1993 Geo Metro xfi 1.0 from North America


1993 Geo metro xfi hatchback


Well I bought the car and the engine ran, but it was not drivable there was something wrong in the transmission area. After further looking, I found out that it was the pressure plate, but seeing how I am replacing that I thought that I might as well replace the clutch and the throw out bearing at the same time.

The brakes were wore to the nub and had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I like the hatchback feature.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2005

1993 Geo Metro 1 liter, 3 cylinder from North America


Gas mizing slap in the face to OPEC


I bought the car from the back lot at a shady used car dealer, it had been repoed from a drug dealer. I was told by the dealer that it probably needed a timing belt. I rebuilt the engine (rings, rod and main bearings, all gaskets, honed cylinders and replaced all six valves), replaced the water pump, alternator, clutch, pressure plate and t/o bearing.

Compression before: (1) 60 psi, (2) 30 psi, (3) 2 psi.

Compression after: (1) 190 psi, (2) 190 psi, (3) 180 psi.

After all the work, I should have a very reliable little gas mizer.

General Comments:

Keeping in mind what it is (an under powered, comfort unconscious, CHEAP, un-cool little excuse for a car) let me brag about its good qualities!

Fun to drive! (like a go cart with a five speed transmission).

Great on gas! Depending on the weight of your foot. 36 ~ 42 mpg in hilly country.

Easy to work on. (buy a book and a cheap set of tools, you can screw it up just as good as your local mechanic, but you won't have to pay the bill to him or wonder if the work was actually done or if used parts were substituted for new ones!).

Comfort? I've rode in worse!

Performance!? Again, consider it's a three cylinder and only one liter, tuned right, it's a screamer!

Finally, I laugh at other cars passing me on the highway, for with what they are wasting in trying to uphold their image with Hummers and other GAS Guzzlers, I'm able to save my precious pennies for things other than keeping the oil companies in business.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2005

18th Aug 2005, 00:14

You did it right--buy it cheap, rebuild, laugh at the little Hummer brains.

30th Sep 2005, 15:15

How much did the parts for the rebuild cost? Was it a complete kit or did you just piece it together?

2nd Oct 2005, 20:05

The engine rebuild kit was bought at NAPA. I ordered standard bearings and rings as well as all six valves. The kit was complete (I was impressed) and cost in the neighborhood of $380.00. I have put almost 10K miles on it and have gone through three alternator belts, everything appears to be lined up, why it eats belts is a mystery to me. Next oil change I'm going to check compression. I average 40~44 mpg. I'm still running on 5 year old tires. It will cruise at 75 mph with ease, creep up to 80 mph and get your teeth jarred loose. I love this little underpowered clown car! Keep the reviews coming!

19th Mar 2008, 09:25

I have the same Alt belt problem!! I carry a spare.

I have yet to be able to fix the pulley alignment that is got to be the culprit.

25th May 2012, 12:58

You used the wrong rebuild kit if that's an XFI; they have one less compression ring than non XFI for a reason; lower compression, HIGHER MPG. 190 is non XFI compression, 150 is XFI compression, that's why you're not getting 60 MPG, improper rebuild; now that block doesn't match the XFI head, XFI throttle body, and XFI fuel computer.

26th May 2012, 19:41

You're smart. I laugh at guys who "just couldn't live with a 4", let alone a 3!! I've driven the little '93 Metro, and should have bought it. It was plenty adequate for any driving need. I've talked to people who have well over 200,000 miles on these little cars without a rebuild. If I ever find another one in good shape, I'm going to snap it up. Modern sub-compacts get nowhere near the mileage, and are so gimmicked up they cost nearly 20 grand (except for the Nissan Versa, which is the only sensible small car built).