1997 Geo Tracker 4 Doors 1.6 16v from North America


Lack of power, but lot of fun


Check engine light since I bought it.

Passager belt got stuck (wasn't able to pull it at all) but I fixed it.

Alternator's strap is making a quite disgraceful sound.

Since I don't have it since a long time, I still didn't had serious problem.

General Comments:

Almost total absence of comfort, hopefully I got the 4 doors.

Almost total absence of power (I knew it already before I bought it), hopefully got the 16V engine.

When someone ask me "What car you got?", I usually answer "A four-wheeled, red Lego shaped, lawn-mower motored little jeep".

In case, this is my first car and I must say, no doubt about it, it was a good choice. I love to drive it!

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Review Date: 7th September, 2007

1997 Geo Tracker from North America


I do not recommend the Geo Tracker


(take into consideration that the car received regular maintenance and all belts and seals were replaced at appropriate times)

At roughly 30,000 miles:

1) Entire transmission failed and was replaced.

2) Torque converter clutch, solenoid, fuel pump all replaced.

3) Mount for soft top began falling apart.

4) Alternator replaced. Malfunction caused two batteries to die.

5) Front brake pads replaced.

6) A/C began too leak forcing me to refill the freon every few months.

At roughly 50,000 miles:

1) Torque converter clutch, solenoid, fuel pump all replaced.

2) Alternator replaced.

3) Battery replaced.

4) Car began leaking water in driver side and trim had to be replaced. Still leaks intermittently.

5) Original soft top fell apart and had to be replaced.

6) ABS stopped functioning and had to be disabled.

7) Paint began pealing off most of the car despite being washed and waxed regularly. I had to repaint it myself. Fortunately, the car is black and I was able to do a good job without too much trouble.

8) LED lights inside car began to die and had to be replaced.

At roughly 75,000 miles:

1) Alternator replaced

2) Battery replaced

3) Front brake pads and rotors replaced.

4) A/C completely failed, even after $500 of work it still doesn't work properly.

General Comments:

General performance of car is terrible. It cannot accelerate out of harms way. It lurches forward slowly after stopping at lights. It can suddenly spin out of control when braking. Turning at speeds that would be reasonable for other small SUVs will cause this one to flip over. Position of spare tire in back deters from visibility and can be dangerous.

The gas mileage of the car is terrible, even on the highway. When I had to use it for transportation to and from school I was spending $60 to $80 on gas weekly. The mileage was initially better when the car was newer, but quickly declined.

It looks "cute". Its easy to park due to its small size. You don't have to worry about anyone stealing it because it has negligible re-sell value. Its great practice for mechanics.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2007

18th Jun 2007, 14:02

I guess there are lemons in every batch. Bought mine brand new in 1996, now has 153,000 miles on it. NEVER in the shop for anything!! Sounds like who ever is driving it doesn't know what they are doing either. Have driven this vehicle in the worst possible conditions... snow and ice covered roads. It doesn't spin out of control when you brake and it doesn't try to flip over. It's been driven in 50MPH winds which are real common in this part of the US and it's as stable as can be. Wouldn't trade it for most of the junk out there today. Oh... we have an 87 Samari, too with well over 250,000 miles on it and it has never been in the shop either...HMMMMMMMM.

1997 Geo Tracker 1.6 SOHC from North America


It's a wonderful machine that's easy to work on and reliable


Did general work when first procured the vehicle (includes replacing ALL filters, fluids, and belts, cleaned intake, general cleaning).

After 200k miles the following had to be replaced (exact miles for each is unknown, but it didn't happen all at once): alternator, starter, radiator, and water pump.

Rubber parts, such as hoses, tend to wear out after 200k miles.

General Comments:

I push this thing hard and it pushes right back. The engine runs like it has half the miles the odometer shows.

Stock speakers aren't up to par. Replace them, I did.

In 4wd this thing feels like a completely different vehicle, in a good way!

Replacing the stock tires with wider ones greatly improves handling (and will keep you from tipping).

The 3 speed automatic transmission really makes this thing feel under-powered, but it'll still pull a full sized pickup with no complaints.

I love the full-frame truck platform. It's sturdy, yet rides smooth.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2007