushes the pistons away from the disc.

I could go on and on, 'cause I'm technically brilliant, but in short; forget it.

29th Sep 2005, 13:22

Hi there, this is from Aruba.

Yip I know what you talk about you're first car. My ford ranger single (1995) cab 2.3 liter is perfect. And I know she is good to me. Ussualy if I HAVE A BAD DAY AND I am very negative the whole day, she will pull a prank and won't start. These are minor things, like the battery..:) She will just remember me back what life is all about..:)

I have a chance to buy a newer one, but I don't know what it is with first cars... but I won't give her away. For first car definitely a ford pick up... It is cheap in maintenance and gas and reliable ... excellent start..