18th Feb 2009, 18:20

I had a Ford Windstar. Loved it for the time I had it, until the last 3 years; clunking lights on all of them. My boys are much bigger now so they would fight about who was going to sit in the back, not enough leg room for the big boys.

I thought that it was good on gas.

Now I have a Kia Sedona; love it so far, lots of room and the seats are great.

12th Aug 2009, 05:26

I came to this site trying to find out where my 2000 Ford Windstar is heading mechanically. It will be going about 80kph and will rev up to around 4000rpm, then I panic and let the gas off and resume and its OK to 100kph. Also when I put car into drive it has to be jimmyed to clunk into drive. Is this the beginning of trouble we have 186000 km on it. We have had it since 2001 but no problems except my lights go on and off too, major electrical issues. Could it be transmission? Thanks.

12th Aug 2009, 07:29

Mar 10 you said your o/d light came on and check transmission light came on. How much did it cost to get fixed, and what was wrong with it?

13th Aug 2009, 10:34

Of course it could be your transmission. What you describe is transmission slip. Have the fluid and filter changed, maybe add the Lucas Oil Transmission fix. If you are lucky that will fix it.

The problem with the lights has nothing to do with the transmission. Since that problem has been discussed at nauseum, I leave it up to you to find the solution here.

26th Aug 2009, 14:07

2000 Ford Windstar SE.

I just bought used for $5700 with 39k miles on it. The ABS light was on at time or purchase and they agreed to replace module, which they did. The van needed a fuel pump (appeared to run out of gas, but was low fuel pressure), replaced the idler pulley and one other one as it was noisy and had play it in.

Also replaced the blend door motor (actuator) as noise coming from vent when turning cold to hot (cheap plastic gears break and causes issue), and had them replace the rubber gasket hangers for the exhaust system.

Dealer met me half way with repair cost (I paid $375). I have noticed some shuttering around turns and wonder if are tie rods (can someone confirm). I have noticed clunk going into reverse unless I slowly move gearshift into place (the fine)

My hope is to get 5 years out of this van, but am scared at various comments on trans failures.

Wish me luck. Looks like I will need it.

31st Aug 2009, 09:46

I don't know what shuttering around turns means. Maybe the steering wheel vibrates back and forth? It could be the tires. Uneven wear or belt separation could cause that. Inspect the tires. If there is nothing obvious rotate the tires and see what happens.

Have some grease injected into the ball joints and tie rod ends.

2nd Sep 2009, 22:33

2000 Windstar SE.

Thanks for the tips. I should say it shakes a little while turning. Tires are 6 years old with 12k miles on them with some dry rot, so that may indeed be my issue.

10th Sep 2009, 09:27

You are welcome. I bet it's the tires. Somehow the shoulders are deformed from standing around for prolonged times.

28th Dec 2010, 18:54

I am so glad to have found this site, and realize I wasn't the "crazy broad" the dealership felt I was. I bought the 2000 Windstar SEL in Dec. 1999, and have had nothing but problems with it from day one. The automatic doors have never worked properly, except for when I took it to the dealership to diagnose the problem, and they worked perfectly.

The van ran tolerably until the year after the warranty expired. Since then, it has been going downhill and rapidly picking up speed. The transmission blew at 115k. The same year the heater motor went out, the alternator went out, as well as a myriad of smaller, but just as annoying problems.

I understand that cars wear out, blah blah blah. What bothers me is the lack of research by Ford into why these things happen. I am tired of having shoulders shrugged or paying for fixes for problems that should not have happened, or at least been foreseen by the manufacturer. Every day I get into the car, wondering if this is the day something else major is going to happen.

No more Ford's for me!!!

24th May 2011, 13:30

Hondas have worse trans problems, just Google it.

18th Dec 2011, 15:26

Bought a 2002 Windstar with 68k on it. This vehicle is great on gas because it never runs. Or it is in the shop for weeks on end getting things replaced that I replaced months before.

Alternator 2 times, water pump, power steering pump, engine idler bearing, rack and pinion system, driver and passenger window motors, door locks 2 times, engine light serviced 5 times, electronic ignition control unit, radio, rear brake cylinders (both), control arm, ball joint and air bag.

Things that I live with day to day. Spark knock, engine light on all the time, ABS light on and off, engine knock that comes and goes. A whining noise that sounds like a power steering pump, but isn't. Dies for no reason if left running. 11 mpg average. Door locks that work when they want to. Sliding door have never worked. Tomorrow it goes in for a right front wheel bearing and hub assembly.

I paid $4500.00 for the van, and have spent more than that in a year fixing surprises. Can't wait till the morning to see what happens next. It gets me excited when I take it to the mall and get all the way home without an explosion or someone pulling up beside me, pointing at something on the van that is leaking or burning.

Finally my wife and I took a 150 mile trip (that's all I trust this piece of crap to go) and for no real reason the side seat airbag on her side blew while we were driving. Sounded like a shotgun blast. Threw my wife across the car. She was screaming, I was laughing and thinking just why I am keeping this van?

Any time she gets me mad I threaten her, "I'm going take you for a ride in the van if you don't behave." Work like a charm, she shuts up and leaves me alone. She is scared to death of it.

As for the Windstar, the answer is in the name. If it wasn't for the wind it wouldn't move at all. I hate it, and will never buy another Ford product again.