1996 Ford Thunderbird LX Sport 4.6 V8 from North America


Luxury, speed, looks, like a beautiful woman


It needed a new alternator replaced at 102,500 miles.

New radiator at 103,000.

New hood (my fault).

New fender (my fault also).

New air bags (previous owners fault).

A garbage company dropped a 2 ton garbage dumpster on the hood of this car.

General Comments:

This car is truly amazing... for the price I paid for it and for the performance you get, you can't beat it at all. If there was one word to sum up this car, it would probably be SPORTY.. it's not blistering fast like some Ford Thunderbird SUPER COUPES I've drove.. but it is still pretty peppy... I've raced Camaro's, Mustang's, Crown Vic's,...etc. I've never beat a Camaro, but I have beaten Mustangs and Crown Vics.

Ford made a big mistake by limiting the top speed of this car at 105. I find that after doing 105 for about 3 minutes, the computer gives up and lets you keep accelerating up to about 115, where it stops letting you accelerate any more.

Had Ford given this car more than 210 horses, it definitely could've and would've been a Mustang beater... not fast, but not slow.. over the V6 you definitely cannot beat the performance.. Cougars please, no competition.

After owning this car for a year now, I would definitely buy another... I'm questioning on buying a body upgrade, but I am not aware of any body panels I can upgrade. If you have any information please tell me... thank you for reading this.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006

4th Aug 2006, 10:04

If you really wanted to keep your car, the best thing to do would be to put a 4.6 dohc motor in from a cobra. Then you'll have 300hp easy and a realiable engine.

9th Aug 2006, 09:43

Can anyone tell me how to get the radio out of the car... the deck I do believe...I'm having a heck of a time getting it out andi ts not budging...

31st Aug 2009, 15:10

Dude, there must be something wrong with your car, or maybe with mine. My 96 Thunderbird V8 does 130 and has more to spare. Yeah I know the speedo only goes to 120, but I was racing my buddies car and that's what his said. Maybe try it with overdrive on if you aren't.

29th Sep 2018, 17:10

You need two U shaped round tools to easily remove the radio.

1996 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6L V8 from North America




I had to replace a hose, other than that my bird never saw the shop in the two years I owned her.

General Comments:

Where do I begin, I wish I would never have sold my bird. I got into a SUV craze and thought I had to have one, biggest mistake I've ever made.

The Thunder bird bird was roomy, comfortable, and powerful. If you could design a car that you would want to take on a long trip the bird was it. The bird seemed to float on the highway and handled very well in the curves. Gas mileage could of been better, but just driving that car makes up for it.

I've often thought of buying another bird, but it wouldn't be my car.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2006

1996 Ford Thunderbird LX V8 from North America


It is the nicest car that I have owned


This has been a very good car. I bought it when it was 1.5 years old, at $12,500 from the first owner. The far passenger side dash air vent has gotten knocked by knees twice. The dealer fixed it once. The overdrive is a little unstable at 35-40 mph. I use the manual overdrive. Using higher octane gas eliminates this problem also. The driver side power seat motor was just replaced at $400. Over all this car has been terrific. 9 years and under $500 total repairs. This excludes tires, battery, filters, normal maintenance.

General Comments:

This is my fourth T-Bird. Three were very good. One had been abused by the previous owner to the point of needing too much repair. I like the power and responsive steering and suspension. The car glides effortlessly in traffic. It has lots of power at the high end for freeway passing. If you take care of a T-Bird, maintain it and drive it reasonably, it will pay back big dividends.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2006