1993 Geo Tracker from North America


Highly Reliable, Cheap to Operate


Clutch was replaced at 122,000 miles. Cost $400.00.

Brake pad/shoes replaced at regular intervals, but had to replace front rotors at 142,000. Cost $200.00.

Drivers side interior door handle broke at 120,000 (super glue fixed it and it still works fine at 145,000). Cost $.98.

Front drivers side seat retractor system broke at about 100,000, dealership fixed. Cost $20.00.

Soft Top falling apart at 145,000 (stitching is rotting and windows are started to get discolored from sun damage). Cost $150-200.

Hard to control in windy situations.

Car does not handle well at high speeds.

Uncomfortable for long drives.

LOUD!! My vehicle has a lot of miles and I am sure that with a new top and weather striping some of the noise will decrease, but it is really really loud. The cross winds can actually lift the top up. I have on multiple occasions come out to my car and found the interior covered in sand, rain and snow.

Front clips that hold the top from flying back wards broke. Cost $20.00.

Timing belt (chain whatever you want to call it) replaced upon mechanic suggestion at 70,000. Cost $90.00.

General Comments:

I had virtually no repair costs with this vehicle until it hit about 120,000.

The car is VERY reliable and the overall costs to fix things has been relatively low.

Other than regular maintenance items, I have had no major complaints with this car. I plan on it lasting another 50-100 thousand miles (knock on wood).

It is extremely easy to work on and parts are generally easy to find (although I have had to wait for parts to come into the shop once or twice).

The heater (don't have A/C) works really well, to the point of almost burning your hands if you are not careful about were the vents are pointed.

The defroster does have difficulty with keeping the side windows free from fogging up, so you do have to play games with the heating system to keep both front and side windows from icing or fogging up. I purchased some anti-fog stuff from Rain-X and it got rid of the problem.

Gas mile when it was younger was good, but now that it is older it is starting to decline a bit.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2005

1993 Geo Tracker from North America


Legally, the most fun in a car!


My clutch cable broke in 1999, it cost $50 to fix and was simple enough that my dad, who is NOT a mechanic, fixed in 45 minutes.

General Comments:

This car is so much fun, I would NEVER get rid of it...

It is never a problem with the snow, I just put it in 4 wheel drive and go. Since it's light weight it doesn't bog down like big huge trucks.

I've been caught with the top down in the rain, but since the seats are water proof, No Problem!

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Review Date: 14th March, 2005

15th Mar 2005, 20:08

Geos and Suzukis are the best cars ever made! What do you mean by "Legally"? I do like that they are easy to fix. I do most of the work on my X-90. Basically a Tracker/Sidekick. I will never buy anything, but Suzuki!

1993 Geo Tracker 4x4 1.6 liter from North America


One of the best things you could spend money on


I can't complain, it has been great.

The only things I have replaced were the starter and the alternator.

General Comments:

My Tracker has been the most fun car I have owned. It is a go anywhere, do anything 4x4. I have used it to tow the biggest pop-up camper you can buy, and had it in the deepest mud I could find. Only one time has it been stuck, and then only a large 4 wheel tractor could pull me out.

I could go on forever about it, so the only thing to say is if you don't have one, you don't know what you are missing.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2004