1995 Ford Ranger XLT 4 CL from North America


Best vehicle ever made in the history of motorized transportation


A few minor things have plagued this truck, most of which you will not be surprised by, having read the previous entries. These include:

- Incessant door chiming / dome light

- "Quirky" wiper blades

- Check engine light

- Headliner has deteriorated to the point where looks as if someone has held an angry wet cat to it.

Some other things which have been repaired which fall under normal mechanical repairs for high mileage vehicles:

- Replaced alternator (around 100K)

- Rear brake work (around 80K)

- Cooling system work (around 130K)

General Comments:

If Jesus Christ himself was cruising the used car lots in search of a small truck, I would have no reservations about insisting that he not rest until he finds a '95 Ford Ranger. This truck has been totally dependable and unbelievably mechanically sound.

I'm 27 years old, and it's the only vehicle I've ever owned. Everyone else I know has had anywhere from 3-6 cars, and people that I haven't talked to in awhile are always shocked that I'm still driving the same truck. But I am, and I will continue to drive it until it is no longer drivable. By my estimates this will be sometime around never.

My girlfriend gets annoyed because every time we're out driving, I still can't help but get excited when I see another Ranger out there owning the road. The timeless styling of this classic beauty still sends shivers down my spine, and I can't help, but feel a common bond with other Ranger drivers out there. I look at them, and there's a connection. "Hey," their eyes say, "Doesn't it feel great to know that you're behind the wheel of one of the greatest feats of American engineering since the Industrial Revolution?" "Yes," I answer, "It certainly does."

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Review Date: 28th November, 2006

28th Nov 2006, 16:44

The Ranger is, by far, the best small truck on the planet...PERIOD. Even the biased Consumer Reports rates it equal to the grossly over rated (and overpriced) Tacoma. Most guys I know who have owned Rangers have never had a single problem, and many have over 300,000 miles on them. The company my in-laws owns uses Rangers as company vehicles and some in the fleet are '93's and '94's. They don't come any more rugged or reliable than the Ranger. You did good for a first vehicle.

1995 Ford Ranger xlt 4.0 from North America




The door chime, dome light and wipers, more or less the same as any other 95 ranger. The module for the chime is right behind the radio. Take the radio out and pop the chime off the circuit unit. this will at least stop the chime while still being able to have a speedometer.

General Comments:

Good power for a 6 cylinder.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2006

1995 Ford Ranger X-cab 2.3L from North America




The dilemma with the wipers is the switch on the turn signal arm. I used to work for a National After-market Part Store. We sold a couple of the turn signal/wiper switch assemblies. If you remove the end cap beneath the end of the arm with a thin screw driver or carefully with a knife edge, beneath the cover is a small screw. Once removed, the end of the switch assembly can be removed, which will expose the thin copper bands, that are utilized in activating the intermittent/ and constant wipers in addition to spraying the washer fluid.

The problem my wife and I have had with the switch, is that the washer fluid won't spray. I have taken the end apart a couple of times, and have cleaned, greased and slightly re-bent the copper contacts which are very flimsy. I believe a replacement switch assembly was roughly $50-$60, this is a quick fix, if you're caught in heavy rain.

General Comments:

The Ranger has been fairly good to us.

The gas tank sending unit has gone bad, keep track of the mileage on the odometer...

Replaced the EGR valve twice, throttle position sensor, plugs/wires, drive shaft center support bearing, eats air conditioning refrigerant, the dome/buzzer stick once in a while.

We hadn't received a key fob... the security system decided to activate itself - what a headache that was.

Replacement of the antifreeze thermostat is a headache as well.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2006