26th Aug 2009, 22:46

I have a 1994 Geo Prizm LSI 1.8 engine automatic... rusting out, looks cheaply made (compared to a 1990 Audi double galvanized metal with only tiny rust spots).

Anyway, so I was taking off the left front steering knuckle to get the wheel bearing pressed out and a new bearing pressed in... and busted the ABS speed sensor wire.. part costs like $300!!! So BIG qt.. anyone know what fuse is for the ABS to disable it? Actually how do you disable the ABS??? I've driven plenty of cars without ABS and don't feel like spending the $300 bucks for something that; yeah, it's good to have, but not a necessity. Thanks!

Great if you post answer direct to haawill at yahoo dot com... 8-)

13th Dec 2009, 00:41

I have a 1993 Geo Prism with about 240,000 miles and haven't had any problems until recently. It was running well and took it for the emissions test, but it failed and I had to get a tune-up. The shop did a complete tune-up. I drove it about 28 miles after picking it up, and it suddenly dropped into low gear and could not accelerate. Pressing on the gas pedal would race the engine, but it would not go faster. I pulled to the side of the road and continued to travel, hoping that I could get the next 3 miles home. After a short time, the engine returned to normal like nothing had happened. I later went to the grocery store and it suddenly died... but started right up with no problem and ran fine. I took it to the shop and they kept it to test drive it for a couple weeks to see if they could get it to perform the same. It did not, so I retrieved the car the next week, drove 2 miles when it shifted in neutral. I was able to pull off the road, turn it off and call the shop. When I started the car, it ran fine, but I was freaked out that it would fail me unexpectedly. The shop decided to replace all the parts for the tune-up again, but could not guarantee that they had fixed the problem.

I love my Geo, it stills gets 32 miles per gallon and is quite zippy. I haven't had a chance to take it to a transmission shop to have them check for that. Somehow it seems to me strange that it would begin right after a tune-up... it had been running fine before. The problem has not occurred since they changed all the tune-up parts, but I am apprehensive about driving it any distance especially on the beltway. Any thoughts from anyone as to what the problem could be?

13th Mar 2010, 19:14

It could just be bad gas. I have a 1993 Geo Prizm that I bought a year ago for about 700 dollars, and I haven't had any problems with it.

I also was driving on the highway, and it would just slow down and speed up like it was running out of gas, but it turned out to be bad gas for me.

Just always do regular maintenance, and put in fuel injector cleaner; it's cheap, a couple of bucks and you're good. You shouldn't have to worry about bad gas again.

13th Jul 2010, 17:29

Well whoever posted this original "review" years ago must have gotten a lemon. I have owned four Prizms and all of them except the "Chevrolet" 1999 model has been terrific. I've owned a 1990 that accomplished 268,000 miles before the transmission went, a 1994 with 197,000 miles before some idiot crashed into it, a 1999 with 130,000 miles; this was the redesign that resulted in the Geo name being removed.. this was not that great of a car, the valves locked up in the engine because the oil couldn't get to it. I've heard that the 1998-1999 Prizm had this issue. Now I own a 1995 and it's been great.

7th Mar 2011, 21:52

I have a 1994 Geo Prizm LSI 1.6 that I bought for 300.00. It has 125,000 miles and runs like new. I have only replaced the battery and alternator. This is the best car I've ever owned and I'll have it a long time even though it's already 17 yrs old!

4th Sep 2011, 09:07

I would check the CV axles and motor/tranny mounts for the clunk you hear.

27th Apr 2014, 15:46

I have a 93 Geo Prizm. I switched out gas tanks and now my fuel pump doesn't turn on. A lot of people have told me there should be a reset switch in the truck somewhere, but I can't find anything. Others have told me it may be a relay plug. Could you help? Thank you.. Mat

19th Oct 2015, 19:48

The switch is inside under the dash under the steering wheel.

12th Jan 2017, 00:22

Routine maintenance is the clue to make any vehicle last longer.

I own a 93' LSI and it has been a very reliable car.

So far the driver's side door has come out of alignment, it would not shut with a normal push of the handle. One needs to use quite a bit of force to make it engage.

But at 205 thousand miles and still running strong, I might just continue fixing it.

It has been a great car.

25th Nov 2017, 16:21

I'm the one whose family has had 3 Prizms with names. Dad test drove a burgundy 92, but his parents had something else picked out and wouldn't help with Burgundy, as I refer to it. Burgundy was a fancy Prizm (LSi) and the car my grandparents had picked was some cheapo Dodge, all stripped down (didn't even have a radio). But Burgundy, though a merely test driven car, trigged a Prizm love in him. Our little Patti was a result of that Prizm love, and the love led to us having the blue ones that made it 3. They're cute, good little econo-boxes and with the big engine (1.8 liter), fast. My dad took one of his co-workers at the time (he's retired since, not sure about her) home and she thought Patti was fast. Dad was messing around with Patti and she was able to get to 100. He said she had 115 horsepower. Blueberry had 125 hp, like Bluebell. Blueberry wasn't a true LSi, but I guess they all had the 1.8 liter engine in '02. Due to near Prizm immersion from '93 to '08 (Dad got the Cobalt that fall), I got the Prizm love, too. My mom got Dad's Prizm love from Patti, because Mom like green and Patti was such a good car. Old Reliable and Bluebell's just like her that way. I rant easily when it comes to these wonderful cars.