1992 Geo Metro GS Sedan 4dr 1.3 SOHC 4 cylinder from North America


256,000 kms and still going; can't complain


Not a whole lot.

Exhaust, vacuum line, front driver's side door handle broke, head light covers oxidized, and it developed a clunking noise in the rear end around 200,000 KMs; don't know what that is.

General Comments:

I love my Geo. It is so reliable, and a tank of gas lasts me like 2 weeks.

Even though it doesn't have power steering, it handles very well. This car is great!!

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005

15th Jan 2005, 16:07

I wish the u.s. version would have had the 1.3 engine during the first years of the Metro, all we had was a painfully slow 1.0 3 cylinder engine, in 1995 the 1.3 engine came available on the hatch back and standard on the sedan.

1992 Geo Metro 4 door 1.0 from North America


This car rocks!


The interior light won't go on when I open the driver side door, but it will when the passenger door is opened. The

EGR was stuck so I repaired it. Have to replace the lower left ball joint, found out they don't sell it separate, it is sold with the lower left controller arm only. I want top replace the PCV valve on it, but I can't seem to find out where it goes. It looks like an in-line valve not like your typical PCV valve. If you know where it is located please email me at popeye48124@yahoo.com thank you.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this car, I have had a lot of cars in my past and this by far is my favorite, easy to work on, great on gas,fun to drive, lots of room on the inside, tires are cheap too, paid $130 for all 4 new and balanced. I want to buy the 2 door model and the convertible version. They look like Hot Wheel cars LOL.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2004

22nd Dec 2004, 09:20

I also have an four door Geo Metro. My dad bought it for $1,000. I have had it for 3 mounts and it has had over $3,000 in repairs, and it still dies on me. I think it is because of the cold weather. All in all I think it is an OK car in the summer, but in the winter you will have a hard time getting the engine started.


6th Dec 2006, 16:45

I have a 1993 4-door hatchback Geo Metro with 145K on it. I must confess I did have a new engine core put in and have also replaced the rear seal. It' a great running little car if you have the time and money to invest in it to keep it running. Nothing lasts forever and I have been told by friends and mechanics that's it's a "throw away car". However I stubbornly refuse to let it die instead I look at the positive things I enjoy about the car. Its great on gas (18.00 fills her up) and the parts (junkyard purchased) are inexpensive. I can get tires from pep boys for 14.00 apiece brand new. I do have problems with the outside door latches not working though. Anyone else experience this problem? How did you tackle it?

1992 Geo Metro Hatchback from North America


Love it


Hood Spring fell off.

General Comments:

I loved my car, it was amazing I drove it to school 3 days a week over an hour each way and it was great. The best car in the world, I would love to buy another one. The only reason I do not have it now is because it was rear ended by a truck I miss it so much.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

1992 Geo Metro Base 1.0 Liter 3 Cylinder from North America


An extremely reliable, fun and economical machine!


Driver side window would come off track 9 out of 10 times. The most annoying flaw this car had.

Overhead light worked when switched on, but did not work when doors opened.

Piece that make the vents go back & forth broke. Not just one vent, but all of them!

Driver's side keyhole would not unlock door. This happened a few months before I sold the car.

Back passenger & front driver side tires would occasionally lose air due too bad valves. No fault of the car, but it does require abnormally small tires...

Fan decided to stop working while in rush hour traffic (that was a fun experience - NOT!) Fixed that day, never happened again.

Starter Coil came loose once. Rolled car to my mechanic and fixed that day (no one knows how that happened, but it never occurred again).

Belt would loosen up approx. once a year or so and squeal like a pig. Easily fixed.

General Comments:

My 92' Metro was the best, most reliable car I have ever owned hands down. On the coldest of days this baby started up with no problem. It is so much fun to drive. Like riding a go-cart.

I bought it from my neighbor for $200 and it had only 40,000 miles. It was a bare bones model (no A/C, radio, power steering, creature comforts of any kind, etc.). I've owned several older luxury vehicles with power this & that and things would expectedly just stop working after time. My attitude was the less toys a car has, the less can go wrong. This car had nothing and nothing went wrong. Although on 90+ degree days I did suffer.

I live approx. 15 - 20 miles away from my job. Only filled up the tank once a week. About $11 - $13 from 'E'. Gas mileage was upper 20's, lower 30's.

I am 6' weighing in at approx. 325lbs. A guy of my lovely physique fits in that car like a glove. It's very driver friendly, but me being a passenger once in a while was tight. What's cool is the fact that you can actually roll up the passenger side window while driving by just extending your arm.

You'll eventually get used to people's stares while driving. My wife even laughed at me when she first saw me in it. But she wasn't laughing when she asked me to bring her car in because her 'check engine' light kept coming on. HA-HA!!! Mine never, ever reared it's ugly head. Never!

This car was a nice little sprinter for a 3 cylinder engine. I drove like it was a 6. This car can sure take a beating.

A lot of fun to drive especially in the snow. I never got stuck in anything ironically.

The manual steering made no difference to me, but once in a while parallel parking could get annoying.

I could fit in these small spaces that no other car could.

Due to my ever growing family, I eventually had to part with my girl. I miss her. I sold it to my buddy who is 6' 4" and over 400lbs. Gas prices were killing him. He says he only puts gas in it once a month since he works only a few miles away from home.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2004

25th May 2008, 13:30

May 24. 2008: I have just sold my 1991 Geo Metro Convertible for $100 to a person who is expecting to get it going. It has been a GREAT car for me for the past 17 years. The odometer is at 83,000 miles.

This year (2008) is the first time I have had major problems. A new catalytic converter was installed which corrected a power loss problem. Shortly after that the clutch went out and I have been told that the valves are going.

I am now 71 and have greatly enjoyed this little car, which has (accidentally) hit 80 mph on the freeway. It fit like a glove on wheels! I am losing a great friend!!

22nd Jan 2009, 21:53

I love my '91 Metro. I've rebuilt the engine down to the rings twice, so with the odometer at 40,000 (plus another 200,000 that doesn't show) I've got a car with a blue book value of something like $160 that gets 50 mpg on long trips.

I love it, and I'd buy another new if I could.