1991 Ford Sierra CLX 2.0i DOHC from Finland


Cheap, fun and great, but be careful with the rust


Not much. The clutch was worn when I bought the car, and blew during the first two weeks of ownership. This probably due to fact that the previous owner was an old grandad who probably used the clutch to adjust the speed.

MAP-sensor went mad, causing idling at 2500 RPM.

Changed the valve cover gasket as it was leaking.

Other than that - nothing.

General wear and tear; oil changes, oil filters, spark plugs, air filters and tires changed.

General Comments:

I have driven it for 30,000km now without problems. Really reliable, starts even in the coldest of winters.

Very comfortable for a 20+ year old car. I sometimes take trips more than 500km long without problems.

RWD, great looks and good performance. I have lowered it with sport springs and fitted a sport exhaust, LSD, 15" wheels with 205/50 tires. Really fun to drive, especially in snow :)

The 2.0i DOHC engine is strong and still gives you great fuel economy.

Easy to work on, I have done everything by myself. Parts are cheap and easy to find too.

Quality car that was ahead of its time when it was launched back in the 80's. Costs nothing these days, lots of car for the money. A recommendable choice.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2013

1991 Ford Sierra LX 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A great cheap banger


There were a couple of rust holes in one sill. That's it.

General Comments:

A 1.6 LX Sapphire is firmly in the banger camp, however this one was simply too good to ignore. Low warranted miles, FSH, its carb fed Pinto purrs like a kitten.

As you'd expect, it's not particularly swift, more noticeably so with passengers on board, and it can struggle to pull the 5th gear at motorway speeds. However it's wonderfully comfortable, smooth and quiet to drive.

It regularly returns 35-40 mpg, and has needed no work, apart from two small welding patches on one sill.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2008

3rd Sep 2008, 17:23

I wrote the original review above, just a quick update.

For MOT it needed more welding on inner sills, and its carburettor seems to be suffering, with erratic idling and hesitation on acceleration. It's apparently a common fault on the later twin-choke Webers.

1991 Ford Sierra LX 1.8CVH from UK and Ireland


Nothing better for the price, possibly the perfect car!


Small exhaust blow.

Instrument dimmer is either on or off.

General Comments:

I've only had the car for a week, but covered over 1000 miles in town and on the motorway and it is fantastic, I went from an 03 plate Renault Megane to this £500 Ford and it was a great move to make.

There is no rust on the car, and it has a full service history, with all old MOTs and the original books, keys etc.

It does alright performance wise and is surprisingly economical, 35-45mpg, even though it is a carburreted automatic.

Mid range LX spec is more than adequate too, electric front windows, slide sunroof, tinted glass, delay courtesy light, alarm and more.

Mine came with 12 months MOT and no rust, its mint and completely original, I have added a new stereo though.

The car rides like a new car, it has a very well damped ride and feels like a new car.

I previously had a Fiesta 1.1 which was reliable aswell, these Fords are a great buy, just get a rust free one!

Parts are very cheap and even a novice can service this car.

I can't enthuse enough, Ford should still make this car, I traded a modern stylish hatch for this and have no regrets, if you are considering buying one, do, they are great!

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

15th Apr 2005, 17:36

The Sierra is the best car that can be found for a few hundred quid, I love sierra's.

1991 Ford Sierra XR4x4 2.9 EFi petrol from UK and Ireland


One of the greatest all-rounders at any price


Front TCA bushes at 76,000 miles. These failed again a year later, so fitted polyurethane "upgrade" items which have lasted ever since.

Clutch at 89,000 miles and again at 179,000 miles. As the car is used to tow a speedboat in the summer and is 4wd, I think this is reasonable.

Rocker cover gaskets and crankcase breather cleanout at 105,000 miles.

Shocks finished at 120k. Replaced with Koni gas adjustables all round which transformed the car.

Coolant temperature sensor failed at 150,000 miles, giving 8 mpg (gulp!) for a couple of weeks.

General Comments:

I bought this car as a 1900 mile ex-demonstrator from my local Ford dealer in late 1991. I have since put over 200,000 miles on it, and still use it to tow a speedboat all over the country, and it's as reliable as clockwork.

People praise VW and BMW etc for build quality, but after 200,000 miles of hard use, this car still looks, feels and drives superb. There's a bit of wear on the drivers seat squab, and the odd squeak over really rough roads, but its mechanically and cosmetically still superb. A real testament in my view.

The 4wd system has never gone wrong despite its complexity (even by today's standards), and less than impeccable reputation for reliability. I've had to replace two clutches, but in 216,000 miles, I don't think it's excessive. The fuel injection/management system has also been faultless apart from a coolant temperature sensor failure a couple of years back. This was diagnosed quickly and cheaply by a local fuel injection specialist. Other than that, and the few bits above, I've simply followed the Ford schedule to the letter, and it soldiers on happily.

In terms of what the car can do, the answer is pretty much anything. It tows effortlessly, can be slung around the back-lanes in lovely tail led four wheel drifts, sits at 80 mph on the motorway in near silence and sits in traffic and town all day without getting temperamental. Despite its advancing years it has electronic ABS, power steering, a heated windscreen, air conditioning, a CD multichanger, and electric everything. It's quick enough to blow away day to day traffic, engineered solidly enough to rack up 200,000 miles and still feel good. Added to all that, it seats five in comfort, has a big boot, fully folding seats and a big tailgate area for awkward loads, and although not an off-roader by any stretch, its 4WD system gives superb traction over fields, dirt tracks and snow. The lack of modern, reasonably affordable new cars that have or can do all that is the reason I still have it.

If you take fuel consumption (18 mpg) and its dated styling out of the equation, this car is still a fantastic all rounder even by today's standards. Think of any type of use you might put a car to, and an XR4x4 will cope admirably.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2005

5th Mar 2005, 16:10

Good review, pleasure to read.

Regards (from Poland)

23rd Mar 2005, 19:19

Very concise and helpful. I am considering purchasing one of these cars for import to Australia, therefore I have found the content of this review to be excellent. Regards Ron Brown

21st Nov 2005, 04:20

Four words: underpowered, overweight, ugly rustbucket.

5th Jun 2006, 08:44

Is that based on ownership or just prejudice?

Perhaps when you've done 200,000 miles in one like I have, your opinion might actually carry some weight.

I acknowledged it looks dated, but arguably less so than a Vauxhall, VW or even BMW of the same era.

It's not overweight. In fact, it's lighter than a fully loaded Focus, Astra, Megane, Golf or any other modern equivalent from the "class below"

Underpowered - maybe. But it's torquey, quick enough and its reliable. It will still comfortably wipe the floor with typical motorway flotsam encountered today. 0-60 in 8 seconds might not win any rallies, but it isn't exactly gutless. It will see off a current BMW 320i without going within 1,000 RPM of its redline.

Rustbucket - no. Only when owned by people who don't know how to look after a car.

Post some facts, not irrelevant opinions.

10th Jul 2006, 12:22

Actually rust is one of their weak points even when looked after well,its partly pot luck, but the higher end models often faired better.

My 92 model Ghia rear arches were fairly rusted by 2004.