11th Jun 2010, 04:50

I have just bought a TX5 on an auction. The first day I drove it for 200km and it was awesome. The following day I took it on a highway, and it started cutting fuel at 130km/hr. I thought it was set not to go higher speed. When I got near home, the car cut fuel whilst driving to zero revs, then kicks on again.

I changed the fuel filter, but there was no change. I do not know how to solve the problem.

Can someone advise me?



21st Jun 2010, 01:08

We had a similar problem with a 1993 TX5 V6 Telstar Ghia. It turned out to be a module in the distributor. Expensive little project to have repaired.

29th Jul 2010, 08:12

I own a 1989 Telstar TX5 manual with 260k on the clock.

The car has been great over the years, but for the last few months has developed a problem where if you drive for over approx 30 minutes and switch off and try to start, the motor will turn over strongly but not start. If you wait for 10 minutes then it will start with no problems. If you roll start immediately after you stopped, it starts easily. For shorter trips there is no problem.

I have in the last 3 years replaced the coil and distributor. Mechanics suggest maybe an ignition module on steering column. If it is this, then why does it roll start easily?

Has anyone had a similar problem?

26th Sep 2010, 05:34

I own a 1993 Telstar TX5 GHIA 2.5 ltr V6 for little over 5 years now, and haven't really had much of a problem that wasn't wear and tear on it. I did however blow the motor up at 189000, but I think that was my stupid fault. I think I had a busted water hose that you couldn't see the split. This has happened again, but I got to it before the motor went.

Other than that, I had the voltage regulator in the alternator go and cooked my battery and 2 distributors done in that time. She has lasted well and has done 256000kms, and I live on a dirt road, which I don't go easy with, but it handles the rough country roads well.

I am regrettably getting rid of it, as it is costing me too much to keep the car regoed and insured, so I'm looking around for a newer car that has less kms on it, but giving up a good car like this is going to be hard, but it has to be done..

Just thought I'd let you know that there are good cars out there that don't have as much "issues" as some people say, but that's what you get, the good and the bad, and mine is pretty good for what I make it do.


3rd Oct 2010, 04:39

Hey there guys, I own a '93 TX5 Ghia auto transmission with 250k's on clock. I've had it for 6 months or so now, and it was a well looked after car, however my mechanic says I'll need a new rear brake caliper to stop this awful squeak sound, and my transmission when I start the car up in the mornings doesn't run smoothly at all; it tends to choke and choke. Just wondering if any of you guys had this issue or similar? Thanks.

23rd Nov 2010, 21:32

I have a '93 TX5 GHIA 2000cc hatch for round 12 months now, and it's a great car. It has 357000 km on it. Had to replace a radiator (plastic tanks split) which cooked my head, and a water pump that was leaking. Other than that, it's only needed general maintenance. The only thing is my rear wiper turns itself on when I start the car; tried another relay, but that didn't do anything. Any ideas what the problem could be?

6th Dec 2010, 19:56

Hey guys. I have an auto 93 TX 5 Ghia that I have owned for a while now, but I need a new alternator, my first quote was for $500, is this true? How easy is it to find a new or used part?

14th Dec 2010, 14:57

Hi, my fellow Telstar owners! I'm in South Africa and own a GREAT Telstar GLE 2000 DOHC 1993, with 320000 km on the clock. She also had that cut out illness, after looking in here, I replaced the module (order from Control Instuments in Cape Town) in the distributor and that was the and of it. Thank you for good advice. Koos 0747839983.

16th Dec 2010, 00:41

Hey guys.

I see a lot of you have experienced problems with ignition modules, so I take it as normal. Well, I recently bought a Ford TX5 2.5L V6 and found that this cars module also was faulty. I'm really struggling to find a new one at an acceptable price, as I already lost a R1000.00 when I mistakenly bought the 2.0L's module that doesn't fit and can't be replaced or refunded. The other problem is that I live on a small "plaasdorpie" in Limpopo, far from any city (and any good spare shop!).

Any help on where to find something like this? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

24th Dec 2010, 23:39

1993 Ford Ghia 6 cylinder Auto.

It has started smoking like crazy.

Seem that auto trans fluid is been sucked up into the manifold.

How to fix it?

Xmas Day 2010.

4th Jan 2011, 23:19

Hi all.

I recently brought a used Ford Telstar Ghia AX 2 sedan 1993 with 100000 kms on the clock.

I rang Ford and they told me it is due for a timing belt. They couldn't give me a quote over the phone.

So I am wondering does anyone have an idea what it should cost?


5th Jan 2011, 19:18

Hi everyone.

I am a recent Telstar TX5 Ghia Hatch V6 Auto buyer and find that my car also cuts revs and stalls at idle or when rolling out a drive.

I have replaced all sensors and distributor. What next? Any clues?


Paul H.

18th Aug 2011, 05:16

Same with mine. My handbrake is now hard and unusable. You'll find your back left caliper is seized. Just replace, and all will be good.

14th Sep 2011, 07:42

G'day all.

I recently purchased a TX 5 V6 manual, 1993, from E-bay... cheap as chips... $700!! However, the heater core is screwed, so no heat, and I believe it's about 700 to fix it??

Bit of a rattle in the engine... 285k's, and maybe an engine mount loose. Other than that, great car. Rapid acceleration, tight handling and pretty damn fuel friendly as well. Timeless looks and quiet @ 110k's.


23rd Nov 2011, 03:21

Timing belt cost $100.00, and also changed water pump. Labour all up was $500.00. That's what I was quoted.

2nd Feb 2012, 01:05

Hi guys. I have a 94 TX5. It has a problem where it keeps going into hold. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

24th Feb 2012, 06:20

Hi, I have a Ford Telstar 1994, 2.5L Auto. The spark comes and goes. At times it starts, and sometimes there is absolutely no spark. I replaced the coil, but the condition remained the same.

Any help?


2nd Mar 2012, 19:19

How does failed oil sensor induce pumping all engine oil out??

22nd Apr 2012, 01:12

All the AX and AY Telstars, and GE Mazdas, are prone to the same misfiring and cutting out altogether. All models that use the ignition module in the distributor. If you get them to start again, you can consider yourself having done well. If the ignition module fails, that is usually that. Time for a new module or new/second hand distributor.

2 of the causes of module failure are the oil seals on the distributor body, and in the shaft the rotor button mounts on, allowing oil to get into the distributor, and destroy the coating on the module.

Another cause is just age, and some people take the heat shield off the side of the distributor. Cooked module. If you can afford it, it is a very easy fix. 10 minutes work for a competent mechanic.