3rd Apr 2007, 20:00

We have a 2002 Yukon XL with a leak problem that soaks the driver's side front and rear carpets whenever there are heavy rains. I am talking SOPPING WET carpet, dirty water and a mildew/mold smelling family car. After trying for 6 months to find the problem (asked 1 dealer, 1 Goodyear shop & 1 independent shop) I finally bought a de-humidifier on Craigslist to put in the car at night. DISCOVERED THE PROBLEM: GM Service Bulletin 03-08-57-001B. For Yukon XL, Escalade EXT, Suburban, Avalanche, Escalade ESV, years 2002-2004. "Rear wheelhouse may not be sealed properly", "A horizontal seam on the forward surface of the rear fender wells may be partially covered with undercoating. Potential exists for water to enter the seam along its entire length, particularly in the area of the radius behind the outer wheelhouse molding." GM recommends a particular sealant, "Medium Body Seam Sealing Compound Urethane, GM P/N 12378501". First complained while under GM extended warranty, documented. Leaks not covered under warranty! We have loved this truck. Still on the original brakes at 104K. Great vehicle. Waxed with Meguire's since new. Very disappointed and mad now. Sealing the leak areas, putting in new interior this week. Need both front and rear molded kits. Very expensive. Not happy.

14th May 2007, 21:27

I have a 2001 Yukon XL, it has 115,000 miles. I am having air conditioning problems, it started with a rattle noise, it actually sounded like a fan blade was spinning while a stick was hitting the blades. At first the a/c only worked on the highway at accelerated speeds and it would fail to maintain cool air at stop signs. Now it doesn't work at all, but the compressor does engage when I turn it on. Anyone knows what the problem is?

15th May 2007, 00:43

It sounds as though it just gave out. The not producing cold air part comes from the compressor and such, but the noise in the fan seems odd. Are you sure it wasnt the compressor making the noise, or the fan? Does the fan still run, or did it seize? When you say the A/C only works at highway speeds, that is generally referring to whether or not the A/C is producing cold air, rather than just blowing it. The different speeds points again to the compressor, as that is driven by belts which the speed varies with engine speed. It may have seized, and only the pullys are moving. Or, the bearings may have worn, and therefore the compressor isn't spinning as it should, instead it's just sitting there while everything else moves around it. I would say the noise you heard was from the bearings wearing out and becoming loose and engaging and disengaging, rattling and what not, or it could be the compressor its self. The only way to know is to have it tested at a mechanic. Either way, if it is something to do with the unit, it will most likely need to be replaced.

10th Jul 2007, 11:24

I bought a used 2004 Suburban LT with 23K miles 2 weeks ago. We have had 2 heavy rains since then and after each one, water is leaking from the overhead console where the reading lamps, sunroof switch, and rear AC controls are housed. In addition, the headliner in front of this housing and above the rear-view mirror is soaked and dripping onto the dashboard. I have taken down the housing to empty it of the 1/4 cup of water sitting in it. Dealer does not know how water is getting in. Does anyone have any insight to this problem?

12th Jul 2007, 19:31

I have a 2003 Suburban Z-71, 150,000 miles. Had one problem fixed under warranty (dashboard sender bad, speedometer quit working). Otherwise happy until very recently.

We have continuously wet carpet in very back passenger side. I'm pretty sure it's an A/C drainage problem, as it got worse without accompanying rain.

How can I fix this?


19th Jul 2007, 14:33

I purchased a used 2004 Yukon XL a little over a year ago. Today while leaving my subdivision the vehicle stalled while driving. I have read several forums where people have complained about the same thing, but no one knows the cause of the problem. Can anyone here help?

31st Jul 2007, 13:11

The problem with the rattling fan blade sound in your suburban when the A/C is on is due to a failing clutch in the A/C compressor. You can replace the clutch alone or better yet replace the Compressor/clutch assembly yourself if you have the equipment to do it. The reason I know this is because I just had this happen with my 2002 suburban and had it replaced. The problem is now resolved and it cost me just $340

1st Aug 2007, 20:07

2002 Yukon XL bought new and only owner. I am researching this problem with the AC making a noise and I described it to the dealer service just as you did. A stick stuck in a fan blade. They have had it off and on four days and have replaced many parts, all under warranty so far. Thanks for posting problems and resolutions. I picked it up today and agreed to turn it back in on Monday. I have until August 23rd on my warranty so I hope they take this advice. Thanks again and good luck.

8th Aug 2007, 22:14

I own a 2001 Yukon 4wd SLT with 85K miles and have only had one problem, a relatively minor transmission repair while still under warranty. It is still quiet, rides like new and tracks like a dream on the original brakes. I would take it any day over friends' similar Sequoias and Expeditions and even Lexus. Have had the urge to trade for a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited to get smaller and more stylish, but the horror stories on those keep driving me away; why leave a good thing behind?

16th Aug 2007, 16:06

I have a 2001 Yukon XL 2500. It's currently at my mechanic's having the A/C system fixed. I had a rattling noise that only happened when the A/C was on. At first it sounded like a plastic bag was stuck under the truck. After a few weeks, the noise got really loud like metal was being ground up. Accelerating made the noise worse. Come to find out it's the compressor failing. I called the GM dealership to get more info. and they not only are well aware of the problem, but they have a catchy name for it - "black death". Metal particles get through the filter and destroy the entire A/C system, if not caught in time. GM said it's costing $1800 - $2000 to fix if the entire system gets contaminated. My mechanic said I caught it before that happened - but I still need to replace the compressor, fan clutch, and filter, as well as flush out the system. Both GM and the mechanic said they've been dealing with a lot of GM trucks with this problem. Additionally, the GM service rep. said this A/C issue could also lead to problems with the vehicle not starting. So if this sounds like what any of you are experiencing, don't delay in getting your truck serviced. Meanwhile, I of course cannot find any recall info. on this.

18th Aug 2007, 14:30

Brakes have always been "suspect". Under heavy situations on an incline.. pedal goes straight to the floor.. then finally you feel the ABS pulse.

Had 2 rear calipers last year... covered under extended warranty (but not without a fight)

Now all 4 rotors a warped!... 1100.00

Do I replace and be in same situation in the next year, or do I look for a root cause.

You get the classic.." it may be your driving" but I'm ruling that out. Less than 7k annually.

Love the vehicle, but if this is problematic or cyclic... I won't for long.