1998 Ford Taurus SE V6 24vDOHC from North America


Good Overall


The top of the center console snapped off just a couple of days ago.

I had to have the back calipers replaced a couple of days after I got it, but it was still under warranty from the dealer.

General Comments:

This car has a lot of power and get up and go, but it is a gas hog. I only get about 230 miles per a full tank of gas even when I drive it very gently.

The car is quite comfortable except that the center console is very high so there is not really a place to rest your arm and the back windows only go down half way.

The heat vents in the front are aligned very poorly. It does not blow any heat down the middle of the car so that the people in the back get heat. They only get heat from the two tiny vents in the back. The heat does not blow out very hot either. I have noticed that push button heaters do not get very much pressure out either.

This car overall is a very good car and much better than my last one.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2006

1998 Ford Taurus SE V6 24 valve DOHC from North America


It is what it is, a good domestic sedan.


Fuel pump replaced at 35k under factory warranty.

Steering rack replaced at 65k, no warranty.

Front wheel bearing replaced at 65k, no warranty.

General Comments:

Car has held up very well and I'm pleased with the overall value to repair ratio.

Change the oil and filter regularly, follow other factory suggested maintenance schedule and you will minimize potential problems!

24 valve V6 is definitely the car's best feature. Fit/finish and overall vehicle durability also very good.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2005

1998 Ford Taurus SE 3.0L from North America


As a tried and true GM guy, I might actually look at another Taurus as a replacement in a year or so


Replaced water pump and thermostat at 120k miles Appox cost $600 USD.

Replaced Intake Manifold actuator? at 130k

Appox cost $500 USD.

Car still has continuous overheating problems when the temps exceed 90f 32c.

Lights/display on radio - HVAC system blink off and on above 70f.

General Comments:

Overall, still not a bad car just hates warm weather.

I'm not complaining too much as I bought it used with high mileage. The engine has tons of power to lug the large body around.

Handling.. it's a FWD wagon, not nimble, but predictable and easy to control.

Overall comfortable, nice for large items, but has it's little issues.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2005

10th Feb 2006, 12:38

I had a similar overheating problem which was difficult to diagnose. Turned out to be very simple to fix; there was debris on the front of the rad such as leaves and bugs which needed to be cleaned off.

10th Feb 2006, 14:29

Yes, using pressurized air to blow the chaff, bugs, and road dirt out of the radiator's cooling fins and from the AC condenser can be really effective. Also, have you run a bottle of Prestone Superflush through the cooling system and had the system flushed out? Did your overheating issue start after you replaced the water pump and thermostat? It's possible that the thermostat was the wrong temperature, or that perhaps some Permatex got loose and clogged something. Also, these late 1990s Fords seem to have an issue with the cooling system with things getting clogged up, and it can take 3 or 4 pressure flushes to get it cleaned out.

1998 Ford Taurus SE from North America


The best car ever


I only had to have the fuel injector replaced at 105,000 miles. No other problems except for the usual such as, getting new brakes and tires.

General Comments:

This car is the absolute best vehicle I have ever owned. It is excellent on gas and it has never failed me. It handles beautifully and is so quiet. The interior has a lot of room for comfort and there is a lot of trunk space. I definitely got my moneys worth!

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Review Date: 12th July, 2005

1998 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 V6 Duratec from North America


The Taurus is a decent car with faults


Steering rack went at 75,000 miles.

Driver-side rear power window motor at 65,000 miles.

Door-ajar light and interior lights stay on. I had to remove the bulbs.

Headlight covers are chipped/pitted and not so clear anymore.

Usual stuff like, brakes, tires, battery.

General Comments:

This is a decent car. I have owned better, but its not bad for the money. The Duratec V6 is a great motor. Very reliable and powerful.

The transmission is unfortunately not on par with the motor. It seem to be unsure when to shift at times and can't handle the power the engine puts out when cold.

On the highway, this car is great. Gets around 29-30 mpg. Fuel economy is not so good around town.

It is a comfortable car to ride in. Plenty of room for rear seated passengers. The trunk is large, but somewhat restricted by the downward slope of the trunk lid.

Styling is what it is. You either like it or hate it. My opinion changes as the angle I view the car from changes.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2005

21st Jan 2007, 17:21

Try the WD-40 trick on the door latches... spray in the latches... should take care of it.