1991 Ford Taurus sho 3.0 24 valve from North America


I love this car


The clutch burned at 123,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is awesome is damn fast as economic 320 miles per tank (30 dlls) i personally smoked v6's camaros mustang's maxima's and many other cars.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2004

1991 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 Liter from North America


I think that it is the biggest pile I have ever owned and would not recommend it to anyone!


Well first of all two weeks after I bought the car, the transmission went out.

Then the lights started dimming. After I replaced all of these items.

Pretty soon the interior started falling apart.

The last time I drove it, I went to a Drive Through, got a drink and when I went to start it, it just clicked, nothing more, nothing less. At first I thought it was a dead battery, but I put a new battery in my Taurus and it did the same thing. So I replaced all wiring and nothing changed, finally after I took it in they said it was the fuel pump relay.

So I went ahead and replaced that, then about three weeks later the fuel pump went out. And these are my reasons that I will never, ever own a Taurus, let alone a Ford again!

General Comments:

I think that it is the biggest pile I have ever owned and would not recommend it to anyone!

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Review Date: 13th August, 2004

23rd Aug 2004, 19:53

I bought 1991 Taurus with 43K mi. Thought it was a good deal. The transmision died while the family was vacationing. Had to tow it 150 mi. back home. Then the clear coat started to fall off. It looked like peeling skin after a bad sunburn. Now the check engine light keeps coming on after the car is driven awhile. Remember the Ford Commercials "WE'D LIKE TO BE YOUR CAR COMPANY". Well, I always wanted to "BY AMERICAN" but I wonder if a Toyota would have such problems. I hear they may take over Ford's number three spot soon. I wonder why!!!

30th Aug 2007, 10:47

Just to comment on your "Toyota may take over the number three spot from Ford",If you do any reading of such "spots" on the Web, you'll soon realize that Toyota IS the number 1 car maker in the world! They may not be as flashy as a 91 Taurus (sic),but I've got a 1996 corolla with 478,000 kms on it, just had to replace the battery once, tires, and a starter... ha ha ha, lets see a Ford with that record!!!

22nd Jun 2008, 00:16

I've got a 62 Ford with the original engine and transmission that I drive every day. Let's see a Toyota top that.

The lights were dimming so you replaced all the wiring?

1991 Ford Taurus SHO Plus 3.0L 24Valve Dual Overhead Camshafts from North America


A true sleeper which can be very practical


When I bought the car it was a direct trade for my Sunfire which had its own problems. The car had a bad clutch, original at 133K, when I test drove the car the radiator blew which I changed before I even bought the car because I knew how powerful and great they were.

I took it to a Ford Dealership to get the clutch, emergency brakes, and have the engine cleared out of carbon deposits. Now the car runs great.

Recently the the left front caliper was slowly coming off, but I didn't notice since I drive to work early before sunrise and get home after sunset until I heard serious grinding on the brakes. It was the pads rubbing againts the edge of the rotor which a missing top caliper positioning pin was to blame. Replaced it, but still had problems. Will be taking to a mechanic tomorrow.

Other problems include badly worn seats wrong size tires and a grinding noise when I switch into reverse. There must be careful positioning which includes double clutching and slowly putting into reverse while jiggling it. My thinking was a bad synchro, but the transmission "experts" said my tranny or to be more correct trans-axle was just fine. Anyway I'll be changing the tranny with my new upgrades.

General Comments:

This car is great. It was a huge step up from my Sunfire.

The car handles like a dream despite its age and with its new clutch I can seriously burn rubber.

I have been against a new 2004 V6 Passat and killed it. The V6 Accord was a bit of a betterf challenger, but I still beat it with my car redlining at 7000 rpm which gives me a serious edge.

This is the best car I have ever driven. For a 17 year old kid this aint bad.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2004

17th Apr 2007, 11:02

Just because your red-line is higher doesn't mean anything, if you shifted at peak horsepower then you'd get more out of your car then going to red-line.

I feel sorry for you kids when you have to get these engines tuned up seeing as it'll steal at least $1000 from your wallets.

@donuts: Don't do donuts in a FWD car, that's just stupid and looks rather pathetic, not to mention it blows differentials and transmissions very easily.

However, the SHO is an awesome car with a fantastic engine. I'll give it that.

11th Aug 2009, 19:20

The SHO is an incredible car. Well an incredible engine, the rest of the car is great if you prefer a four door car. Burnouts will kill your transmission, as will heavy racing. These cars will rev to 7000 RPM easily and are safe up to and past 9000 rpm, but you have burned past your Torque band well before this so why bother? This car with mods can produce over 475hp and with suspension mods can use that HP on Porsche's up in the hills. To top that all off the engine is good for 25+ miles to a gallon and many reach well beyond 200,000 miles before any major service is needed. Great Car.

18th Jan 2011, 11:08

The grinding in when you put the car in reverse is typical of the Taurus 5 speeds. The reverse gear isn't synchronized like 1-5, thus causing a grinding in the tranny when you put it in reverse. Tip - depress the clutch all the way and firmly put in reverse.