22nd Jun 2008, 10:10

It's quite simple, Early Envoys are junk. I have a 97 Olds Bravada and it has 160,000 miles and still runs strong with no issues. We haven't had our '03 Envoy for three weeks now, everything the computer controlled is not working and it is at the local dealer for repair.

24th Jun 2008, 12:13

I have a '02 Envoy (165,000mi.) and twice since I've owned it, while going 70mph on the freeway, the brake warning light has come on and the engine has completely powered down. The ABS light remained on. After letting the car sit idle for 10-15 minutes I've been able to restart the car with no warning lights on. My mechanic found a faulty code with the AC/system but no other major code. Could the main computer of the car be going out? Any suggestions?

25th Jun 2008, 18:19

First of all, NO, early Envoys are NOT junk. The problem with them is the stupid computer, which controls EVERYTHING from the engine to the mirrors. I knew this when we bought our 2003 (I'm a mechanic), and I sought out a dealership that had GM COMPUTER QUALIFIED technicians (LOTS of dealerships don't, NO independent garages do!!). I bought our Envoy at a dealership that had the best computer techs in the area. We have never been happier with ANY vehicle (with the possible exception of our 8 year old Pontiac). We encountered ONE very minor glitch in the computer (a heater fan control) just AFTER our warranty expired. The dealership fixed it promptly and RIGHT, and did not even charge us. There is a 2002 Trailblazer in our family (same vehicle as the Envoy) with well over 140,000 miles now and never a problem of ANY kind. Our Envoy has over 60,000 miles and is exactly like brand new in every respect. On the highway we get between 22 and 24 MPG, which is incredible for a large vehicle. It is very fast, very smooth, and has had NOTHING replaced except one battery. It even has the original Michelins.

As for the computer trouble codes, they are WRONG in 80% of the cases on ALL cars. Take the vehicle to a GOOD GM dealership with COMPUTER QUALIFIED technicians. YES, it WILL cost more, and YES, it will be worth it. Independent shops or tire stores CANNOT repair the Trailblazer/Envoy/Bravada/Rainier vehicles (these vehicles are all the same mechanically, as is the SAAB version of them). DON'T give up on one of the BEST SUV's on the planet because of inept mechanics. I'm a mechanic and I can't fix the GM computers!!

25th Jun 2008, 19:33

I have a 2003 Envoy SLE, which I bought used in March with 45k on it. I drive a lot, and this month at 59k the alternator, tensioner and serpentine belt went, and I just today had the fan clutch replaced and the computer modified as part of the repair by my trusted mechanic, and the tab was $900 bucks, about what I read on other sites.

I hope I am done for a while, but I would not expect these types of problems from a GM product with such low miles. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed. If it runs trouble free for a while, I will be okay with it, as I love how it looks, drives and rides.

I just don't understand why I have never had these problems with foreign cars???

I put 230k on a Volvo, city miles no less, and hardly had any problems. This may be my last American car, I am sad to say.

29th Jun 2008, 12:14

Before rushing out to buy that "reliable" foreign car (IF you can find one, which I seriously doubt), think for a moment about how the destruction of the lives of 13,000,000 Americans will weigh on your conscious.

For years import fans have encouraged the destruction of one of our leading industries by rushing out to pay full list for cars and enrich the economies of Japan and Germany. At present the Japanese auto industry employs less than ONE THOUSANDTH the number of Americans that U.S. Auto makers do.

In addition, Toyota is in the worst quality slump in its history, with more of their cars recalled in 2006 than they sold.

Honda is having continuing problems with frequent transmission failures (a bit more expensive than a serpentine belt), and Nissan has earned a reputation as one of the most unreliable vehicles in the world because of their horribly unreliable Titan and Armada.

The dollar is plummeting in value, and we are paying more for everything as a result. Sending more money to foreign industries only worsens the issue.

GM currently has 2 models on "Car of the Year" lists, 3 of Car and Driver's "World's 10 Best" are GM, and the Ford Fusion has the highest reliability of ANY car Consumer Reports has ever reviewed (including Honda).

Think long and hard about stabbing your friends family, and co-workers in the back by rushing out to by an inferior import. Or maybe you LIKE the idea of your children having no job opportunities except flipping hamburgers?

3rd Jul 2008, 00:00


My 2003 V8 Envoy has had an intermittent problem for almost a year. It just won't start, no lights on dash, no engine turn over, just dead. I'll try again a couple of times and it will finally start. The longest was five minutes of trying to start it. It had an ignition switch changed and ran fine for a couple months; we thought the problem was solved, but then it started to do it again.

3rd Jul 2008, 15:54

To commenter 00:00. Please refer back to comment 18:19.

5th Jul 2008, 09:44

Our 2003 Envoy just turned 42k and has been one of the best vehicles we have ever owned up to the 40K mark. We developed the a/c problem with the control switch that everyone has been discussing. Now as of yesterday there is a very loud grinding noise coming from under the vehicle when accelerating. I am freaked about it. Of course it is a holiday weekend so none of the local dealers are open. Ugh I really love this vehicle and my husband is ready to trade it for a Ford Edge. I have been able to hold him off for now, but I saw that look last night as we went grinding down the road!

7th Jul 2008, 16:41

I have a 2002 Envoy SLE: THE Worst vehicle I had ever purchased. I bought it in Jan 07 with 70k miles. I put a new transmission $1400.00.

I now have the ABS and Brake lights on. Service 4 wheel drive light on it works when it want to.

The cruise control went out. And I put a blower motor resistor in it because the blower motor wouldn't work. And I still have no heat or A/C because that wouldn't fix the problem.

Anybody have a remedy about this, and what you did to fix these problems. PLEASE let me know.


11th Jul 2008, 22:13

I've been driving my wife's 2003 Envoy recently, and have noticed a few things that I had not noticed before.

My GM car has a tendency to downshift at the slightest touch on the gas pedal. This makes it feel very peppy and responsive, but is not good for conserving gas.

Although the Envoy is very powerful, it requires a bit more pressure on the pedal to induce downshift. I was actually able to accelerate UP a hill without it downshifting. This no doubt contributes to the great gas mileage (19 city, 24 highway).

I also played with the cruise control to see what my speed was at exactly 2000 rpm's. It was 73mph.

I think GM has done a great job with the Envoy, and ours is so far perfect at 61,000+ miles. Never a problem, no maintenance of ANY kind beyond oil changes and a battery. It still has the original brakes and tires.