14th Jan 2010, 15:56

We bought our 2004 Envoy XL SLT in Nov. 2003. We've had several issues, but nothing that would cause me to say it's a horrible vehicle. The worst things have been the two ECMs and one BCM (Body Control Module). The first ECM went out under 5K miles. All of these modules were replaced under warranty. The fan clutch went out, and I didn't have time to get it myself. That made the repair expensive. All in all, it's a great SUV. It just crossed the 80K mile mark, so the modules are no longer under warranty. When the time comes for a replacement (long time from now), we'll look at the Acadia or the Buick that's just like it.

27th Aug 2010, 15:06

I have owned the Envoy for 5 years, and came to find that this truck was not well built and parts are very expensive.

The cost of the rear hatch window is over $600.00 not installed.

The AC line on the XL runs along the chassis of the truck, and if you have a leak, they have to lift the body off the frame, and for one side that will cost a few thousand dollars. If you don't believe me, call your local GMC parts dept to get a price. They, the manufacturers, have got us by the family jewels with the cost of labor and parts. I wish I lived where I could ride a horse to work. It would be cheaper to feed and care for that than owning this truck.

I had the Yukon and now the Envoy, and owned other GMC, but after this last experience, I am done.

11th Dec 2010, 14:13

I have a 2004 Envoy with 233,820 miles on it. It looks and runs like a new vehicle; it's actually better than my husband's 2008 truck. All we have ever done to it was alternator, power steering pump, and the clutch and regular maintenance. We have had this vehicle everywhere.. I say if you're looking to buy a good used SUV that's well built, and worth the price you're going to pay, the ENVOY is definitely the way to go. We have been very pleased!

20th Feb 2011, 00:41

I used to travel through the Canadian Rockies from Calgary to Vancouver and back in a 94 Firebird Formula (V-8 Corvette power). I passed everything on the road, except the Envoys and Trailblazers, they were harder to lose. I was impressed with their power. I'm now needing an SUV, and am definitely looking at these two units. They run well up in the mountains, and that's a good indication of the engineering of the power train.

21st Feb 2011, 13:53

Envoys and TB's are hardly the pinnacle of performance. The TB SS is a fast version, but very rare and pretty useless as an actual SUV. I find it hard to believe you had such a hard time passing these specific vehicles over everything else you blew by. Our TB's were decent enough in the power department, but nothing really that great. We now have a Toyota RAV4 V6, and it outperforms any standard TB in pretty much every driving category by a longshot. It does everything better from acceleration to handling, and the overall driving feel is much more solid and a lot more fun.

Plus, believe me, you won't enjoy the constant problems associated with the TB. I had many many issues with both of mine, and they were both bought new and maintained, and driven very well and mostly highway miles. I am glad to be done with those trucks for sure!