20th May 2008, 23:27

My fiance and I purchased a 2003 Envoy SLY with 42K miles in August of 2007. At first I LOVED it, great power from the V6, and had a ton of gadgets. But is went downhill fast, the gauges go haywire when you turn the ignition on, sometimes it starts sometimes it won't. 2 times in the last week I was driving around 60 MPH and the gauges went nuts, and the car shut off and the computer screen read "service brake system soon". After reading some of these comments, I believe this Envoy will be gone as sooon as the issues are fixed.

22nd May 2008, 18:29

First off, the Envoy doesn't come with a V-6. It has an I-6 derived from the bullet-proof decades-old design going back to the 1930's.

As for your problems, I'd advise taking the vehicle to a GOOD GM service department that has technicians who are well-trained in diagnosing and correcting computer problems.

This was a problem with the Trailblazer and Envoy early on. Before buying our 2003 (new) I made sure that our dealership had well-qualified technicians who had had special training in setting the computer (which, unfortunately, controls just about EVERYTHING in the Envoys).

I'm a mechanic and car enthusiast. Before buying the Envoy we drove lots of SUV's. NONE came remotely CLOSE to competing in any way, shape or form with the Envoy. In the 6 years we've had it, it has not had a single problem other than a new battery in late 2006.

You might want to read my review and comments on our Envoy before being too harsh on yours. It is in the 2003 section and is entitled "The best SUV for the money".

22nd May 2008, 19:44

My service engine light has been going on and off quite regularly. I failed emissions with a 01028 (? I can't remember) code, but it was the thermostat. I had it replaced today, as well as the sensor because it was unknown which had the problem. As soon as I pulled out the drive, my car acted like it wanted to die when I turned the a/c on. Now my a/c blows from everywhere except the dash (even when it's set on the dash setting, it blows on the floor) and it loses power and goes dead when I'm idling??? What the...??? HELP!! MY mechanic says that he cleared all the codes and the computer has to reset itself, I guess like add the codes back in to operate (?) But now, when I use the a/c, it's dying on me. Any suggestions???

24th May 2008, 17:31

My suggestion (I'm a mechanic) is see a GOOD mechanic. The computer problems with the Envoy/Trailblazer/Rainier/Bravada line is virtually ALWAYS an inept mechanic who is NOT certified in servicing these computers (which control EVERYTHING from the mirrors to the Engine).

I don't buy the "computer will reset itself" line for one second. It sounds like your mechanic does not know what he is doing and wishes you'd go away.

Before buying our 2003 Envoy, I was well aware of this issue and made VERY sure that the dealership I bought the car from had computer-certified technicians. Shortly after our warranty was out, we had the same problem you mentioned with the A/C. Our GMC dealer fixed it at no cost to us, and we have never had another problem of any kind with this vehicle.

It has 60,000+ miles and has had NOTHING except a battery in late 2006. It still has the original brake pads and Michelin tires. It is the first car my wife has kept more than 2 years since 1988. She says she NEVER wants to get rid of this car. Considering that it looks, runs and drives exactly like it did the day we bought it, gets 24mpg on the highway and has incredible power for an I-6 (much faster than previous V-8 Explorers) I told her she was welcome to keep it as long as she wants.

250,000 miles is not at all out of the average for a GM vehicle (our family's Buick has 277,000+ miles) so it may last us a very long time. Please, find a mechanic who is not going to give you the runaround. These are the finest SUV's currently on the market.

2nd Jun 2008, 11:05

My a/c is blowing out of the floor instead of the dash when the switch is set on dash only. Any suggestions of what this might be? Anybody know about the relay switch?

3rd Jun 2008, 20:49

To comment 11:05. We had this exact issue (air blowing out the floor only) just after our warranty expired on our 2003 Envoy. We have a really GREAT dealer who has very well-trained technicians and they repaired the issue for free for us. I DO NOT know if the air-blend door (which controls where the air is directed) is controlled by the computer on this model, but since the trend in ALL modern cars is to let the computer control EVERYTHING I suspect it is. It has become the custom of computer geek designers to make the computer control everything from the lights to the mirror adjustments. This is done for two main reasons: 1) So they can say the car is "more sophisticated" (which it isn't, it's just more problem-prone) and 2) To require you to bring it in to the dealer for ANYTHING that goes wrong (which is the MAIN reason, and makes them TONS of money!!).

As a mechanic I've run into lots of cases of the computer giving problem codes that didn't seem correct. The systems on many modern cars are so sensitive that even a slightly loose gas cap will trigger a code. I suspect that commenter 20:07 is another victim of the computer-from-Hell syndrome (where your computer is acting senile) and you'll need to find a COMPUTER QUALIFIED mechanic to fix it. The corner gas station can no longer repair the new cars that are designed to generate dealer service department revenue. I'm frankly so disgusted with the complexity of newer cars that my next 2nd car is going to be something like a 1963 Ford Falcon 200 cubic inch 6. They can be repaired on the side of the road with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver by a kindergarten graduate.

20th Jun 2008, 07:35

I just bought an 02 Envoy SLT with 103,000 miles on it. The same night after I got home, the AC started making a tapping noise when I turned it off. So I turned it back on, it tapped a few times and then quit making the noise, but every time I turned it off, it would continuously make that noise.

The next day the check engine light came on, I took it to AutoZone and the guy says it was an emissions code. That same day the AC would not blow on the face mode; it was on, but air was not blowing. I could feel it on the floor, but not on the face.

I took the car back to the dealer, and they said that there was an issue with the transmission, and that it had too much pressure or something, or it could be something electrical. They are going to fix the transmission he says, and the AC issue has been fixed they say.

I am wondering if anyone could tell me how many more issues should I expect out of this vehicle? Or if I should just swap the vehicle for a 2002 Jeep Liberty Ltd with 86k miles, or a 99 Lexus RX300 with 102000 miles?

I've only had the Envoy for 2 weeks now, and it's been at the dealer. I am currently in their loaner vehicle. I don't know if I want to keep the Envoy with the issues that I have experienced already.