23rd Jul 2008, 10:12

The service engine soon light came on recently in our 2003 Envoy. We took it to an independent shop we frequent and the light wasn't on anymore, they mentioned the thermostat but told us to just bring it back if the light comes back on. The light came back on that next week so we took it back this past weekend. They changed the thermostat and told us we needed a new battery because they had to charge it twice. We have not had ANY problems with that car stalling or dying.

When we picked it up this past Monday, it ran rough. On my way into work on Tuesday, it stalled and I noticed the air was blowing HOT on the passenger side, fine on the drivers side. This is different than all the previous logs that refer to the air blowing on the floor. Has anyone experienced that?

We took it back to the shop and they didn't know what to make of it and suggested we go to a GM dealer $300 later. The dealer says we need some valves cleaned for the idling and they will have to take the whole dash off to fix an actuator problem with the air. This is very labor intensive and will cost over $800.

Any ideas on why a thermostat replacement would trigger all of these problems in a car that ran fine and only had a service engine light coming on???

23rd Jul 2008, 23:39

I own a 2003 Envoy sle. It has been a wonderful suv. 2007 my brake lights went out, low beam light sometimes work and didn't. I had them repaired and replaced. My turn signals and emergency flashes flashed slow and then stopped. They happened for about 2 weeks and eventually, they are working properly again. 2008 fan clutch went out and had it replaced. Sometimes the air will blow on the floor instead of the dash as it was set. Sometimes it worked properly. The driver seat broke, it the bracket near the control for the different positions of the seat. I need a seat or frame to fix the problem. It costs about $500 for the dealer to replace. Despite the issues, I still love my 2003 Envoy sle. Even today, I still get compliments. I would purchase another GMC Envoy.

24th Jul 2008, 11:16

Yes, there is a very good reason why any minor procedure done by a "shop" and not a GOOD GM dealer will trigger tons of problems. These vehicles have EVERYTHING from the engine to the rear-view mirrors controlled by the computer. This is a way car manufacturers have devised to require that their vehicles be brought back to the dealerships to be repaired. Yes, it is a rip-off, but it makes millions for car makers. It is stupid, yes, because computer control compromises so many functions and is so unreliable and unpredictable.

I'm a mechanic, and I own a 2003 Envoy because it is probably the best, smoothest, and fastest SUV in its class with the I-6 engine. We drove about a dozen foreign and domestic SUV's before deciding NOTHING came close to the Envoy... NOTHING.

We have never had any problems with ours, except for the A/C-heater air direction, which was fixed free (and out of warranty at that) by our excellent GM dealer. The car has been flawless, and gets far better gas mileage than our previous V-6 Explorers (24 mpg highway).

The fuel injectors require running a can of injector cleaner through them every 5000 miles or so for smooth running. ALL cars should have this done. It saves hundreds over a manual cleaning later on.

AutoZone is great, and I buy most of my parts and supplies there. However NONE of the codes I ever had run by them ever were correct. These computer codes are very often not even related to the SYSTEM that is the problem. This is also true of many shops that use testing equipment. I suspect, again, this is due to building the cars so ONLY GM can fix them properly.

With that said, as much as I HATE to endorse DEALER REPAIRS, GM (and every other maker now) pretty much has us over a barrel with all the computer crap. It is far fewer headaches to just shell out the extra money and have GM service people (most of whom are good, some aren't) fix them rather than having an independent shop offend the almighty computer, which will unleash its wrath on you by screwing up EVERYTHING within its all-powerful reach. I'm a MECHANIC, and I won't repair my OWN Envoy.

28th Jul 2008, 09:55

Hi, I have a 2002 Envoy I bought used with 44.000 miles. It was a returned lease, This is the best truck I have ever had, and I have had many. It now has 105 thousand miles on it and still rides awesome. When this one reaches 150 thousand miles, I will trade it in on another one.

Has only been to dealer once for the wiper recall. My wipers worked fine when I went in, and now they don't. The wipers jerk across the windshield and at times stop part way through a cycle when on intermittent settings.

Overall it's a great truck for a small family that needs the towing power.

2nd Aug 2008, 16:59

To 09:55: Congratulations on a really GREAT SUV. My brother-in-law is a doctor and is part of an emergency-response unit that HAS to get to the hospital on short notice. In 2002, when he joined the practice, he was required to buy a dependable 4-wheel-drive vehicle. He chose this same vehicle, and after well over 100,000 miles he passed it on to his son and bought another one. The 2002 now has well over 170,000 miles with never a problem. In 2003 my wife bought one and after well over 60,000 miles it has yet to have a single repair. These vehicles are extremely reliable and very fast and comfortable.

6th Aug 2008, 19:05

I have a 2003 envoy with 65000 miles and no problems until the fan clutch started locking in when idle at a stop light. It unlocks when accelerating to road speed and seems fine until I stop at a light or in slow traffic. No check engine light or computer codes have been stored Any help would be appreciated.

11th Aug 2008, 15:58

I have a 2003 Envoy SLT with 138000KM. So far I only had a few problems which were basically general maintenance such as brakes and oil change. I have disabled the computer control for the door mirrors as they would never return to the correct position after being in reverse. Now I am having problems with the AC. On a mild day, it works well. On a hot day, it will work for about 20 minutes and then the compressor will shut off. The fan will then blow warm air. I took it to an AC repair shop and they recharged the system. However, I am still having the same problem. Anyone out there have any ideas on what I can do?

14th Aug 2008, 17:18

Thanks for the advice. I should mention that the AC Shop did check for leaks and could not find any. However, I will take the vehicle to another shop with your advice as I am not mechanically inclined.

I am just curious as to why the problem only occurs when it is hot outside. Thanks again.