2000 GMC Jimmy Diamond Edition 4.3 V6 Vortec from North America


Beautiful truck, but costly repairs


Radiator replaced (may have been mechanics fault)

Intake manifold gasket at 110,000 (thanks to the first appearance of Dexcool)

Transfer case started having problems 2 days before trading it in.

Shocks were on their way out.

Balljoints constantly go, though I never got the chance to replace any; I sold the truck before they would go.

General Comments:

Engine is good, only problems are Dexcool related (whole cooling system will go on you; heater core, heater cooler lines, radiator)

The original Dexcool would eat the gaskets and so on, causing the above problems.

Truck too heavy for its frame, causing suspension problems (ball joints, shocks).

Beautiful looking truck, but could no longer afford $600 repairs per visit to the mechanic.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2008

2000 GMC Jimmy SL 4.3L V6 from North America


Jimmy problems???


This car seemed to be a great by when I got it in 2005 with 62,000 miles on it, but I wish I would have never bought it. Since owning the car I have spent more on repairs then the car was worth when I bought it.

New wiring harness $2600 (2005)

Replace coolant lines $500 (2005)

New upper control joints $1100 (2005)

New transmission, it locked would never come out of gear $3200 (2005 had just been done 20,000 miles before previous owner)

New Alternator (during a ski trip and blizzard) $ 400 (2006)

AC fixed $900 (2006)

New upper ball joints $1500 (2007)

Four wheel drive controls fixed and four wheel drive service $1200 (2007)

New brakes and fount axle barring $2300 (2007)

Total repairs= $13,700

Current repair needed

Upper and lower ball joints, Idler arm, lower control arm joints, alignment, gas gage, cruse control

Cost $3400

Total cost if every thing is fixed=$17,100

Cars value when bought $10,500.

General Comments:

This may sound like a lot of have done to this car and you are right. I have been nice to this car for the most part it has spent a OK amount of time on dirt roads going to and from customers houses. I maintain it well every four thousand miles I change the oil with mobile one synthetic oil. I will never buy another GM product again in my life this car has been such a problem just look at the repair list. I hope you find this helpful and know you are not the only one fixing your jimmy all the time.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2008

2000 GMC Jimmy Diamond Edition 4.3 from North America


You are not my friend you dirty diamond


Replaced transmission @ 110k miles.

Replaced all four ball joints TWICE.

Replaced wheel bearing in passenger side front.

Replaced sway arm extensions.

Replaced all shocks.

Passenger seat recliner lever broke after 4 months; I have a rigged lever now.

The gas gauge has gone out. At 220 miles per tank I refill.

The heater core has just failed.

I have no heat, and I live in Michigan.

The rear end sounds like it is about to go out.

General Comments:

I've had my 'Diamond Edition' Jimmy for 4 years now and have been pretty easy on it, and have had regular maintenance performed. I've had many issues with the thing; fortunately I could fix them myself. Parts were still over $3500.

'Diamond Edition' must mean I need to sell diamonds to keep affording parts!

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Review Date: 12th October, 2007

21st Oct 2007, 23:41

Although I don't own a 'Diamond Edition' or a Jimmy for that matter, I do have a very similar Sonoma SLS regular cab. The truck did good at times, but when things failed were generally expensive. Only months after purchasing the truck, the timing belt broke costing $669 to fix and not six months afterwards the alternator failed. This was all in 2004. No major repairs for 2005 but in 2006, the master brake cylinder failed, repaired then brakes failed again.

The truck became a money pit and I decided not to follow anymore the maintenance schedule and at last she died in August. I will repair and sell this pit and be glad she is out of my life.