1998 Ford Ranger XLT 2.8L V6 from North America


Dependable strong little truck I would buy again


Brakes at 40,000.

Shocks at 45,000.

General Comments:

I am absolutely thrilled with my Ranger. My last car was a Corvette and the dealership had a heart-attack when I did a trade-in on a three-year old car that was worth more than the pick-up. They paid me to buy the truck.

This is my second Ranger, I had one in 1985. Neither vehicle has given me a lick of trouble. I am very diligent with the services and have the oil changed every three months mileage regardless. People bust on me for using the dealership for service but I do not see them as being any higher and my dealership is most reliable and very honest.

I have also owned an extended-cab S10 and found the interior space cramped and confining, not so with the roomy little Ranger. The heater is really quick to warm up, the stereo sounds great, the ride is very truck-like but the hauling capacity is fine. The only thing that doesn't still work is the lights in the radio, but that isn't Ford's product.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2008

1998 Ford Ranger Supercab XLT 4.0, 245 from North America


Awesome. It's cheaper than buying a new pickup


When I first purchased my used 4x4 1998 Ford Ranger Super Cab XLT, it had 63,000 miles. I noticed it made a knocking noise every time I drove off. A Ford dealer told me that it was normal for the 1998 Ranger to make that knock when you first accelerate.

I took my truck to a mechanic in Dunnellon, FL when i was visiting from New Jersey, to get my oil change, I explained to him about the knocking noise when I drove off, and when he did a research in his computer regarding the knocking noise, it suggested to put a grease fitting on the front drive shaft-yok and the noise went away.

My thermostat was replaced 85,000. So far knock on wood; no other problems with 115,000.

General Comments:

So far, awesome.

It handles great, just put on some Goodyear Fontra tires in a larger size, and Bilstein shocks.

I used Royal Purple motor synthetic oil 5-W30, and used a mobil one oil filter.

It's all about maintenance.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2008

1998 Ford Ranger 2.5L Inline4 from North America


Very dependable little truck!


Mass airflow sensor went bad, replaced with $5 junkyard one.

Front left ball joint went bad.

General Comments:

Very slow, but it is dependable. Have had no complaints about the 2.5L, I am not sure why they only used them for two years before going back to the 2.3L.

The 2.5L gets great fuel economy for a truck. On the daily summer commute I can get 25-26mpg, and on the highway it usually stays at 27-28mpg.

Great for the everyday person who needs something to haul stuff around, but does not want the impracticalities of a big truck like an F150 or 1500.

It can handle anything I would want it to do. It hauls things in the bed very well, I have had over 2,000lb of rock in the bed before, it struggled but it did alright for being extremely over the weight limit.

I have towed cars with it, which I do wish it had a little bit more torque as it was hard keeping it at 75mph while towing a Jetta. But it made it and did 20mpg at the same time!

As is the case with almost all 2WD trucks, it is not great in the winter or mud, or rain. Though if you do it right, it will get through most anything you need it to without many problems. The back end it so light that you have to be careful when going around slippery corners in 2nd gear or it will spin the rear end right around. It is fun when doing it on purpose, but a little scary when you're not.

Just keep a light right foot!

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Review Date: 8th May, 2008

20th Aug 2012, 17:48

Your truck sounds a lot like mine.

Just wondering if you know what your rear axle gear ratio is?

It should be noted on the axle itself, or near the bottom of the drivers door, under the heading "axle code".

There will be a two digit number that corresponds with the following available ratios...

84 = 3.45 gears

86 = 3.73 gears

87 = 4.10 gears

According to the owners manual, those are the 3 ratios available in the '98 model year.