1998 Ford Taurus SE 3.1 24v DOHC from North America


Terrific vehicle, well made in Chicago


The worst thing that has happened was a blown radiator line.

General Comments:

Just replaced original muffler, rest of exhaust in great shape, replaced gas tank at 300k and struts at 300k, they were original as well.

Finally getting a little rust, live in upstate New York, so lots of salt in winter.

Still handles well; will need new springs at 400k.

Original engine and transmission, no problems.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2008

1998 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 24v DOHC from North America


Worth the money, last of the American Dream


Check engine light comes on frequently for no reason.

Low coolant has been on for the past 30K.

Door ajar light is on all the time.

General Comments:

I've driven this Taurus 120,000 HARD miles, blasting on interstate at 90+, accelerating off stop lights and stop signs, hard brake, then full throttle, and this car is a peach. Except for crummy brakes, (in part my fault), I've only had minimal repairs... It just keeps going. I detail the car weekly, and keep everything up to date, oil change every 5K, and its in beautiful shape.

It's never stalled, never not started, never died, just a great car... well more of an appliance actually. It's definitely a family car, more like a sled with comfy seats. I certainly don't brag to friends and family about "my Taurus", and it's a good thing I'm a family man cause it's not a chick magnet by any measure. But it's red, and curvy, (the curvy style is coming back folks), and it plays cassettes.

Previously I drove a 1996 2.0 Contour, and the 201 horsepower engine was a big difference. My overall MPG is 21, even the way I drive. I can afford a new car, a better car, but why. It looks nice, runs great, and it's American. I will drive it till it dies, or when my daughter turns 16. The Taurus is big, safe, 4000 pound machine.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2008

1998 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 24 Valve DHOC from North America


An amazing car that has given me flawless service


Two years ago I had a leak in the power steering assembly. It cost me $300 to repair. I have had no other mechanical or electrical problems with this car.

General Comments:

In ten years I have paid out only $300 in repair costs. All other costs were for maintenance, a battery, a brake job and four new tires.

This car has served me exceptionally well and has held up far above any possible expectation. It has developed no noises and has lost no pick-up. The mileage per gallon has dropped somewhat, but I have just changed plugs and wires and expect to see an increase in mileage per gallon.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2008

1998 Ford Taurus from North America




I have paid twice in much in repairs for this car, than what I actually paid for the car itself.

First, it randomly stalled as I came to a stop at a stop light; after that it stalled nearly every time I shifted from "park" into "drive". If I was to shift from "park" to "neutral" or "park" to "reverse" first and wait for a second, it was just fine.

Then I took this car on to the expressway where I discovered that anything over 50mph cause my car to shake and jerk like crazy... I only travelled about a mile on the expressway before this freaked me out too much.

My drivers side door will not lock if I use the buttons. It unlocks fine, it just won't lock.

My emergency brake ligt flashes on and off every time I brake at all, I have tried the emergecny brake release, I have played around with the actual brake, it just flashes for no apparent reason.

My O/D light also flashes on and off, again, no reason, and I'm not sure how to fix it.

My idle drops to somewhere between 500 and 1000 whenever I stop.

And now my "service engine soon" light has come on.

I have had it to the mechanic countless times, we replaced filters, the torque convertor, the battery, the alternator.. and most recently I was told I would have to have the entire computer replaced.

General Comments:

I live in Tampa, and am currently in Detroit... I just hope this car gets me that far... I'm definitely getting rid of it as quickly as I get back down there. It is a total money suck.

Every week something new and more expensive is wrong with it.

I thought taurus' were supposed to be awesome resilient cars, but this one is lousy. It has been nothing but an added un-necessary stress in my life and I HATE it.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2008

15th Nov 2016, 23:17

I wonder just how many miles were on this car. The guy says he put over twice into the car in repairs than what he paid for it. Not too unbelievable if he only paid $300.00 for it.