1990 Geo Metro 1.0 3 cylinder from North America


It's a great little run about or long trip car


The altinator went out at 120,056 miles.

Other than that Have had no problems with it.

General Comments:

I love my little car. I was unsure when I bought it being a 3 banger and all.

I was surprised when I drove it, it had a lot more pep than I had expected.

Not having power steering is a set back, but you get used to it after a while.

I am a tall guy (6'6) I was surprised at the room inside, I sit down and still have at least 3 inches above my head.

The interior is kind of cheap, but is easy to car for, or customize yourself. I have put custom carpet and door panels in, in a matter of a day.

Easy to do repairs yourself parts are fairly cheap.

The little motor sounds like its banging around under the hood, but with the stereo up you never notice.

For all you stereo buffs like my self it's a great car to drop a system in, I have two 12's in a custom box built my self and it rumbles loader than my friends car that has a $3,000 system in it.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2002

1990 Geo Metro Sedan Hatchback 1.0 from North America


Good while it lasted


Wheel bearings.

Buttons popped off the dash.

Valves went bad.

Threw a piston.

General Comments:

Good car while it lasted, the small engine can't take much abuse though. I guess the three cylinders can only take so much.

Automatic is awfully slow.

Gas mileage is great.

A/C drains the engine of all power.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2001

1990 Geo Metro Four door hatchback 1.0 from North America


Hate to see her go


Well since I've had the car the only major thing that has happened until recently was a severe oil leak coming from the oil pan gasket.

Well just last month the poor ole gal took her last breath. I'm afraid I noticed the car was not running right one afternoon and by the time I got home it seemed as if it didn't want to pull at all. After I had gone inside and changed, I came back out meaning to take it to the mechanic up the street, but it wouldn't even start back. For some reason the spark plugs were fouled out so I had a pal bring me over a new set and the car cranked right back, but it was smoking like hell. I did make it to the shop but when the mechanic tried to move it into the garage it wouldn't crank back, it had once again fouled out the plugs...

Well to make a long story short, the 3rd cylinder had lost compression and eventually it caused the engine to lock up so now it sits in the garage waiting...

General Comments:

This car was my favorite car that I've ever had, it was so comfortable for me and the A/C was excellent.

Besides this I've never had a problem. Of course I only paid 6900.00 for the car brand new so I guess 10 years was pretty good for a tiny 3 cylinder engine.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2001

27th Apr 2005, 19:56

I have to agree with both the sentiment and content of this review.

I also hated to retire my 90 Metro. But after 306,000 miles of hard running, I can't complain!

The comment which caught my attention was about the oil pan gasket. The only repair I made to my (manual tranny) Metro after 185,000 miles was replacement of the oil pan gasket.

Although the engine finally died, (boy did it run badly on 2 cylinders!), I wonder if a replacement is in order. With gas at $2.79/gal, the mpg just might be worth it!

My sympathy to the reviewer; I feel your pain. : (

-Pat in California's Sierra Nevadas.

1990 Geo Metro 1.0 from North America


Great little cars!


Well the car was running good for a long time with no problems, then one day it would start but switch right back off, and then it wouldn't start back again for many hours. Came to find out the engine had lost compression, this must be a major problem with these things, because every mechanic I talked to told me they are bad about this happening.

General Comments:

I will not complain about this car though because up until that day I never had a single problem. I have a rebuilt engine in it now and it's running just fine like before. It also gets great gas mileage.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2001