13th Feb 2005, 15:36

I've had a TX5 since new in 1993 - now approaching 200,000 km - largely faultless running, but a few and expensive issues.

The oil pressure sensor failed catastrophically and all the oil was pumped out of the motor necessitating replacement (at about 130,000 km. The rear disc calipers have seized (btoh sides) apparently a common fault, and the fuel pump failed at about 175,000 km - otherwise still drives like new.

The car has never been garaged for any period - and still looks OK - I agree about the cost of spares.

You can fit 60 series tyres - I did so as a money saving exercise when things were a bit tight - speedo then became spot on accurate, and those on the rear did about 100,000 km!!

30th Apr 2007, 05:16

I have a 93 Ford Telstar Ghia, it's not the TX5 but as far as I know, all the running gear is the same. it's a 2.5 V6 automatic and I've had some problems with the transmission. the gear change into 2nd is a bit rough, but not too concerning. I was driving down the road and when I released the accelerator, it dropped back a gear on it's own when it definitely shouldn't have. the 'hold' light then began to flash and the ride became rough and jerky. does anyone have any ideas what it might be? overheating as mentioned before?

The only other issue I've had with the car is the radiator split, overall it's been a pretty good car, but now its nearly got 230000ks, might be time to sell off before anything serious goes.

12th Jul 2007, 18:09

I am in South Africa, and have had my tx5 for a year now. It also has the problem of switching off the engine while in motion, and starting again after a while. I had to manipulate the contacts on the main engine relay by adding an extra switch, so that when it opens, I just switch it on from inside.

This is a little uncomfortable, because you always have to remember to switch it off when you park, as it would lower the battery as the fuel pump keeps on running, even when the car is off. I have lived with this solution for 40000km.

One other observation I have made, is that when it does this, the heater does not blow air also.

27th Jul 2007, 01:53

I bought a used 93 Ford Telstar Ghia TX5 2.0 V6 Manual in 2001 from a dealer in Penang Malaysia. It had low mileage at 75K. Since then, I have used 100K, but the car was fraught with problems.

First the clutch plate needed to be changed after changing into 2nd gear became a nightmare. Then, because of the faulty transmission cable, I had to get them replaced (I found all 6 in the local half-cut shop).

I also had to have the rear wheel brake calipers changed, but the most perplexing problem was one that required me to change the entire gearbox after the 5th gear broke. And did I mentioned that also had to have the water pump fixed?

In between the mechanical problems, I also had problems with the air-conditioning, rear wiper and central locking.

Like a software programmer proclaiming that the last bug is the last one, I am hanging on to this car thinking (fooling myself) that the most recent repair is the last.

31st Jul 2007, 04:40

I have had a second hand, 1993 Telstar TX5 for 3 years now. It's a really nice car to drive, but recently the handbrake has occasionally become stuck on. On one of these occasions I was close to a garage, but by the time they came out to have a look, it had released itself.

I've had it serviced, and they said that the ratchet of the handbrake was getting caught on a piece of carpet, but I'm not sure if this was the problem, because once, only the left caliper became stuck.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice would be most welcome.

24th Sep 2008, 15:49

We have the 1992 Ford Telstar Ghia, and we bought it second hand in 1994 with 20000kms on it as it was a detective's car.

The car has had many problems over the years. The engine keeps overheating, the radiator split, and just last night we were driving up the Kingsway in Cronulla (southern Sydney) and the back wheel just locked up and we spun out.

Obviously this is a dangerous hazard. We have taken the car to the mechanic and he said he couldn't find any problems.

Any advice please? Thanks heaps.

23rd Dec 2008, 17:12

Hi, I'm a chick & a proud TX5 XR1 2.5 litre owner.

I've just had the module done in my car in NZ, costing $600 for new replacement all up.

I've had the car for two years & hasn't cost me much, so decided that driving the car far outweighs 'the devil you don't know type thing'.

This is a common problem on the Ford/Mazda & just something that's common that goes on them. Otherwise she's full throttle ahead (literally) :) )

11th Jan 2009, 16:45

Yeah, I'm in New Zealand. I just bought a 2000cc V6 Ford TX5 Telstar 1993 model with 93000ks on the clock. Owned it for 4 days and the water pump went!! Had it replaced and now she's beautiful.

30th Jan 2009, 14:15

95 Ford Telstar turbo 2.5 xRi 5sp manual.

Awesome cars to drive and very economical. I cruise around the North Island of NZ without any trouble.


6th Mar 2009, 13:16

Hi there. I'm the chick that added comment on 23rd Dec 2008. I've got the Telstar booked in, in a couple weeks on my day off for cambelt including both tensioners, seals etc, also rear brakes need major work but gonna get the pads done for now. This will come to roughly a grand.

I'm getting this work done but I regularly check out this survey here and comment by anonymous on 27th Jul 2007, mentioning "Like a software programmer proclaiming that the last bug is the last one, I am hanging on to this car thinking (fooling myself) that the most recent repair is the last". (I think this may be a very wise comment).

See how we go.

19th Jun 2009, 21:36

My son has a 1993 Ford Telstar TX5 2.5L V6 which has recently developed engine cut-out symptoms. I expect that the ignition module is the culprit, as a timing light stopped flashing when the problem presented itself. It now appears to have completely failed as there is no spark, but a LED test of injectors shows that they are being energised. (I understand that the crank angle trigger signal to fire the injectors is derived from the same module, but via a separate circuit) I guess the problem could be the ignition coil, but ohms test shows primary resistance of 1 ohm and secondary at around 25k ohm, which would appear to be in the right ball-park.

Is anyone able to advise test procedure for ignition module or connector pin-outs?

Does anyone know where I can get a cheap module?

Cheers Alan.

29th Dec 2009, 09:29

Hi all, I drive a 1994 Ford TX 5 2.5lt V6 - Let me tell you, what a machine. About 2 weeks ago it developed a problem on low revolutions whereby it would be as it was missing fire... we have over the past 2 weeks stripped the engine right down and built it all the way up again finding the following issues.

Firstly, the original ignition module seems to become defective at about 250 000 km. (realistically its about time). There are some after market modules available at very realistic prices.

Secondly, the timing belt (cam belt) must be replaced every 50 000 to 70 000 KM. Let's be realistic, that belt handles a lot of power in that motor. These were the only 2 problems that we found with this car... Honestly, I would not change it for anything, I love my TX 5. At present it has 255 000 KM on the clock, and if looked after, it will give me another 500 000KM...